PPL or full body?

PPL or full body?

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You don't work out, loser

i just did full body today and regret it simply because i want to lift again tomorrow. and every day for that matter.


Stop shitting up Jow Forums with the same barely on-topic questions. Nobody is interested and you're being a huge faggot.

>sage and reported

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SS. Brian Shaw does ss to this day.

Ppl if you can lift 6 days a week but full body if you can only train 2-4. Also the jannies are working overtime right now so this will get taken down very soon

literally my goal body
>tfw 5'10" and not 6'8"

Upper/Lower. Best of both worlds honestly.

Based escort bro. I was thinking about fucking her but she was in the sf valley and I didn't want to drive in traffic.

Like fuck I have the cash to see her. I'm broke and live w/ my mom/have no job. All I do is go to school, lift, and study.
Every time I apply for a job they tell me to fuck off too.
I just wanna see more escorts dawg

Might be better bro, I'm basically a sex addict seeing at least 4 or 5 escorts month on top of bumble hos. I'm trying to get better and it's been 2 and a half weeks of no sex but I was seriously thinking about going out tonight to get one and then I see this thread. Kinda weird timing. I'm still deciding, waiting for some to text back..

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I blew every bit of cash I had before on escorts and I'd be doing it still if I had money. Go for it if she texts back desu man, she looks like a great time. Would bury my face in her ass until I passed out

>paying for sex
wtf women should be paying you for the privilege of being dicked down by sick cunt
Know your worth faggot

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I don't care about that shit, I'm horny and want sex as soon as I can get it.
I even pay ugly old fat girls for sex. Don't make no difference to me.

Unless you're deep in money no women is going to grovel to you that is over a 5/10. They have too many betas on hteir knees wanting even unattractive girls bodies to care for one person that doesn't bow to their beck and call

Don't be a bitch full body everyday

What's the best site to use since bp shut down?


Listcrawler and skipthegames are the best out of those if you want cheap girls.


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>even pay ugly old fat girls


because I need vagina access and I will fuck anyone I can
Also I'm ugly

B-but your body needs rest to build mucswles :3

I do Push, Pull, Legs, Full-Body, repeat.

I dont get it. You are paying for sex. Anything above 5/10

It ain't good buddy, I'll tell you that.

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Jesus is Sam really that fucking huge

better look that homeless karl marx

it's not sam hyde, someone colour changed the picture so he looks white

Fuck she looks like Arabella Raphael, dirty bitch

ppl is meh

pp is better

rdl-lats-rear & lateral delts-curls

as long as you do a compound involving legs every session you're gucci

Yes, I do full body twice a week and calisthenics once per week, how did you guess?

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4 day HIT split btfoes PPL

I do full body except I moved the back work on rest days, so some kind of custom split I guess.