Finally, a cure for BALDLETS!

baldlets, get in here.

We finally have a solution to our problem.....rejoice, for our salvation is nigh!

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It needs cleaning, maintenance, you still grow hair beneath, and once you wear it you're condemned to hear it so that people don't notice you wearing fake hair...

Better than being a baldo. People subconsciously treat bald people worse than dirt.

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that is a lace front

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I rarely of ever see young bald men that arent bugmen soi boys. I wonder if its related

if you guys didn't know, weaves have been this amazing for a while now

Dunno. The front hairline on fake hair looks really unnatural.

would rather die than sink to this level of vanity

You not wanting to "sink to this level of vanity" is still vanity, just of a different sort.


This. I'd be extremely skeptical of a thirty something year old with the iphone bezzle hair line of a black teenager. May even be tempted to snatch that wig.

it's a wig

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Yeah looks better when you hide the hairline with the style

this is the biggest cope I've seen in my life.
I jerk it to tranny porn and lately faggot porn because I'm at the point where women dont even exist to me anymore and that is still a bigger cope. sad!


jerking off is gay and so is porn.
seek mental help

>but girls...but muh dates and tinder!! wahhh!! boo hoo
Fuck you. You're supposed to be married by 24-26. Stop waiting until you're 36 to settle down retards. Yea you're gonna go bald eventually, most guys will get thin hair or some baldness as they age. It's normal.

If you had a wife and kids you'd have more important things to worry about instead of your dumb hair, which is useless.

Fuck you

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some guys go bald in their teens

some guys are born deformed or never grow past 5'2....
super rare, sure that sucks.
Most guys don't so my advice applies to most guys.

what if you go bald by 26

Yeah but I started balding at 16 and am totally bald at 21 now so your advice sucks to me and makes me feel like shit

>you're supposed to be married by 24-26
Yeah maybe 200 years ago when society actually supported this. The average age of first marriage today is 28 for men.


he doesn't's over in 2020, only cucks marry now

>being a perpetual manslut chasing pussy into your 40s and 50s
dating is pointless and annoying.

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your not most guys, that sucks.
Any luck with girls?
Have you tried getting juiced up, tanned, and growing your beard? Might as well roid since you're hair is gone.

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I don't see why guys make a big deal about this, it's only a wig. Just be casual if people ask you. My dad and uncles all had systems, nobody cared, and they weren't as realistic as they are now. Idk I see it like clothing.

it just shows you're insecure and weak, people that don't know you won't think anything of it. But people that know you will see it as a big Cope and feel sorry for you.
Baldness isn't a big deal for other people, it's just something your mind makes a big deal of.

normal people don't think anything less of baldies, it doesn't matter.

The only people who think less of baldies are guys who are losing their hair and becoming bald, because they fear for their own future.

>shows your insecure and weak
I don't disagree with this, but my problem with this logic is how it's completely thrown out the window with women... You know, the gender that literally paints their face, fake tits, pushup bra, stuffed bra, hair extensions (which are fake btw), lash extensions, permanent eyebrows, labiaplasties, high heels, the list goes on. They are the biggest walking cope to ever exist. But if a guy wants some fake hair, "hery fuk he's insecure and weak! "

I've been considering roiding, but that'd take money and my parents wouldn't like it all that much. On top of that I'm pretty content with a slow incline. I've been called handsome by some of my friends that are girls, but I don't believe it. I've never put myself out there so I can't complain really.

with women it's expected that they wear some makeup, get ears pierced, have long hair, smell nice, and have some fashion sense. It's just part of the female norm in the West, and it becomes a hobby and interest for them. When they are young they wear makeup to look a bit older and more mature, when they are old they wear it to look younger and more lively.

>They are the biggest walking cope to ever exist. But if a guy wants some fake hair, "hery fuk he's insecure and weak! "
Yes that's how it should be. We shouldn't hold men and women to the same standards, I admit women are weaker and more superficial by nature, and I expect them to act as such. I don't want equality, I don't want men and women to be held to the same standards....

A man who is overly obsessed with his appearance is acting effeminate.

I guess I sorta evaded the question. I haven't talked to a girl non-platonically since junior year of HS like 4 years ago.

You have to start soon. I waited and didn't put any effort into the process in my twenties, I thought it 'would just happen naturally' that I'd meet a girl and have a relationship and so forth.

The man has to be proactive. And I don't mean studying "game" and pickup lines lmao, I just mean be social, put yourself out there and see if any girls are interested.

