Should I take vitamin K2-MK7

Should I take vitamin K2-MK7

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The kid in the dress is a dude.

Fucking bullshit. Im sick of this site making me question every female i see. Look at the hands and ankles, plus calves. Thats feminine.

Provide evidence

The hands are fuckin huge, that’s a homie, homo

Maybe take a 124grain pill of 9x19mmParabellum JHP Cu/Pb?

OP why you gotta do us like this?

Holy fuck... its clearly a girl. The joke being if she was a tom boy you thirsty cucks would be slopping all over it

and a meme is born

It’s a mtf you fucking idiot somebody post the before and after picture

Fucking hell i bet the one on the right is a tranny

its a dude, she's famous

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Bullshit. It looks like a female. Those blue eyes made my dick hard.

Congrats user, you are gay

yes she. he identifies as a woman now, so its she.

the fact that YOU think its disgusting doesnt mean you can ignore her preferred pronouns

>being attracted to a female makes you gay
Jow Forums, everyone.

You do you, user. "She's" a he though

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Dilate harder queer

Yes, it does.
I control what I say, fuck off homo.

Which would be a fair point of skylar where a female.

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What the hell is the context

He's post-op

Who is the slut on the left? I NEED to know.

Fucks sake, why do they do that

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Why? Is it a cruel joke. He looks better than 50% of western women

>hasn’t spent hours in jazz threads growing his hate of trannys and jews

Because they probably didnt really understand the repercussions of their actions since they're children or mentally ill


Confusion of the highest order.

You should take mk 4