He isn’t lifting for cute sea girls (male)

>he isn’t lifting for cute sea girls (male)...

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she looks like shes gonna stab you while you sleep


> Implying I can get them
Must be nice to be white

yeah bro its amazing being attack and persecuted by every other race, atleast we have white privilege though! haha

I live in America and I'm not a faggot.
Checkmate, third-world bitch.

This. Everyone wants to be white and rightfully admires us secretly; so they openly shit on us out of envy every chance they get, even though we continually give them gibs and allow them to exist.

Most people dont care or out right hate white people.

No I'm not you tranny loving faggot

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In context of dating foreigners, I would not like to be aryan while in prison that's just asking to be raped by every race

There are white gangs in prison. Everything is very segregated and most dont team up like that.

True but compare to blacks where you're in by virtue of just being black, whites have to become full blooded aryan gang members with a dozen swastikas on their face to maybe not get raped by the majority of the prison population

Cope or delusion.
>or out right hate white people
Did you read his post?
White people literally keep the majority of the world population alive (which is wrong) but they get hate from everyone.
Probably because most minorities need a boogey man because they cannot take responsibility for their own failings or because "Whitey help me, but whitey also help tribe from south! 17 generations ago someone from south tribe steal one of my cousin's brother-in-law's ancestor's goat! Whitey ebil!"
We don't play favorites, because you are all equally worthless.

It is not just being black, the shit they get gang members to do to join is also quite insane. Initiation for any gang is no fucking joke. Trust in life and death situations is not simply built on skin color. It's either family, networks, or doing some wild shit

yeah stab you with her dick

sup reddit

>Everything that doesn't fit my narrow viewpoint makes me uncomfortable and is Jow Forums!
Grow up.
Oh, wait. You literally can't or are still underage. That's why you identify as a leftist.

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Kek you're like those girls who complain about getting too many creeps and having to always be alert to not get raped.
Must be hard being attractive

I dont know about that, if that's how you see the world thst how you see it. Personally I've built my views on how white people have treated me in life and now, honestly, probably dont give them a fair shake at all