How does one achieve this physique as a female?

How does one achieve this physique as a female?

Specific lift routines and diets

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dumb gash takes forever to turn around



doubt she even works out, probably eats what she wants as well

lol women are fucking cattle

>one of the hottest girls to ever live with a flawless body is married to a Moortugese beta chinlet, pube bearded, necklet DYEL, soiyboy

How do you cope?

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Find a younger girl. Every girl is jealous of younger girls


Women need to be raped and fucking murdered like the animalistic dogs that are.
There is not any function of women in modern society except to serve as sexual pleasure machines and breeding holes.
You are fucking disgusting and I'd jerk off onto your corpse before letting a pitbull devour you whole.

You will never be a real woman, OP.

women feel insecurity

Dangerously based and beautifully redpilled.

>modern society

there are more women in college and law and med school than men. men are playing vidya eating cheetos NEETing it up while women take over the world

also have sex sweetie before you kill someone

in our technologically advanced society women are more capable workers, men are actually very pathetic and whiny angry babies who can't deal with the fact they have no reason to exist and aren't better than the women they whine about who won't have sex with them because women date upwards. (you)

Because women are ushered in for free with little to no consideration for credentials.

actual roastieposting

My last girlfriend had that body type, only with E-cup tiddies. A little chubbier but still looked like some kind of anime figure.

Literally genetics. The black pill many people need to swallow is that looking hot after getting buff is 80% genetics.

What's her name?

>fat borderline obese with lucky fat distribution - still a fat fuck nonetheless.
this is /fit not tumblr - gtfo with shit like this.

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That body is 90% favorable fat distribution with some meme chick leg and ab workout that barely makes a difference and some cardio

>flawless female body


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I guarantee you've never even approached a woman in your life brah, let alone fucked one.

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based he's breeding a race of Attila school shooters to terrorize modernity

nothing but respect for this guy

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kek. Gotta admit she isn't the prettiest but I'd still be happy to wake up next to her :\
t. lonely anxiety ridden /fraud/er

Does she have lipedema? poor thing.

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>t.jelly fridgemode femcel

Be born Latina

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Mate, tell us the name... please i must see her.

she doesn't show off her body enough

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you mean Bluepilled.

Don't you see the change man, wtf. woman are not anymore just holes... they want to take ring girls out now too...
In couple o decades no girl will earn her money with her looks. Believe on that, we are going to live it.

thank you, Success be with you!

>umm sweetie

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Colombian women are the only hot latinas

She's a stupid bitch for doing that

God i want to mate press her so bad

shooo roasties, gtfo or post tits

Man fuck this bitch for settling with some loser genetic shit how does that even work

10/10 hips. you dont get those from working out. you are born with them OP. its bone structure

Yes, yes. I can tell by looking at her that she could survive many harsh winters and bear me many strong sons

She is so fucking beautiful

She'd be perfect if not for these tree trunck thighs

If anyone replies to this bait then they'll only get malnourished sticc girls, so I have said.

>cursed himself to banging sticcs for the rest of his life to protect his comrades
Thanks for your sacrifice dingus

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Now I wouldn't go as far as to use the phrase "women feel" since they are soulless monsters who will handwave away any kind of atrocity they commit with mental gymnastics that range from "it made me feel good so it doesn't count as a bad thing" to elaborate constructions of illogic and antirationalism that would floor your fucking jaw. Better to use the phrase "women are insecure" because they are.

Literal, t Rex mode

It's just the normal "high metabolism plus shitty high-carb national diet" found in most 3rd world countries.

Seriously, go anywhere in central or south america. Healthy food is like kryptonite to everyone there, including the attractive women. They merely look the way they do due to their fast metabolism & lucky genetics. By about 26-28 that luck runs out.

Brazil is a genetic goldmine

Show tits with time stamp

>while women take over the world
That explains the state the world is in

she's from portugal

>She's from Portugal
Same difference

looks pretty gross desu

anyway it's all genetics. i doubt she works out at all.

is this the origins of this meme?

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Can't see the resemblance senpai

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I did. That started the whole chain of events that led to me finding out first hand.


Neck hangs to failure.

Eat too much and win genetics lottery


You will never pass

Hip width is entirely genetic and is related to estrogen levels present at puberty. Ironically, hip width is a universal attraction for men from every culture (mostly because it means the woman will likely survive childbirth, not that we are consciously aware if this).

If you want wife fertile hips I don't know anyway to help you. If you want bigger but cheeks do squats, Romanian deadlifts, lunges, and hip thrusts. You also would want to eat in a calorie surplus, nothing crazy, about 100 to 200 calorie surplus