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In june, while I was 18 years old. I had sex with a 40 year old woman from tinder. It was my first time as well.

I wish the roid attention whore would link some nudes

I'm really sick so I only did 50 reps on chin ups and dips today instead of 100. Head started hurting too bad and I just couldn't finish.

Was it good? I feel like I might be put off by the flab or wrinkles etc


I went on a date to a fair and ate a big old bite of her elephant ear... The shame

i haven't done deadlifts in about a month

I'm a 27 year old virgin who's getting fit to smash puss. And by smash puss I mean find an attractive girl to marry and have kids with. 5'8", started at 220 lbs and down to 185 right now. We're all gonna make it.

No, she was actually in great shape for her age. Didn't have many wrinkles either. She was a rich woman living in this nice apartment downtown.

getting fit didn't help me be any less miserable or isolated

I would trade all my lifting for memories of laughter with close friends and relationships with girls

I'm doing SL, but I add in dips on A days and chins on B. I do them after my compounds and am finding that rather than progressing, I'm actually able to do fewer every day. I suppose if my muscles are tired from doing compounds, that means they're getting worked anyway, but it's still dismaying. I was hoping to start adding weight once I could consistently do 3x12, but it seems like I'll never reach that point if this trend continues.

Have sex incel

I've had a half dozen donuts every weekend for 3 weekends straight

Please forgive me father for I would like my gains back please

>Decided to try NoFap+Zinc+D3 to test my willpower
>day 3 incredibly horny
>day 7 literally froth at the mouth from bitches in my uni classes
>day 8 want to rape somebody
>today day 11
>go to gym at 5:00 this morning to murder arms
>only people there are a few boomers doing cardio
>no feminine distractions
>get absolutely sickening pump
>some twink I've seen a few times before comes in
>we’re the only ones in the free weight area
>can see him looking at me between sets
>accidentally make eye contact
>he gave this mischievous grin with a wink then walked to the single bathroom in the back
Oh god oh fuck I swear I’m not gay bros, I thought the buildup from nofap would help give me the courage to stop being a lifter sperg and ask out a chick but it backfired
>too late I can feel my virgin dick about to get hard
>follow him in
>he fucking succs me off
>literally the biggest nut of my life, I legit lost vision for a sec
>he added me on snap after and hit me up a few minutes ago
should I do it? I’m not gay but I also really wanna fuck him, no homo tho it’s not romantic. Am I gay for this? I said no homo after he blew me

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I'm only getting fit so I can be a male camwhore

I systematically make fear and disinformation threads about finasteride and hairloss on Jow Forums. I impersonate multiple users and make multiple posts about ED in the same thread so I can trick people into not fixing their hair.

>>he added me on snap after and hit me up a few minutes ago
That was actually the gayest line in your post.

You don’t use snap? Lmao how old are you, 55?

Hey dude. Sorry to say... You're gay.

Ex finally blocked me last week, didn't attempt to reach out or anything just finally happened. Sent me into an absolute downward spiral that saw me eating 1-2k calories past my -500 goal. Not even good shit either, all fast food.

B-but I said no homo tho

>5'8", started at 220
Damn, you were a sphere

god bless, I wish you success

Just have your fun, you only live once. It's not like you have to marry him. And nobody has to know. Dominate him.

I snacked on a protein bar because the ones I bought this time are that good.

I'm a pig, doing push ups = YZ

They don't care about you, don't care about them.

Trade you

I have an open bag of flaming-hot Cheetos under my bed

For everyday i cut, i bulk the next day. I've been maintaining the same 175lbs for over half a year

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Tell me how I know you’re a nigger

Fuck ima do it

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Don't be a pussy, most of us would fucking kill to get a twink.

Got a date, didn’t see a future (she asked me). She’s a great person but not the type for me. Feel like I’m back at square one and I’m always too afraid to ask out girls I think are cute.
>that feel when amazons don’t exist

I just watched porn /gif/ i fapped for 40 seconds and almost came, i feel like i almost let myself be weak and frowny

Sodomy is a egregious sin and you’d regret it for the rest of your life user. Go to church and delete the homo



my sides

I did it.

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Damn, already? How was it lol? Did you take any sneak pics?


Yeah mf when I said he had just hmu I wasn’t larping lmao. No I didn’t take any pics I was a bit too busy being balls deep in twink ass to be thinking about snapping pics for Jow Forums bros. Can’t lie, wasn’t bad at all, no homo. I actually just left his place lmao

How's it different from fucking a girl?

