Penile growth

Does anyone know of any sure ways to increase penis size or grow it? Im 5'10, 205 lbs about 23% bf and about 5.4 inches long. Not bad, but not great. Anyway to increase the length or width without going under the knife?

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Lose body fat

Yeah I heard this
>what is google dot com

Angion 2.0

what do you guys think is average penis size and what is considered big

Average/mean is supposed to hover around 5.5" erect length.

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I remember some user a few months ago who made a really comprehensive guide on how to grow your dick. He explained how improving the blood circulation makes it grow, and the proper methods and drugs to do so. Does anyone have a screenshot?

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I honestly wonder who makes these charts, I had pretty bad penis envy in high school because I was a beta loser and spent too much time on 4chinz

The average woman's preference is 6-6.5" fwiw

>and about 5.4 inches long. Not bad

Be happy with you body and penis, a girl that loves you will love all of you and a slightly below average penis will not change that.

I use a penis pump. My erections have been fuller and seem bigger only when im hard(wich is all that matters). It helped with blood flow and with keegles my errection is looking great. Ive never had complaints im just vain.

porno companies do this to trick the consumer into thinking pornstars are massive when in reality they are usually only like 6.5

It's called Jelqing. I did it for a couple years, i was in 11th grade at the time, so can never be sure if it wasnt just puberty, but by the time i was done, it is and was almost 9 inches. Take a warm bath to soften the tendons, then vaseline up your dick and hands, make the okay gesture with your thumb and pointer and slowly go up the base of your dick stop before the head, your penis should be about 40% erect. Start with 50 and slowly up the number each week by 20 or 50. By the end i was doing about a thousand to 1500 a night, its been about 8 years though so i dont remember everything, but it would take up to 2 hours. Watch porn while youre doing it as distraction and to stay semi hard. If your dick gets hard wait for it to settle again, you can irreparably damage the blood vessels in your penis. The idea is dilation, if it works like it did for me, your cock will be bigger, and veinier, and you wont ever have erection problems. It can take on a baseball bat shape, and it can make it so you never get erect again, so do your research, and dont over do it. Any questions?

bump :,(

jelqing or angion method. But its going to lot of time and effort just to get 1-2 inches and if you stop you are going to lose all gains. So have fun hidding in bathroom for 1 hour everyday to stretch your dick for rest of your life

Never saw it, I'm interested as well

This is pretty much the only non-meme thing you can do. Cutting down to 13-15 might already give you .5-1 inch extra

he's slightly above average, though not extremely so.
the average has more or less been confirmed to be around 5 inches

why are americans so tiny

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that's more or less the average for the world
gooks are still btfo tho

pure bullshit. average is 6-7 inches stop fucking lying.


There is a lot of pseudo science in the fitness community and especially so on Jow Forums. Even if he spent a lot of time making a guide that appears to be well researched I'd be skeptical of it.

But i want to fuck various hot thots, not just that one 5 who is prepared to settle

there are only 2 ways to fuck hot thots:
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