>it just shows you're insecure and weak,
You can say that about anything you do for appearance. It's a simple process that gives big benefits. I see it as something completely casual. Men have been wearing wigs in many cultures for thousands of years and it's only in the last 100 has anybody gave a shit
>people that don't know you won't think anything of it. But people that know you will see it as a big Cope and feel sorry for you.
Everybody copes with various things in their lives. Nobody is denying it as a cope and neither is a human coping with something is inherently negative. You only see it as such because you percieve it as a huge undertaking with desperation. It's again a pretty simple process, like getting a haircut or your suit tailored
>Baldness isn't a big deal for other people, it's just something your mind makes a big deal of.
>normal people don't think anything less of baldies, it doesn't matter.
Yea this is how you know you have zero experience with people suffering from mpb and cannot understand the anxieties. Absolutely none of them hate it because they believe a bald head stands out and people start laughing, quiet the opposite,they believe you become completely ignored by woman and become an inanimate object. They don't think you're a subhuman, they don't even know you exist. You become significantly less attractive. Ugly people are everywhere, and nobody makes a big deal out of them.
>The only people who think less of baldies are guys who are losing their hair and becoming bald, because they fear for their own future.
Nobody thinks less of them, the starting number automatically becomes less before subtraction even occurs. And bald guys do not care about the opinion of other men unless it's relevant to the attraction of woman

I unironically support this because women can wear an entire cake of makeup to the point they look like a whole different person. It's time to even the playing field.

terrible advice. Being bald doesn't mean you should destroy your health.

Honestly whats the problem, women are allowed to lie about everything their entire genetic profile is a lie with how makeup changes their entire bones structure, then even there clothes are shaped better to give them a better looking butt or tits. Significantly more options for clothing.

Yet women judge men completely on their genetics on even more detailed level hence the whole 80/20 rule. The dating site results have women have 10x more harsh ratings as in if you are below a 7 you are considered trash. While men that get lots of suitors still judge women more fairly.

Honestly they not only need better things like for mens hair but, lifts should be accepted along with male makeup just to fuck up this 80/20 ratio. All current women facial enhancement products were all male products before and mens fashion much longer except for bras and underwear.

How well do these stick to your head? I do a lot of contact sports so would worry about it falling off, otherwise it seems like a cheaper solution than transplants.

All my friends who know my hairline would give me shit though, and youd eventually have to tell a girl you date which would be an awkward convo to say the least.

would be curious about this as well

I'm 20 with a pretty badly receding hairline and have been maintaining a buzzcut for 2 weeks now. I feel like people respect me more now, particularly strangers. I suspect it makes people think I'm more of a hard cunt than I actually am lol.
Also girls are still attracted to me.

terrible implication. doing steroids doesn't automatically destroy your health, even if you run a few "high dose" cycles to get big initially.

one of the big sides that is hard to control is hairloss, dude already has hairloss. The other sides are easy to control and minimize.

Imagine watching Vin Diesel in a action flick...until his fucking wig gets torn off by the bad guy. Hed be DROPPED by anyone in no time.
>be bald faggot
>Put on a fucking wig
>Get a great
>She inevitably finds out you're actually an ugly baldfag and hilarious my dumps you with specially pointing out your patethic insecure hairlet COPE that is a wig
Yikes, no thanks

>Ohhh naaaw but woman can wear extensions and makeup but poor mens get mocked not fair aaaaargh
Yes women are women and men are men for a reason

It's not not a.manly endeavor to be a insecure vain bitch

yer no shit, much better to have your flaws visible now than have them come out later

Spotted the brainlet

What a insecure little bitch

Sure, lemme quickly get married while I don't even have a decent job, neither does she and while we are at it let's throw in a baby for good measure, what could possibly go wrong, fucking retarded boomer

It's true. After I started wearing a hair system I started hooking up with a shit ton of babes on tinder.


Im getting a hair system next year if this hair loss continues. Why not look good instead of looking like shit? Same reason I workout and buy nice clothes. You get judged hard for shitty hair.

>hair system
"I-It's not a wig, I swear! It's glued to your head, that makes it completely different!"

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What about when your about to bang and she touches your fake hair and its starts to move

It shouldn't, though I don't believe it would pass a touch test for more than a couple minutes.
It's definitely going to come off if pulled with any significant strength (much less than with real hair). If you actually manage to score, the risk of some horny bitch ending up horrified and with half your hair in her hand is high.

Men tended to marry later in life, like 40 something. Men of money and education at least.

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I went and got one thinking the same thing. It ended up feeling uncomfortable, out of place, and I constantly worried about it looking off. Aside from being expensive and high maintenance. You won't be swimming and not thinking of it afterwards, I'll tell you that. Shaved it and glad I did, but I have a good head and beard so I guess that's fortunate.

Shaving your head bald > Not giving a shit about balding and just going full skullet >>>>>>>>>>>>>> trying to hide your balding with certain styles or hats >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> wearing a wig