What's your daily milk consumption looking like?
How about weekly?
(What percentages slumdog?, Type?, Choco? Almond?)

Bonus points for over a gallon a day.

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4 cups chocolate reduced fat for max protein per day

You putting powder in that or just straight milk?

4 gallons of raw milk a week

What makes you choose raw over pasteurized

syrup on a bulk


Cant buy raw milk here. I so badly want to drink it

gotta up those numbers those are rookie numbers, I'm on a gal of RAW milk a day

4-6 glasses of 2% every day. It's in uni so not sure what the exact volume is. I would drink whole but they only have skim, 2%, and chocolate

absolute shit tier, you might aswell just drink sugar water fucking pleb, disgrace this thread

None. I only eat butter/cheese and drink cream if that counts. Drinking actual milk is subhuman.

aka nigger shitskin who cant digest the lactose

raw milk,
and ribeyes
nothing but baby

2% has 32g more protein per gallon

Who's the pleb now?

>muh protein
I'd rather not eat processed garbage

>nooo stop consuming the good parts of milk and leaving out disgusting sugar
>you're a nigger if you don't like sugar

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>soi wojack means im right guys!
>natural sugars are totally the same as processed sugars!

>Wow, you don't eat natural candy? You must be a real nigger. Only processed sugar(whatever the fuck that means) is bad, and no, my diabetes is not an issue!

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>le real manly man who needs to drink raw milk from le organic hipster dairy at 3x the price in order to feel like a man

lmao you actually don't even know the difference between refined processed sugar vs natural sugar, I'm sure milk is terrible for you despite white people drinking it for thousands of years with zero issues of course your monkey nigger genes wouldnt compute with that would they, in fact you probably shouldnt drink milk its literal poison to coon niggers like yourself.

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>implying i dont order direct from a local farmer for cheap

I drink 2 pints every day of whole milk. Easy 600 calories and 32g protein

>reduced fat milk

based. too bad it's illegal in my state. I found a local farmer that sells it but it's labeled strictly for pet consumption only. Might say fuck it and start chugging, e.coli be damned.

> protein
just eat more meat, or legumes pleb. Full fat dairy is more nutritionally dense and also has been associated with lower risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease.

>"my gut microbiota has been nuked from all the shit i eat"

I ferment raw milk into kefir and drink about a liter a day
I would never consume the shit they sell at supermarkets

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what's in your pic? Microbes or something?

chylomicrons, the blobs of fat, cholesterol, and other fat soluable things that get shredded and torched by pasteurization and homogenization
all the homo vegans saying dairy is bad for your health aren't completely lying, but they are referring to what the product on the right causes

too bad it's hard to come by

Tbh I would probably literally starve and die if I didn't drink milk and eat meat/dairy products.

canada is such a shitty cucked country I can't even buy raw milk because (((they))) have deemed it harmful and dangerous.

Absolutely retarded, millions of people have been drinking raw milk for thousands of years and still do to this day with no ill effect.

I can go to the store and purchase soda, tobacco and alcohol but not fucking raw milk. absolutely retarded.

You retards realize chocolate milk is literally just their way of masking the shit filled milk that could never pass on its own right, its just like spicy tuna at sushi restaurants

Skim milk here has similar or greater protein content than whole milk. I drink a liter per day for an extra 40 grams of protein for only 375 calories.

they remove all the nutrients along with the fat
only retarded autists that think that nutrition is all about macro counts drink that shit

im more of a quark guy does that count?

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3 and a half to 5 liters a day.
Started to wonder if this is really that healthy. I've gained 6 kg since the beginning of starting this GOMAD thing but there's so much calcium in each liter that I'm definitely pushing the limits of overcalcification. I'm also getting a lot of acne because of it.

Gallon a day, whole milk only. I always end up needing a little over 2000 calories after I'm full on normal food so GOMAD is saving my life. Acne is the same as before gomad when I tried to limit it so I don't think i'm those guys that get it from an insulin response. My zerocarb experiment would have given me somewhat better skin otherwise.

Will the calcium get me sick? I don't know.

Do I care? No. If I feel like shit I'll stop. Tired of the "too much vitamins!!!" shilling when 99% of people eat empty calories for every meal.

Absolutely based. That's how ancestors lived.

>pet consumption only
It's a loophole, like those grey market supplements that say they're for "research purposes only." All the major e.coli breakouts in recent history were from beans too.

Raw milk is great. I finally found an amazing 100% grass fed source after wanting to try it for years. I could easily drink a gallon in a day.

The raw milk I get is less than the organic milk sold at the supermarket and it tastes about 10 times better

your quark is abgelaufen, friend.

3 to 4 L

bout 2L on workout days, thats 3 days a week and 0.5L on non workout days. 3.2% cow milk


check the glycemic index and glycemic load of milk

> just eat more meat or legumes pleb
or I could just eat the lower calorie higher protein milk that has a superior amino acid profile and is also cheap that tastes better than whole milk for a lot of people instead


now post evidence that any of it has any negative impact in human health, or that boiling milk is any different from pasteurization

until then, shut the fuck up retard
pic related, how the vast majority of the world consumes and has consumed dairy products boiled.

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Anyone know how to get this shit in Michigan?

only retard autists make statements that are completely wrong and retarded
>they remove all the nutrients
"they" remove the milk fat from the milk you fucking dumbass, that's it, all the fat soluble vitamins are gone yes, but what fat soluble vitamins does milk naturally have in the first place in significant ammounts? vitamin A, that's it, what other foods have vitamin A? eggs, meat, foods that almost everyone eats anyway, so who gives a fuck?
the mineral and water soluble vitamin content of skim and whole milk are identical fuck face, the only differences are in the vitamin A and fatty acid contents which are irrelevant unless you're eating nothing but low fat dairy.

>What's your daily milk consumption looking like?
about 4-6l a day
not really gomad since milk constitutes most of my meals (once I day I'll eat a piece of meat or chicken)
>(What percentages slumdog?, Type?, Choco? Almond?)
whole milk only (vat pasteurized but not homogenized)

overall I've been able to body recomp nicely on this diet; also been feeling fine af, maybe due to extra tryptophan in milk proteins; as far as lactose is concerned I'm convinced that it is very very different from any other sugars (such as fructose) due to low score on glycemic index, beneficial galactosylation products (in contrast to deleterious glycosylation products), low insulin response etc

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