Are you sure you want to challenge us, benchod?

>are you sure you want to challenge us, benchod?

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unironically upper left has best physique

looking like dhalsim and shit

Can smell the curry sweats from here.

Their faces all seem to look chubby, except the first who looks too skinny. I don't understand...

t. fatass

Learn how to shit in a toilet first Raj.

based browns

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i'm not fat you builtfat bodybuilder wannabe cunt with no visible 6 pack enjoy looking like shit because of your body dysmorphia

pajeets unironically have CHISELED jawlines wtf is this shit


Osama bin liften

Fucking based

>take a look at your desktop benchod, I deleted your files you stupid scammer!

Holy shit what a legend

pls show pec and peen

I live in an area that is vast majority Indian. there are some things that aren't too unusual, but just...unusual. The main thing is everyone is so much more active at night. Come back driving somewhere late, and they're all outside walking around like it's the middle of the day, old and young alike. I tried using my apartment's fitness room after 9 PM, jam packed full of Indian people. All the other jokes were true as well, they were all wearing polos, jeans, and the STENCH, holy fuck. Nearly gagged, smelled like they shit themselves.

Steroids are both legal and easy to get in India, the home of all cheap pharmaceuticals.

Bottom left is the best.

psh, good luck getting a suit that fits in that monstrosity of a body

Afternoon is tea time and nap style siesta and dinner is usually, in my experience, pretty late at night.

>1 billion population
only has 7 strong chads

When you're that big, all you need is your birthday suit

>psh, good luck getting a suit that fits in that monstrosity of a body
t. softboi

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