Wouldn’t know
It was my first time bro

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Wtf, so you fucked a dude before a girl?


broooo nooooooooo

Spic, actually
The bag is empty now


I haven't worked out in a year. All my muscle has atrophied.

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I ate an ice cream sandwich after my workout and have decided to ignore calf exercises.

I made banana nut bread and have ate 3 slices today.

Bro is it that bad
Don’t sugar coat

>I said no homo after he blew me
please be real

Just don't think about it too much.

fuck it man, fuck the twink again, get some practice before a real girl an that man

dude you fucked a dude before a girl and you're saying "no homo"? Maybe sexuality is on a dynamic spectrum, but goddamn if you didn't start in the center of the homo side. As others said, don't worry about it. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter, but you gotta think really hard about who you are and want to be.

If you only got to the point because you really wanted to coom then you're literally changing your sexuality because of mental weakness. Otherwise, you just discovered you are gay lmao.

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my b meant for this one.

My prediction:
user gets horny, hits up the guy again, fucks him a few times over the next few weeks. Basically becomes gay but is super in denial.

My actual prediction: This is all bullshit,.

homosexuality is not genetic

Very real, he thought it was funny
>but goddam if you didn’t start in the center of the homo side
Fuckin lmao
Ur right tho it doesn’t matter
Based, I probably will

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I have a preworkout and caffeine addiction. Cant seem to shake the habit. Also I have trouble sticking to a program and want to constantly add shit in. In between programs right now.

I fucked up with the girl im dating this saturday while out on town, but then made out with 1 girl after, got another girls snap and told to go on a serious date and then took two 8,5/10 girls i found at the kebab shop home to my place for after party and fucked one of them. Meeting the one I fucked again tomorrow idk what im doing lads

I've stopped doing cardio again because I'm scared of girls
You at least get to show off? Fairs are a great place to flex

Since I've been getting more fit my sex drive is skyrocketing and it's leading to me fapping.

I don't want to lose my gainz from cooming too much.

Cooming is only ok max 1 time a day right before you go to sleep

you'll need more than just fitness for that, if you're a 27 virgin you probably have more problems than just your weight preventing you from getting a girl.

if you enjoy it then it's not bad, just do you mate

I don't particularly see my attraction to feminine boys gay honestly, even though it technically is. I think of a greek philosopher or roman centurion fucking his twink and it helps me cope.
I've never actually fucked a femboy but everytime I see James Charles I'm sure I'd pound that boy to dust should I be in a similar pump situation to yours
In the end who gives a fuck

is my sex drive fucked up?? I probably haven't masturbated in more than a week and i'm not even horny. I just turned 25

pics or it didn't happen

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You're gay bro just deal with it

I keep staying up for disgusting lengths of time playing vidya, drinking and smoking weed like a lousy degenerate. I live in disarray and I just can't keep up the habit of lifting. Just kill me bro, I'm not gonna make it.

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So question: Does this supposed organ damage from masturbation actually heal itself through no fap?

My wife and I are basically infertile (would take a miracle for us to conceive due to us both having reproductive issues) so my "life force" doesn't create anything.

I dont know about your exact situation, but I bet if you abstained from ejaculating for a couple months, while also making sure you and your wife are eating healthy nutrient dense foods and avoiding all processed shit and sugar, adhering to strict 8 hours a night sleep schedule so your bodies are working in top conditions, there could be a chance.

Spotting my gym buddy on a squat is the most human contact I've had this week. And she smells nice.
The fuck is wrong with me?

Skipped my deads today

I'd agree with nearly all of that but 8 hours of sleep is literally impossible with my working schedule and responsibilities.

A couple of months though, is ejaculation with my wife acceptable?

i put salted butter in my brown rice. I love the way it sticks together and it tastes fucking amazing. I only do this when i cut tho.

Entire reason I'm here and interested in putting on dedicated muscle, is to develop 10 kg more mass then current so my half-foot shorter, chunkier friend doesn't feel self conscious weighing more then me.

Gonna be a 27 year virgin in a couple of months. How do I even cope with this reality? Feel like shit every day.

>this week
It’s only Tuesday

i have a cooming problem, i'm weak as shit by Jow Forums standards and have a kink for twinks and traps

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