Do womanlets have as tough a time as manlets do?

Do womanlets have as tough a time as manlets do?

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She's cute DESU

No, and who cares?

No it's the opposite for women, but not as bad. Shitloads of guys love tall women. A tall woman who wants a taller man is the worst roll possible for a woman because she'd need to land a basketball player.

What about a tall man that wants a taller girl?
I'm 6'2 and only once did I date a girl that was over 6'

Not at all because gender roles.
Though really tall women (6" +) can dislike it because their dating pool gets a lot smaller and then the really tall guys they want to go for....well, they might not go for them. It also greatly limits shoe selection.

6" is probably the tallest most would want to be as there are enough men over that height. I've gone out with tall girls and I'm 6'2". Taller than that they better hope they're a celebrity like Elizabeth Debicki who is 6'3" and very attractive.

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somebody post the Elizabeth Debicki webms


Become extremely, unrealistically rich or attractive and try to land someone like

why didnt they start making out?

They pretend not to, but deep down they're as insecure as manlets and know that tall girls are superior to them

God I want to fuck that ref.

A very promising into to a lesbian porno. You just know that the ref is power top

all women are insecure wrecks

>Giacinti not in pic

Imagine wanting to breed with any girl under 5,6

I used to be into womanlets but now I find tall women superior. I'm 6'2". I ignore girls below 5'7"

Tfw marry a girl the same height, have children, children are massively taller than you WTF

>Do womanlets have as tough a time as manlets do?

Are you retarded?

This guy gets it, short hair ftw

>Do women have as tough a time as men do?
No. Never. Stop asking

this was such a cool fucking movie. Made me appreciate being a med

not once have i ever looked twice at a woman for being "too short" so i would say no. Plenty of men though.

Of course. Men hate short women in the exact same way that women hate short men.

Not really

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>tfw no italian spic tomboy gf

Yeah, but womanlets are judged based on tit size rather than height

>tfw no 6'0" flat chested Sheik gf

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