How do you avoid looking like a gymcel? Do you just stop at a certain size?

How do you avoid looking like a gymcel? Do you just stop at a certain size?

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The guy on the left put effort into his appearance other than lifting. He's got a stylish haircut, clean beard, and a tan. He also looks like he's actually interesting to talk to.

The guy on the right has an autistic buzz cut (he's not even balding), pale skin, dorky glasses, and he's fucking flexing (you will ALWAYS look autistic flexing for a camera, no matter your size). He's also in a fucking shower and looks like he has no interests other than lifting.

dont be ugly

Have an attractive face


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If guy on the right grew his hair out a bit and grew a beard he would btfo the skelly on the left.

Guy on the right isn't even bad looking, just needs to take his glasses off. Having big muscles and glasses looks weird.

If you're ugly should yoy not lift?

Don't worry about it, you will never get too big by accident.

Just lift until you look like the guy from American History X or Ryan Gosling

>tfw look like the left
Could be worse I guess.

right looks way better all of a sudden

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he still looks retarded with the attractive face

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Body dysmorohia says hello

Jow Forums BTFO

anyone get eye surgery?
can I get it with astigmatism and shitty vision?

really hate cleaning glasses and looking like a dork bros

Lol I'm just saying it takes time to grow, especially as you get bigger so you'll be pretty aware if you've superceded what you were aiming for.

>you'll be pretty aware if you've superceded what you were aiming for
Body Dysmorohia: "Hello"

The guy on the right doesn’t look bad per say, but he needs to get s better haircut. Crew or something regulation, not a fucking buzzcut. And being a gymcel is more of a lifestyle than it is an appearance. You have to actually BE a gymcel in order to be labeled one. Nothing wrong with being bigger than others.


I hope this happens to me
This is my fetish

>per say

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everything you said is true

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Never understood the flak the guy on the right gets. He looks like a genuine nice guy and would look great in office attire

>guy on the left looks interesting to talk to.
Let's not get carried away here user

Or you can do just bodyweight stuff and swimming and never stop

OP, what are you even trying to argue?

Anyone going through this thread needs to keep in mind 90% of Jow Forums posters literally have never touched a weight (100% srs) and they'll do anything to make you stop or justify that they don't have to

This is just the lowest tier posting on this website

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photo on the left was taken for normies
photo on the right was likely taken for fellow autistic bodybuilders/lifters, and looks autisitc compared to a normie photo. it's like taking a photo where you showcase your battle station, or anime figurines


The guy on the right looks like the sort of dude who teaches high school math or English and everyone low-key makes fun of him for being a dork. Then one day there's a school assembly where they do some humorous activity, like a teacher-vs-teacher basketball game. He busts his shirt off as a joke and suddenly 50% of the school body finds itself wet and slightly confused. For the rest of the year, the girls and a few of the guys find themselves experiencing conflicted emotions in his presence, and a few make passes at him.

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Left: friendly, relaxed, high iq
Right: rude, stupid, prob closet gay

>t. Femanon
Wanna know how i know your opinion is irrelevant?

That’s a lot of assumptions based on absolutely nothing of substance.

Nanomachines son

Show us your tits bb

Wear a shirt.


Oddly specific

pewpewpew pewpew pewpewpew

Nice trips and based post, everything you said is true

The guy on the rights problem is the tismo haircut, the glasses, that thousand yard stare expression on his face and the autistic pose hes standing in. All fixable if he just made an effort

As for avoiding the gymcel look heres what you should do
>don't have massive traps
>dont have massive legs
>put more emphasis on the bro muscles than other muscles
>be below 15% bf
>NEVER wear sweatpants
>if your eyes suck get contacts
>dont get a fucking buzzcut unless you're balding
>get a tan
And above all
>don't be an autist


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>left 'it's not rape if shes drunk' cel
>right well adjusted father with a loving wife


Post body

Don't roid

Guy on the right would be fine if he didn't take fluid retentive steroids and have a pudgy face. It signals femininity which is jarring to women.

Find the right proportions for you. Not everyone looks good maxed out. Some people look ridiculous. Some people have huge heads and don't look proportional until they're built as fuck.