Light late night snack

Light late night snack

4 raw eggs and 6 tbsp of butter


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Dumb k*toid

Why do you say that:(

Bitch what
You're eating butter straight up you fat shit

I wish I was fat.
Cutting out carbs/quitting lifting for awhile has made me lose a lot of weight. Used to be about 190 at 13% bodyfat, an now about 170 at the same bodyfat

Thats fucked up.

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Post bod

why did you put them on the floor

Not just that
What's with the wire... and the other paper plate?

Also I'm eating rn hun!
Wire is for my phone
Other plate had a tortilla made out of cheese with guacamole inside

Oh ok
But y the floor

I've heard of this, a King Skinnyfat. I wasn't sure if it was just a legend or not, but it just may be true.

what is wrong with you

it's not that bad and I don't lift to be a big guy anyways :(
I am happier when I'm petite

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Is this what smol looks like?

Relatively yes

you look like a fucking hairy girly bitch,shame,so much potential.

Would you kiss me if I shaved?

Wear a dress, makeup and shave and I'll let you blow me

not very big on the idea of sucking dick
I generally only give oral to cheap female escorts I find online

Take it or leave it bby

I hope you get sick so you'll realize how dumb you are

I've been eating raw eggs and raw meat daily for a year now, so I can't imagine that's incredibly likely, but I appreciate the concern :)