Stop eating meat you cucks

Stop eating meat you cucks.

>t. Greta Thun((berg))

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She's not Jewish you blind retard

Meat is fucking delicious and the passable meat substitutes haven't reached my third-world shithole yet.

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Jow Forumstards aren't aware that -berg is common in surnames among the Scandinavians they worship as the master race.

She’s a puppet for Soros so she’s an honorary jew. She just repeats what he wants.

I wonder if she's an MK Ultra plant

She has aspergers which means she is prime breeding material

Lmfao nice tinfoil hat faggot


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please admit yourself to a psychiatric clinic you fucking schizo

Eat the bugs goyim EAT THEM!!!

Post nose

the seethe is palpable

mogged by GEOTUS

Fuck you, George Soros doesn't exist, please stop saying his network of NGOs are influential in shaping political discussion.

> stop eating meat
I literally am taking a month to eat just vegetables. Thats all I'm going to eat. No meat. Now I don't give a fuck about the peta shit or whatever. I'm just going to challenge myself with this restriction for a month. I seriously doubt anyone who is going to make it can go a month without eating meat. Its not about the meat consumption it's about putting your pants up and telling your brain to fuck off while you work towards your goal.

>jews manipulating a mentally ill 10yo girl
they really have no shame

Love this man

But I eat locally sourced meat from my parents own barn

>The year is 2090
>Citizens of City K pile into their 10’x15’ Studio apartments after a long day of labor
>BradLeighh puts on his Google(tm) headset and fleshlight and watches porn for 45 minutes. 25 minutes consist of advertisements
>After cooming, antidepressants are dispensed automatically from his implanted pump
>He munches down on a bug burger while watching Amazon(tm) TV
>He’s still hungry, so he goes to his Amazon(tm) Fridge(tm) for a bug shake and is greeted with the automatic message:
>”We’re sorry, but you’ve exceeded your daily limit of 50g protein. Your Amazon(tm) Fridge(tm) account has been temporarily suspended.”
>He lies down to sleep. Before taking off his Google(tm) Headset he updates his Facebook status:
>”Thank the Goddess for Greta Thundberg and the Eco-Feminist Revolution”

Exercising discipline is good, but in the form of abstaining from that which gives the most abundant and bioavailable forms of nutrients that we metabolize and need to keep optimally functioning seems a little self defeating. The mental fortitude is admirable, but meat isn’t something that’s addictive in a bad manner. It’s addictive in the same way that breathing could be “addictive” just because we need to keep breathing to survive

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Jow Forums is that way --->
Fuck off

That's beyond retarded.
>I'm going to stab myself to show my brain what's what! Damn cu ck brain trying to avoid being stabbed!


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/reddit/ is that way -->
Fuck off

It's a joke you reddit loving moron

The West is doomed. We don't have the will to survive, or the interest to procreate. Let the waves come.

Haven't been on the internet for a few months now. Who is she?

whoever told her that it was a good time for her to get emotional and show strong emotions other than frustration and anger was fucking stupid

the moment I see a woman start doing that crying/yelling thing, I check out. it's the gayest shit in the world

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The latest child prophet for the cult of the day.


The pro-globohomo version of Ted. They're trying to bill her as Joan of Arc but she generally just comes across as a socially disordered little girl who is being exploited by her handlers/parents for cash and advertising.

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The good people of the west need to start rebelling against globalist bullshit and start having more kids or we’re fucking doomed. If you allow a shitstain kid like this dictate your fucking life, or ANYONE for that matter, it may be a little late for you.

Why did they put this kid on stage? Shes an uninformed child crying about such a complicated issue that it just screams pandering. Seriously fucking stupid

>t. literal retard

using kids to manipulate adult feelings to push agendas is what jews do best

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I’m convinced Greta is a patio from the government to make Americans disdainful of Europeans

ITS YOUR FAULT that jews are destroying the ecosystems around the world. eat bugs goyim. 2030

Blah blah blah jews. It's simply beyond frustrating that people support her. Shes just saying hey figure this global problem out immediately. Oh thanks little girl. You have any solutions to go with that stupid vague statement?

who do you think gave her the microphone


Dumb european leaders pushing an agenda instead of finding an actual solution

I hope you realize how retarded you are. I hope that when the first climate lynch mobs happen you're on of the first "victims"

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post income

The Club of Rome described Greta as a "modern day Joan of Arc" foreshadowing the martyrdom arc the elite are preparing for her. Sometime in the near future this girl is going to be killed by an "alt-right Neo Nazi" or something and it will be the top news story of the cycle. Her death will be a turning point in the climate change dialogue and politicians will band together in the face of hate to pass Greta's Law that will grant unprecedented authority to governments to combat climate change. Any opposition to the law will be tainted by association with right wing extremism that took the life of this brave autistic girl and history books will include her story so that future generations will never forget her story. Screencap this post.

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absolutely BASED

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daily reminder that the more you talk about this political prop the more power you give her

have sex

>on this episode of Jow Forums, a bunch of dyels make fun of an autistic child
bet you retards think climate change is a farce, too

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I ate Beyond Sausage last weekend. I was drunk and it was still fucking nasty.

