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Does Jow Forums use any "healthy" sauces or anything for their rice to make it bearable to eat it? Eating it plain is boring and getting annoying to be fucking honest.

What I personally do, and I don't really do minmaxing is just when I cook my chicken for meal prep, I usually bake it in the oven, and I pour all the juices from the dish over my rice (distributed equally for each meal).

Also usually mix it up with onions sauce/various hot sauces/different vegetables in with the rice to make things less monotonous.

I'm getting my wisdom tooth pulled and I guess now I have to deal with eating out of a straw.
I immediately suspected I could pretend that drinking whey protein shakes could substitute for actual food, but what do you think?
I've noticed that there aren't really any brands of whey that are targeted towards food replacement, only getting huge.

How long do benigger gains keep up for? I gained 40+lbs on my deadlift this week and that is autistic.

i ate like 4 pizzas im the span of the weekend all by myself, how fucked am i?
bulking btw

Does anyone have any recommendations for wrist and grip exercises? I went bowling with friends on Saturday and my wrist is really sore, and I feel that besides getting better at bowling, working on wrist and grip strength through assistance exercises would be good for my main lifts.

does viagra make it so your dong stays hard even after cumming?

So I just got a gym membership, I've been a few times just trying different lifts, I figure now is a good time to start a routine. What's the best beginner plan for balanced strength + aesthetics? I've heard good things about PPL but nothing more specific
>t. Pathetic 19yo skinnyfat gamer
Pls spoonfeed me

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Any opinions on probiotics? Got what I think is an ulcer I'm trying to kill. When/how should I take them?

6 months to a year on a liner progression

Whenever I look up the nutritional information for 2 pounds of chicken breast, I get different results on different websites. Nutritionix for example, gives almost 1500 calores and 280g of protein for 2 pounds, while some other sites say closer 900 calories. Is this getting skewed because of users submitting inaccurate information? Which information is the most accurate? The packages of chicken breast I buy don't have the nutritional info.

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salsa is a good option. my personal favorite is mrs. renfro's ghost pepper salsa only like 20 calories in 1/4 cup

Okay fit, 90% of the time I hate the yolks on eggs, but I keep hearing back and forth about yolk being good for you, according to myfitnesspal just two hardboiled eggs (with yolk) I go past my colestrol limit.

Should I just say fuck it and get rid of the yolks? I don't like them anyways.

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Can I prepare all my meals for the week and stick them into the freezer? And then just putting it in the microwave when it's time to eat, of course
If yes, how long can they last? Especially the chicken/pork

Thanks buddy

Oh damn, any chance walmart sells it?


It shouldn't matter, you can do whatever you want.

Also jello, Greek yogurt mixed with whey, mashed potatoes and other soft foods will be fine.

yolks have all the nutrients and cholesterol does nothing bro

There’s such a thing as good cholesterol. Read the sticky sometime

I wanna quit caffeine. What’s a good alternative and what should I expect aside from withdrawals?

There is nothing called good cholesterol, what you refer to bad/good cholesterol might be low/high-density lipoprotein.

walmart near me does

Tea. You don't have to cut all caffeine in one go.

Sometime when I do pull-up, I noticed I would rotate my elbow from side to the front, is that bad? And what should I do.

Thanks this is great
Hey... How did you know I was gay??

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Rate my routine pls

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>that typo

Is there any reason to cycle creatine like a steron or did i get memed
Is there any reason to stop taking it in general aside from trying to get shredded

why is my skin so dry and cracked

I only drink water and coffee, and I moisturize every time I get out of the shower

Dietary cholesterol has just about no effect on blood cholesterol

What’s the name of that gay little website that has a diagram of your body and has the colored sections depending on the muscle on the diagram?

ignore it. it's literally shitty old carryover dogma from debunked nutritional research done in the fifties. the cholesterol you'd get from eating fucking 10 eggs a day is perfectly fine

I’m trying to add cardio to a 6 day PPL routine, but I’m not willing to workout twice a day because of my work schedule. Can I just add 20 minutes of bike machine after weightlifting? I figure biking is a good choice because it’s lower stress/impact, and I’m mainly looking to get my heart rate up.


one of THOSE people

I think you’re looking for symmetric strength

Thanks lad, but I mean the one that shows your proficiency in each muscle group, and I think it is 2D.

Why do people use steroids? I'm not too informed on the subject but aren't their side effects in doing so? Is it worth it for a better looking body?

