Why did nobody shill me google maps app

I used this shit for the first time in my life. Mind = nuked

Basically i only went to the same 3 restaurants and gym in my city because who got the nerves to find the new roads and actually remember them. This shit is a miracle lads. I went to a korean bbq today with ease. My phone guided me like a baby. It was like a little runescape quest adventure where you have to find a location and have to follow the voice and route.I saw parts of my city i never did before. 10/10 experience will use again.

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What are you, 12?

Did I somehow accidentally go back in time 10 years before opening this thread or is it still 2019?

What are you, 62?

Im 26. I look at it from a positive sight. I get to enjoy the novelty of this while its already normal for you. This is gonna boost my mood into new highs. Gonna visit a thai massage tomorrow. Feelsgoodmane

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Why is this gif being used so much in the last day? Stop it. Stop posting it.

How the fuck did you survive for the past 10 years without using this?

I just followed my family or friends everywhere

Walk in naked and lay down on your back, if you thought google maps was crazy this will blow your mind and nofap streak.

You didn't even take the time to add one throw away sentence to make this Jow Forums related.
I'd ask if you were actually black, but your grammar is not atrocious enough.

You should check out this youtube thing that people watch, its got videos on all kinds of stuff. You can find weight lifting forms, reviews on movies and shows, proof that the world is flat and that nofap has benifits, all kinds of shit.

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>just discovered google maps
Are you an 80 year old boomer who found the fountain of youth?

oh ok, so you actually are a genuine mentally handicapped person

based bloomtard

>tfw 27 and shut in incel so never go anywhere and dont have to use google maps much


I'm just assuming that if you're an adult male who just "follows your friends and family everywhere" to such an extent that you have mild to severe retardation

I live in the middle of the city user. Anything basic is in reach and i didnt have nerves to find new shit unless friends or family invited me. Now i can see new shit by myself. Still might be retarded though

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oh ok, I wish you the best buddy. pretty sure you're not retarded

wait until you find out about the calculator app

Reminds me of Alan Watts

Man why are you all aware of this app


If you dial a seven digit number and then hold your phone to your ear, sometimes you can actually hear real live people talking to you through your phone

I cant stop laughing at this. How sheltered is your life lmao.

Funny you say that cause I used to love getting stoned and listen to his youtube lectures.

>Implyng I would ever abandonn my abacus.

Op here. Actually the reason i never went to see new restaurants and got to use google maps was because deliveroo delivered anything i wanted but now deliveroo isnt available anymore here. For what other thing would you need google maps for realistically besides new restaurants? Am i coping now? You already have a gym, barber, regular supermarket, tanning place, brothel. What else do you need? I just wish i had visited more massage places.

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Bit if you cannot see them how do you truly know they are actually alive, or people?

Watts is based.

Im surprised you even know how to use your web browser.


I mean, you are mind blown by a modern map. Just sayin. You probably don't even have a fingerbox

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not OP but not sure if my life is "sheltered" im just a loser incel who never has anywhere to go anyway

how do you find thai massage places that give happy endings?

Its unironically all of them.

what in the world is a fingerbox

>just found out about GOOGLE MAPS
>surprised people think he is stupid
At this point you are just trolling all of us because you are actually extremely retarded to both not know about google and be surprised by people thinking you don't know how to use the internet. This would be like me just figuring out how to use a pencil and being surprised people think I am illiterate.

Black dude as OP picture.

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So if I just walk in and get a massage they will start giving me a handjob? I don't have to do anything special? Never tried this before and don't want to make a feel of myself kek

I'm curious about this too.

no he's black.

This 26 year old dude discovered google maps in November 2019, pretty sure he a tiiiny bit retarded.

Found the retard

idk man as an immigrant in London google maps because your go to tool since basically forever

Shit man sorry it's 6am and i overdrank last night, def september, yes.

Excellent work user.

Hehe ty men

>He never got one as a kid

You had a sad childhood.

Just wipe out your dick and shove a $20 in their pants bro, it ain't rocket science.

the girl will ask if you want a special massage or shit like that for 10-20 euro more. just tell her yes