Itt: describe Jow Forums in one webm

itt: describe Jow Forums in one webm

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Based sanjay

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>could have blocked him at any time
Rly maeks u think

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They like the attention
If he ever stops messaging her for a significant period of time she will 100% reply to him

why was this made

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Based Kass

>even rich and famous poos are retarded uggo creeps with no awareness

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>implying this bitch doesn't love the attention of even some pathetic pajit in India and could easily block him in 2 seconds

also, this is the only pic that defines fit.

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Oh fuck me, I wish I was blonde and white

Lmao fucking incels. She was probably just seeing how long he would keep messaging her because it's fucking funny. It takes 0.2 seconds to swipe a notification away and the conversation was probably muted within the first 4 messages. You have no clue how people act in the real world

holy shit, if it were me i would've left instantly

Ok just cool it with the nigger nonsense in your macro.

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You're really a bunch of incels, put yourself in her place
a pajeeta is sending you weird shit and you're not interested, but in the same time, life is a bit boring and you'd like to make fun of her messages from time to time

ah fuck, that's rough bruv

but i hate women, no homo

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>where's pinkie pie
>oh there she is
>I meant
>there he is
>I need to send this to my daughter to spoil her childhood

Holy shit I think this guy is real.

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serious question, why are indians so retarded with women?

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Because they come from a nondegenerate conservative country. In India, if you want to flirt with a woman you just talk to her and compliment her. It's that easy. In US, simply talking to a woman you don't know is considered "creepy". Makes you wonder why they are even on social media, platforms invented to bring people closer together

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>white blonde manlet mogs bf
>tfw i know that feel
>t.white blond manlet

Talking to a woman you don't know is not considered creepy unless you're an autist who can't hide the fact you want to fuck her. If you talk to a woman you don't as if she's just a bro, it's not creepy.

That guy isn't keeping any ladies around with that outfit, he never stood a chance.

That confused look at the end, can't even believe it's not even butter

>hide the fact you want to fuck he

This is how you get friendzoned

Maybe he shouldn't have dressed like a 13 year old

The whole time I thought the dude on the right had a white tie until he left with the girl

Unlike this post would like to spin it, it's much less a matter of being "based", and much more a matter of being 200 years behind with the times.
Almost 100% of indian men go to gender segregated schools their entire lives, have zero contact with the other gender throughout their entire development (moms nonwithstanding), and they then enter the adult age having spoken pretty much zero times with a woman.
Those with very traditional families get a wife chosen by their parents, who they meet for the first time months before marrying (unless it was a previously contracted arrangement), but that's less than half of actual indians, which leaves an enormous amount of indian men reaching the adult age with the social skills of a toddler.
The reason they all sound exactly the same, too, is because they all go to the same "Flirting schools", which teach indian men how to approach women...only they're taught by other indians, who are just as inept at acting like human beings.

Indians are just pitiable.
They are a race stuck 600 years in the past, pathetically trying to interact with their superiors 600 years in the future.

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Nice that's a Korean

It's hard to explain, but I'll try my best...

>Walk up to girl
>"Hey babe, *wrap arm around her waist* wanna get dinner with me tonight?"

This is CREEPY, because you are going in too fast and with an attitude that she automatically wants you.

>walk up to girl
>"Hi, I'm blah blah blah"
>Conversation ensues
>Arrange a date (but you call it 'hanging out')
>'Hang out'
>Conversation is great
>You are very comfortable with eachother
>Date ends with nothing exciting
>Days pass
>Another date happens
>Same story
>She likes you as a friend

This is your one-way ticket to the friendzone, because you didn't try to create any sexual tension and tried playing it too safe for too long. Also consider being friendzoned is not always your fault, some girls just won't like you that way, deal with it.

>Walk up to girl
>"Hi I'm blah blah blah"
>Conversation ensues (presumably with a subtle aura of sexual tension because of something you've said on purpose)
>You arrange a date (and you call it a date, cause that's what it is, not just 'hanging out')
>Go on date
>Conversation is great
>You are very comfortable with eachother
>You end the date with a kiss
>Another date
>You end the date with probably a bit more than just a kiss

Talking to girls is about calculated risk, it's about being able to recognise that when she pushed your shoulder when she laughed it's a sign she's enjoying being with you. It's about realising that you can treat women like a friend without actually being her friend. It's extremely difficult to explain this to people, especially those on Jow Forums who I imagine many of them aren't exactly social masterminds. You could try looking at the r/seduction subreddit which has an even distribution of actually good advice or just 16 year old boys asking 'how do I get sex?', or you could try reading one of the hundreds of books written on social skills or self-help in general.

And he spent his teenage years being your average wow addict.

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Nah they just rape their women like how they steal your jobs.

That's weird, in Asia, just being white will help you pull against any other Asians. You incels should come to Asia, you can literally ask girls if they are dtf on tinder and they'll give you their numbers, even if they are married.

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But they love me for my whiteness, not for me :(

you can make them love you for you, user

That guy should unironically get curb stomped

Women are superficial, at that point they'll love everything you do. Local men brings you on a date at a roadside eatery? Cheap, no class, stingy. White men brings you on a date at a roadside eatery? Down to earth, practical. Their double standards when it comes to white boys is infuriating and you guys think white women are bad. There are even news of those who pay for every thing on a date with white boys, 0 effort and money on your part.

JESUS fucking christ that is brutal. I genuinely feel bad for Asian men.

If they really looked like that irl without 3 cubic tons of airbrushing and filtering, I'd go gay in an attosecond tbqh

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>Jow Forums on the right

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when will they learn

We're doing fine thanks, size queens aren't that common as redpill youtubers make it out to be


you shouldn't be delusional.

Good to here user, and as a white dude hope you don't let the general whorism of women get in the way of our bond


Aziz is a literal nobody to even a C lister like Blake Lively

This looks like it was screencapped by the sender, aziz, if so why would he do so and post it?

>Jigaboo caption

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She doesn't deserve Sanjay.

I just followed this guy. He's hilarious. I hope he gets that kass.

Because they're reply guys

And then they all collectively shat on him

It's the numbers game senpai, I may have I tiny dick but there's so many pussy around you just end up finding one who has other priorities

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If only he'd write a step by step guide to braking out of it

Us asians compensate with higher intelligence. You win some you lose some.

He was a block of marble that was carved into a statue.
It's better with music. One day, I want to be able to drink tea like that.

what a waste of eggs

have sex

very true user, whores a'plenty.

How the FUCK do I learn to smile as him?

have sex(with him)


Poojeet keeps talking to this girl that moved to America and is probably being split open every night by Chad's monster ivory cock. She probably didn't respond to him because she was in a cum-coma.

It really does though. She sure liked the attention. She isn't that much above that pathetic pajeet as she likes to think


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the jojo version was better than the original

Any women who shit talks the men of her race as a whole is a degenerate and should be hung

The other ''priorities'' are only money and status, JapBro.

He's just handsome and has good Gene's. Look at ugly successful men if you want a more general approach

Poor kid, and people wonder why niggers are niggers.

bro the title of this thread was,
>itt: describe Jow Forums in one webm
why the fuck is there alchool involved in literally all these webms ?

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This makes me really sad

>non degenerate
>open defecation

Fucking this. Those whores should be shamed

>a perfect reply does not exi-

>81 replies
>21 images

Fuck you

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