Guys, is really that necessary to build an arch to press...

Guys, is really that necessary to build an arch to press? im kinda new at lifting weights and today i kinda fucked my upper back a little bit trying to do the stupid arch that everybody in youtube says

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Arching is just good for damaging your spine. If you arent a pro powerlifter, dont do it.

no just squeeze your shoulder blades together and flex your abs

Not like that dummy. You just want to pin your shoulder blades back and puff your chest out. Your ass should not leave the bench.

Unless you're powerlifting (where the arch is to reduce effective range of motion), just use enough of an arch to put your shoulders in a good, safe position; chest up with scapulas back and down should give you enough arch for safety purposes

this is some powerlifting thing retards do for e-peen numbers

don't listen to any powerlifters about fitness. they're all fat retards

This lift would not be recognized by either power lifting federation.

His ass isn't even touching, have a arch but kewp good form, i find it hits cjest better when you arch a little

>fit tells me to arch my back
>bench goes up, hear some teens near me gawking that I cant bench that much as I load up weights
>start arching as much as i can while still having shoulder blades flat on binch and butt firmly planted
>right as I unrack hear the one say "oh he cheats dude"
>feel like a fraud

What the hell fit

don't worry about it, learn to use leg drive properly and it will come naturally

Thanks guys. I was doing fine until i watched those stupid videos

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sour grapes, dont listen to them user

Leg drive while benching is literally cheating, like calling your push press your ohp. It's cope for when you are weak.


Stay mad benchlet

Arch your back enough that your hand can fit under it.

t. "Why don't i feel it in my chest when i benchpress" poster

Leg drive isn't a real thing.

Its shit people say to act retarded just to piss you off.

The reason an arch in your back is beneficial is because it lowers the angle of the lift, making it more like a decline bench or a dip, you can use a larger portion of your pectoral muscle along with more of your shoulders and triceps.

It's called a flatbench. Put your fuckin' back flat on the bench and do a normal press. If it's too heavy, then go lighter. But don't use ridiculous meme forms to try and get an advantage cause all you'll do is injure yourself.

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If you take what fit says and do the opposite it seems it will take you very far. Im really surprised of this thread and it's hate towrda archs. Arching right literally doubles your bench and protects your shoulders, you get sick glute and ab doms too initially.

don’t let your ass leave the bench don’t let your ass leave the bench don’t let your ass leave the bench

It's called flat bench because of the bench, not your body fag.
Then you're retarded.
It's very simple.
You pull your shoulderblades back, arch slightly and you'll be fine. Trying to pull off OP pic is retarded since you don't (and won't) compete.