Adding escorts snapchats for previews so I can daydream about seeing them since I have no money

>adding escorts snapchats for previews so I can daydream about seeing them since I have no money
Anyone know this feel?

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Zoomers OUT

rock bottom

just jerk off retard, pussy isn't worth money

where the fuck do you even get escort snapchats

From escort sites.
They post them on listcrawler, and I've been browsing listcrawler all night

I just stare at camgirls for motivation

it sucks being an amerifat where I am eternally cucked though


Briannalove990 is the only escort that has my heart.

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Ah yes, grainy, dimly lit selfie style porn is the top tier, patrician form of erotic media worth beta orbiting and even paying for

Ironically I prefer it to professional porn.
and I'm not paying
Just seeing the previews
If I had money I'd just see them in person dummy.

No because I don’t know where to find escorts in NYC (even if I did that would be illegal haha)


are actual escort agencies a thing in the US or is that a movie trope or richfag thing

they exist
In my area they're usually run by mexicans though
Probably gang related

Prostitution is illegal in most of the US

They’re called modeling agencies and its a richfag thing

Why not just jerk off to chaturbate girls?
It can take some time to find ones you like though and if no one is tipping it can get kinda boring since some girls redress like after 2 minutes after no one tips

I just fap to big titted roasties that I match and chat with on Tinder. There's an added bonus of having a decent chance of fucking them.

You don’t have money because you clearly have poor judgment

this is all I wanna spend my money on
so it's the only judgement I need

Would it be possible/legal for someone to contact the girls from the modeling agency and fuck them for free? I am cool and good looking/fit and have some game. I feel like some girls would fuck me for free and we could hang out and be fwbs. I don't care if she's a whore or anything, we might get along fine.

You are retarded if you think they will fuck you for free. These girls see guys that are better looking than you AND rich all the time. Why do you think they care about you?

If they're regularly fucking guys who they don't want to fuck (old ugly fat retards) for money, then why wouldn't they want to fuck a good looking cool guy like me for free?

based deranged narcissist who thinks these woman aren't sociopathic money hungry whores with dopamine receptors so fried they don't even get sexual pleasure from anything besides money

There are girls in the porn I watch who still have boyfriends (who are not good looking, and I assume are not wealthy either) despite fucking with other guys on camera for money. A lot of porn actresses have boyfriends and I assume they're not all rich guys, so maybe they like their personality.

Do you have to browse these escort websites with a dark web browser such as tor? Or can I just look on my iPhone. Will the feds track me?

No, because no real girl on the site blatantly says you're paying for sex. You're paying for their time blah blah. Also the feds are really not looking to arrest John's that much man. If you just play it safe and don't go after sketchy, obvious bait ads, you'll be fine.

Would you go in to work on a day off if it was only going to be half as busy? Your boss will buy you a protein shake, but you're expected not to get paid for it

Trips of trepidation. Browsing is too smalltime to waste resources on, even if it was illegal. Buying? Calling? Yeah get a VPN and a burner phone.

They can't buy drugs with your dick, stud. Now, some will fuck for a free supply.

If you fucked 50 year old dried up hags for money, would you be opposed to the idea of fucking and spending time with a hot young girl while not getting paid for it?

>look at these in america
>all black and obese
>look at European sites
>all thin model whites

The upper class sites like tryst and eros usually have better girls in America.

Use incognito browser to stay anonymous

You can make some college girls week and give her 150 bucks for half an hour.
Or you can go with tried and true for 75.
I'm 21, I've slept with like 5 escorts over the last few months.
I'd say it's worth it depending on YOUR situation. Sex might be a really good thing for you, there is definitely a benefit in fucking a few prostitutes when it comes to game if you're like the common demographic here.
I've actually managed to almost hookup with this QT 3.14.
If that doesn't work out, try and try again. Keep getting more developed and occasionally fucking the mid 30's Asian lady for 75 bucks an hour. She's not bad.
Most dudes would fuck her for the price lmao.
It really just makes you not want to have to pay for sex and see it what it really is.

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Are you almost me?
I'm 20 and I've seen 4 in the past few months.
Had my first kiss/hug/lost my virginity with one.

>I’m a cool guy
Tell me how I know you’re not cool

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How do I tell which ones arent cops?

You didn’t lose your virginity. You paid for it. You are still a virgin of the mind.