>Why do people use steroids?
To get big
>I'm not too informed on the subject but aren't their side effects in doing so?
It depends, but a lot of time yes.
>Is it worth it for a better looking body?
It depends who you ask.

It's crazy for me to see how many Jow Forums users are juicers despite the sides but as soon as something like finasteride gets mentioned it's all of a sudden a "literal tranny pill".

Lift heavy low rep fewer sets and only 1 exercise per muscle group

Or lift light, more sets, 3 exercises per muscle

To gain mass?

>only 1 exercise per muscle group
For what purpose would someone ever do this

If I wear a condom and cum inside a girl, the head of the condom really tightens up when I'm finishing. Can cum go back down the urethra and cause problems? Can get the same effect when fapping with a condom if you pull it tight when cumming

is cannabis treatment for cataracts a meme

>Can I prepare all my meals for the week and stick them into the freezer?
Sure but they will taste worse.
>If yes, how long can they last? Especially the chicken/pork
A couple weeks should be okay. Better to just cook every 4 days or so though and refrigerate your food. Try the freezer thing out though, maybe it will work for you.

I'm currently doing the PHUL program and want to do some accessory work for my abs and forearms. What would be the best way to implement these exercises?

What the fuck is 1/2/3/4

Hey Jow Forums I'm an atheletic guy who runs and exercises often but I'd like to work on reducing the visisbility of these shoulder bones. what exercises would you recommend? OHP being one

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>Nofap day 2
>Sex drive is absolutely gone
Is that normal? Will it come back?

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1 plate overhead press, 2 plate bench, 3 plate squat, 4 plate deadlift if I remember correctly

For most people yes but at the very least it’s much easier to get hard again faster.

Is creatine worth it? How long it will take to notice some effects? I am really new into this shit so I would like to hear from someone who does take it for quite some time.

fatman who .has been lifting for 3 days
i can do 65kg dead, 60kg squat, and 40kg bench. I have quite the poverty bench, I can do 40kg but only for about 2 sets of 5 reps, before my right arm gsts too weak.

Im fairly sure that the problem is in my right tricep, and I have started to do tricep extensions today. My right tri is noticably weaker than my left tri Is this a good add on for building strength to get my bench up? What other isolation exceriszes would you recommend?
Thanks anons

Squats first or after other compounds?

I usually do them first but I’m wondering if doing them after would allow me to progress better on the other compounds?
Whenever I’ve done other compounds first (usually bc of the squat racks being in use) I feel like my routine is thrown off and I’m not in the “mindset” to lift heavy like I am after squats but I think that’s just a weird mental block.

Why do I look like an ogre in my phone camera but fine in mirrors

Work on your form and bench more. It’s not a specific muscle weakness. You’re just overall weak. You’re not advanced enough to need to worry about adding isolations to correct weaknesses.

Focus on form.

focal length distortion from tiny phone camera

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Im working with a buddy whos bretty strong (he can bench 3pl8), he says my form is good overall. Would you still not recommend the isolation exceriszes

50 mm lens on a 35 mm film/sensor is approximately equal to your field of vision. That's why they're called "portrait lenses".

I used it, it didn’t change anything for me and it thinned my hair a bit temporarily. That’s just my experience.

Why aren’t more people buying this? It’s 5 lbs and it’s cheaper than O N. What am I missing? Should I buy this?


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how do i find the clit

Are those supposed to be one rep maxs?


About the whey, it depends what technology is used for production. I usually go only for CFM 80/90%. Lots of the cheaper whey protein powders contain more sugar and fat and less protein which then isn’t really good deal.

This fails to account for other processes occurring in blood stream.
Ignore it.
Also, half that cholesterol is good cholesterol. You'll use it for cell membranes and such, which is good for muscle wear.

So i keep hearing that you should always lift heavy with few reps if you wanna gain size.

Then why the fuck do programs like pic related say that i should do curls with 8-12 reps? Why not just do 5x5 on every single exercise?

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Mate, you've been lifting for 3 days, if you can only do 2 sets right now that means you started too heavy. There's nothing wrong with doing arm work if you want bigger arms, but I don't think that's the issue you're having currently.

im not sure its too heavy. The two sets are fine, but the right arm gives away really quickly while the left arm is still as strong as it was on the first two set. I tried reducing the weights already (down to 35kg tot) but I had the same issue. Do you think I should just keep dropping the weight?

Isn't that completely opposite? See I hear 8-12 reps for three sets is for size. 5x5 is for strenght. Thats what I hear anyway. I do both for 2-3 weeks

Assuming I'm already doing compound lifts, whar is a good direct ab routine? How frequently should you train your core?

