Americans truly think that attaining a body like this is impossible without the use of Photoshop

>Americans truly think that attaining a body like this is impossible without the use of Photoshop

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I'm reminding you that vast majority of Jow Forums posters' bodies are nowhere near Goose level in that picture.

how to achive this body?

Big poeonis
Penus squeeze
Penis squeezer

Actors aren't natty so that doesn't say much.

>this body
>not being naty
if he roided for this, he is total cuck

Gosling is pretty much this physique in every single movie.

My family thinks like this, confused the shit out of me when I got fit, boomers are retarded


>have to get in shape in 3 months for this million dollar movie deal
>can't take gear tho or user will think im a cuck

based strokeposter

fucking got me, what a child i am

its not unless you take roids

This is pretty achievable in 3 months also taking in account that he wasn't out of shape to begin with.
The lighting/tan also contributes to how good he looks here.

I don't think he's using but just has the benefit of being rich.Access to trainer, better nutrition, and can dedicate more time to training vs someone who has a 9-5 etc.

>3 months
Based retard

>This is pretty achievable in 3 months
know how I know you don't lift?

Even on gear it would take more than 3 months for this, especially if you start with 0 muscle and some fat.

That is photo shopped

why are you obsessed with what Americans think?

3 months SS + GOMAD

>a bunch of people who post on anime boards don’t look like this

Wow! Thanks for that info!

know how i know you don't lift?

gosling's physique is literally shit-tier.

It's all about the frame, he has a great physique, it's just his frame is shit.

Check this edit, I just adjusted his shoulder and waist width.

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You literally just took a time period out of your ass and declared that he can't be natty cause of it. Gosling has been in a good shape for like a decade before this film and he still looks similar to this, so idk where "i need to get in shape" part even comes from.

>great physique

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I don't see the difference. Both are dyel and ugly.

t. 40 bmi 30 year old virgins

post bodies