Tfw you fail nofap once again

>tfw you fail nofap once again

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I went to meetings for a while, they help a fair bit, don't be too hard on yourself, it happens, just keep motivated and set a new goal.

>he'd have to work a whole year at walmart to pay for everything he broke

Do Americans really do this?

are these like refugees in some rich person's house or something

Do you not sit in a t shirt and shorts at home?


Yeah, rich white and middle class Europeans do that. They invite Afghan, Iraqi or Somali immigrants and refugees to live inside their homes. Take in mind these guys are mid 20s living in a house with blonde girls so lots of rape and fucking, and in turn, a mongol child comes out which the parents look after. Happens mostly in Germany, Sweden and Netherlands. I know cuz my cousin was in one

yes this is true! the rich do some crazy stuff. I heard they even started doing it in Maine so they could enrich it

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Is that a rich persons house for you? That looks like a basic house in the south.

maximum chimp out

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There are apartment complexes in Texas (I know this is a house) that are super fucking nice and dirt cheap. I'm talking about a two bedroom, marble table tops, wooden floors for like 600 a month. Well, they're for section 8 people and others that abuse WIC and other government programs.

I guess it's all tax payers money, but I am willing to bet these nig nogs are on section 8 and rent that house.

>that neckbeard NEET who lives in his moms basement and says nigger all day on pol is buttmad seething over those same niggers living a 10x better life than him

I'm willing to bet it's just a normal ass cookie cutter house in the south and these two live in a normal ass family and probably got their ass best for what they did to that tv

Progress, not perfection

ooh ooh

can't tell if from Toronto or Oakland

they look and behave trashy compared to the room. and why is the guy sitting on a stool in front of the TV? why not use a couch or recliner? looks like a bunch of kids put in a game room to occupy them while they are processed through some govt program or something. just my impression

this look like maybe its a group of youtubers living together sort of deal

She looks like she is a worthless piece of shit.


>third worlders seething that even poor niggers have more than they do in America
God bless this great land. The only one that matters.


You've never pulled a chair close to the tv to watch the final seconds of a big game for a team you're passionate about? They definitely look like two siblings left that are watching the game with their friends and got too heated.

>Nogs are people.

Eradication when?

virgin spotted

as if
he is obviously on welfare

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>Anonymously whiteknighting a literal whore

Do you have any concept of self-awareness or self-respect?

If you're too weak (very likely) I would be happy to do you the favor.

lmao look at the incels get mad

Get laid.


Imagine how disappointed your great grandparents would be if this was you and they knew.

>False shaming people sexually on the internet is the only debate tactic I possess!

Nice rebuttal

Post body.

>"she would never have sex with me so shes worthless"


This looks staged af. That cheap walmart tv.

Don't see a timestamped CBT there, fren.
>Everyone who has higher standards than me is just sour grapes!
>No one can be better quality than me!

Holy shit, you are pathetic.

>if you don't want to immediately coom to a picture of a stranger on the internet you just saw you're an incel
nice try Jason

>tfw you start asking a girl that posts thot pictures like this everyday if she's proud of herself and she says yes
>you ask if her parents are proud that she posts pictures and she begins getting defensive


ok virgin

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>don't worry picture of female stranger, I'll protect you
>abstaining from instant gratification is only for virgins and incels
>boomer spongebob reaction image
Don't worry buddy I'm sure a few more posts of defending her and she'll have sex with you

>from Oakland
He's clearly a Warriors fan but so is every 12-16 year old zoomer basketball fan

>probably got their ass best for what they did to that tv

Beatings are common in single mother households, which constitute 70% of Blacks in the US.

>I'm willing to bet it's just a normal ass cookie cutter house in the south and these two live in a normal ass family

That behavior is not whatsoever representative of a high IQ, which is missing as a Racial average in Blacks as a population group. The probability his parents are high IQ is close to zero.

The annon who described Texas welfare is correct, welfare housing can actually be really nice depending on the area.

>I guess it's all tax payers money, but I am willing to bet these nig nogs are on section 8 and rent that house.

Whites have already paid in excess of 200 billion plus to make up for the lacking social economic productivity of Blacks in the US. In South Africa a Black graduate is valued 62c on the dollar to White, at least since 2002 when there was a public stat.

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yes, americans

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You don't even realize you are just embarrassing yourself, do you?

imagine being this butthurt over someone saying they find a woman unattractive


Well, create a problem then you have to pay for it I guess

Now we have two virgins

someone isn't getting their security deposit back

>security deposit
no deposit necessary on Section 8, taxpayers cover that. absolutely 0 repercussions for destroying housing. Also why you should never allow section 8 to rent from you

I would hazard that you have had sex with less than 5 people total.
Maybe more if you count yourself and being molested.

I really hope this guy is just shitposting, because otherwise I actually kind feel sad for them.

Kek. Based and redpilled.
Skanks BTFO.

This nigga gettin mad

you sound like a baby back bitch

>Types like a nigger
>Probably molested or a molester

Checks out.
How's the herpes, and did you ever find your dad?

lmao faggot ass white boi gettin mad

I have never seen this you lying fat sack of shit

They more jealous white Bois get the more it hurts them

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So let me get this straight, your calling me a white night, or in other words, a medival badass whose prowess in combat was only equal to his chivalry?

You know, chivalry? The only thing that stands between innocent beautiful women and wretched creatures like you??

This is such a plebbit tier cope that I can't actually believe anyone with more than six brain cells posted it.

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inb4 your heroin high wears off and you start crying because you don't have any friends

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rich people only let refugees into their countries, not their homes.

Why does your average nog always have such garbage tier comebacks?
Is it unrealistic expectations due to scripted rap battles?
Is is just their naturally low intelligence?
Is it because when they insult each other even the smallest comment can set off their primitive primate brains, so they don't have to aim very high?

They always sound like women, or grade schoolers.

No and if I did it was when I was too young to remember. Stop being a cringy boomer cuck. This nigger will kill you and not care.

Someone has to do the laundry and the landscaping though.


Dis lil white boi bout to go cry LMAO

I hope his dad came home from buying cigarettes and beat him within an inch of his life

>dad came home


LMAOING @ all those virgin/incel have sex posters
It's just a thot with a nice ass. But this board holy shit
>>imagine whiteknighting for e girls
>>muh jizzbrain blablabla
>>>she is so ugly uuhh piece of shit

>proving him right

Or are you just a faggot larper?


That's a 6/10

do you think these "youths" thought about the consequences of their actions? not even for a brief second, i'm asking if you think they did it at all? if the consequence neurons in their brains managed to sputter one lazy impulse out?
fuck no they didn't
they're exactly like us.

Yes, yes, let the COOM flow

Ahem. Fuck niggers.

I'm dutch never seen or heard of this ever happening

literal cumbrain

>double doors
>high ceilings
>custom fit tv center
I mean, it's not a usual nigger home.

this is a very good post

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Shut up white boi bitch ben affleck lookin ass


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Funny way to spell "lynch" though

How long does an ape's attention last?

Also, what's tougher to live with; Sickle cell or diabetes?

So much cringe in one pic, it is actually impressive.

Can someone link to and count the amount of anti - no-fappers in this thread...

Seems a bit suss how there's always so many. VEEEEERRY suspicious

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it's okay guys they'll just steal another tv

>replying to a bait thread
>replying to more racebait
pathetic. not Jow Forums related, fuck off

>Proven to raise testosterone
>Not fit related

Nice try goldstein