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I usually do DL before squat. These I now do on the same day because my lifts are still weak. I DL first because there is only one DL spot with side mirror so if it's free I gotta take it. Also I'm more concerned with my DL form than squat form..

I add a spoon full of curry powder to the rice as it's cooking. Delicious as fuck.

With isolation exercises the muscles worked tend to be smaller, so higher rep training tends to be a more efficient way to both stimulate growth and facilitate recovery.
Thats not to say you can't do 5x5 curls, as long as you're progressing weight or volume it doesn't really matter

>isolation, close grip bench but really focus your mind on the weak arm.

You should lift with a variety of rep ranges if you want to gain size. Isolation excercises work better with 8+ reps simply because your joints will take a beating if you do low reps too often.

any of y'all feel faint in the gym?

Right, but how many reps do you have left in the tank after those two sets? If you're barely getting the weight up on those two sets then you started too heavy. It might also be because of fatigue if you're not resting enough, starting too heavy would worsen this as that would accumulate more fatigue.

People aren't completely symmetrical so it's not unusual to have some imbalances, I know I have trouble with my right arm getting "loose" during benching since my shoulders are a bit uneven. It's not really something to worry about, you have to work with what you've got after all, and if that means you have to lower the weights on later sets then that's fine.

How do I make running less fucking boring? I can't afford a decent pair of true wireless headphones and the cords of my current ones really annoy me.

That sounds right, thanks lad

Is it true that working out in the cold is better for cutting or am I just getting played and does those breathing masks I see people use on the treadmill really work

drink water please

All I can say is try sprinting or running with someone. Sprinting can be fun at times and when I run with people I go off pure competitiveness which pushes me through

Trying to devise a routine with my very limited gym resources. Currently I have:
>leg press
>chest press
>horizontal rows
>reverse hypers

Am I targeting a decent amount of stuff here? I'd like a bit more core, and I'm not sure if I'm doing enough for my back but I'm not sure what else I can do.

Gain weight

I do like sprinting but it makes me look like an autist. I have nobody to run with either. Closest I have is the GF and she gets winded after jogging 200m and then says she prefers walking.

Get a barbell and start doing compounds

Get chink QCYs for $30. They work just fine. I guarantee they have any feature you think they'll lack.

You'll look slightly "fuller." It might give some athletic improvements too.

I disagree with the tea idea, cold turkey is the best way. You deal with an irritable mood and a dip of energy for about two weeks depending on how much of a drug addict you are.

Egg yolks are the most nutritious part of the egg and one of the most nutrient dense foods available. Might as well not even eat it if you throw out the yolk.

Easy on the preworkout or don't workout fasted. If you're feeling "burn out" then take steps to fix that.

What's the LAZIEST way to cook and egg? Frying them is a pain the ass and makes my tiny apartment stink.

Which QCYs would you recommend? I want something with as neutral sound as possible?

>LAZIEST way to cook and egg
eating them raw and letting your body temperature cook it inside you :^)
or just boiling them

Add a tomato when the rice is cooking then mash it when its done.

How bad is it if I do 5/3/1-style lifting two days in a row? I basically only have time on weekends due to sports. My main focus is being strong/in shape enough for BJJ, so I don't need to break PRs every week or whatever.
Any thoughts? Will this injure or fuck me up?

Coconut aminos are good, and is a onions sauxe substitute. Otherwise i put a little butter chicken curry simmer sauce in, a 6th of a container is only 40 calories, and 8% of your daily fat, it doesnt overload the flavour, you dont smell like pajeet, and it gives the rice and chicken a nice tinge

You can make scrambled eggs in the microwave. Crack em in bowl, beat em, put salt and pepper, wait till it rises, mash them up, microwave again, wait till all liquid is fluffed, mash them again, sprinkle cheese, which will melt due to hot as bowl, let cool and eat

Can you give me feedback on my squat form? Sorry for the bad light
And yes I am obviously a skinny beginner

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How do I fix a bubble butt?

It doesn't show from the sides but it sticks out quite a bit.
Chicks dig it but it's ruining my aesthetics, so I want it to be more flat

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Many 4-days a week programs are structured that way, 2 days on, 1 off, 2 on, 2 off. You can even do 4 days a week full body programs like that.

Do PPLx2 and rest day on sunday. Ive done this for years and have seen pretty good progress. It also depends on the goals you have.