>impotent rage.webm

I haven't been following the news or politics at all but can someone tell me why everyone is listening to this little girl? Is she some sort of genius and contributed with scientific research?

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I went vegetarian for Lent on year, it's not super challenging and doesn't do much for you.

You know it's happening.

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She is an autistic Swedish girl. That is all the credentials the UN needs these days.

im gonna kill this little cunt

We might as well just let children start controlling parents then.

It's a reason why women shouldn't be in positions of power or influence. Nobody takes tears seriously besides other women and literal faggots, and as is currently being demonstrated, if you want your society to crumble, just let women and faggots run the show.

Why are swedish women so ugly? She looks like a retarded tranny

I came here from Jow Forums and /b/ to get away from this brainwashed bleh. Hard to look at.

There's big money behind her so even if you persuade every user of Jow Forums to never mention her again: you're going to keep seeing her posted. Do you know what makes her powerful?
Boomers. All these boomers used to think they Gen X and Gen Y kids were going to save the world but then those kids grew up to be self-involved (like their parents).
Now all these Boomers don't even have grandkids because they fucked up their kids and when they see Greta it feels like having a grandchild.
They wish they had a grandchild like her so they could humble brag about it on Facebook and receive likes.

You people need to chill and become depressed enough to not care about anything and everything.

The term is shabbos goy

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Seriously based

imagine being able to mog the whole world just by existing

>There's big money behind her
what kind? please post evidence?
>Boomers. All these boomers used to think they Gen X and Gen Y kids were going to save the world but then those kids grew up to be self-involved (like their parents).
Now all these Boomers don't even have grandkids because they fucked up their kids and when they see Greta it feels like having a grandchild.
They wish they had a grandchild like her so they could humble brag about it on Facebook and receive likes.
boomers fucking hate her you retard, she's as anti-boomer as u can get

Y'all are incredible
Stay mad swiping at air till you die

>what evidence
This article details her op in autistic detail:

>she's as anti-boomer as u can get
I disagree. You're not paying enough attention. Sure, I'm not saying every single boomer, but I am saying there is enough boomers that like her that make her a viable op. They wouldn't put her out there if she wasn't appealing to a significant amount of people. And those people are mostly boomers.

WOW SO CONTROVERSIAL WOW SOOO BRAVE!!! Seriously though why the fuck does anyone care what this literally who has to say? Why is it being spammed fucking everywhere? Am I living in a simulation or something because it makes no fucking sense. Why is this bitch spontaneously being pushed on us so hard?


Yeah how about no cunt.

The latest studies disprove that meat has that much negative impact and the methodology of the studies she is basing her spouting upon is severely lacking.

Here is a easy to digest explanation:

The resemblance is uncanny.

How much do you think Greta can bench?

>All these people hating one Jew worker for another Jew worker
Never understood how that works but neat

Stuff like this, even as a joke, is still unsettling.



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Its fucking real. Trump is genuinely hilarious

She's actually 16, user, but that's ok you didn't notice because she was specifically groomed to look young to trigger an emotional appeal and to shield her from any criticism no matter how valid.

she's 16, I guarantee most of the faggots on here are around her age

the trips of truth have spoken

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They have her saying shit no fucking 16 yo would ever say to promote that, too.
eg. In one speech she says "we children." More recently she said something like "my childhood was stolen."
A genuine shitlib 16 yo would probably look 25 with hair and make-up done and her speech would probably be "Fuck Trump, fuck Trump, fuck Trump."


I'm the opposite. When I got rid of my depression, I stopped caring about politics/news altogether. I'm much more focused on myself.


>he can't see the mass hysteria regarding climate change
Pushing the least polluting countries to pollute even less while 80% percent of plastic-CO2 pollution comes from asia and africa
Most people pushing for action against climate change know nothing about thermodynamics and think electricity and hydrogen is "clean" energy despite it being generated elsewere with fossil fuels. They also think nuclear is a bad energy source despite being one of the cleanest forms of energy we have rn.
Literal energy antivaxxers

Lmao. What a champion.

>just eat the bugs like a good boy user, you want to save the polar bears don't you?

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This really feels like propaganda. She’s a literal WHO, and in the last couple of weeks the media attention has been enormous.

I believe the TL;DR is some green energy org got a boost in attention when they used her so now they are making her a critical part of their operations.
Leftists like to use young people to mouth their talking points because by the time they're 25 they will be obese, dyed hair, covered in tattoos, foaming at the mouth. They know no one wants to listen to their screeching so they have kids do it.

eg. David Hogg and the goblina. FCKH8.

Part of her being used might literally be because of her being some kind of genetic dead end.
You know how child actors often grow up looking weird?
It's because they were selected for having some kind of deficiency that caused them to look younger, longer.
They might just be applying that principle to a political spokesperson.

dubs of schitzo posting.


Lmao, okay now build the wall and don't ban flavored vape juice.

Everyone famous like greta is propped up by the kike media. Everything famous is astroturfed and nothing is organic