What brehs think of buttermores experiment?

what brehs think of buttermores experiment?

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I'd eat butter off her butt

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If I’m not mistaken, her diet included donuts and soda as part of her daily 5000 calorie intake
What were you retards expecting?

>panties, not even pants, fucking panties pulled up all the way over your belly button to hide your fat gut

truly pathetic cope

and yet she's still a shapeless fridge

I think her skin isn't doing so well, otherwise I guess she has put on a bit of weight. She sould try to see how huge she can get her lifts now that she is bulking like a rhino

That clothing looks like world of warcraft undergarments

She’s doesn’t store fat well, she became a sausage

she's fucking fat, you can tell when she sits that her belly drops out like a motherfucker.. look how fat her cunt is and this is the best pose she could've come up.. let that sink in..

yep.. i have this much fat and i wouldn't be caught dead posing for cameras before i cut to decent bf%, this twat sees this body as an accomplishment.. imagine what she'll look like once she tricks some poor bastard to marry her..

lmao this is what she really looks like.. fugly gook midget..

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why is she doing this?

Because shes retarded

The only reason women do anything, ever.

Based and truth-pilled

Right on the nose, buddy-boy.

>all in program where shes purposely gaining weight

justifying her eating disorder breh

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She thinks that there's some deep mythological reason for her always craving trash food so she decided to indulge in all the trash in order to "fix" that issue.

I'd like it if she experimented sitting on my face with that huge brapper haha

Who is this and why do I care?

She has an ED, it's like incredibly obvious

>imagine what she'll look like once she tricks some poor bastard to marry her..

The current girlfriend of the science dwarf.

She's a gf of a science manlet who used to be skinny and fit, but then had a nervous breakdown and after reading some bogus article decided that she can just eat whatever she wants and her body is just gonna adapt, consume more calories and make her fit again. Now she's hiding her fat gut and pushing that shit to her delusional chubby fanbase


Isn't it for a Brazilian butt lift that they take fat from other areas and shove it in your ass? If you were a fit woman would you need to gain fat first in order for it to work?

Well jeff, if she wasnt wearing granny panties you would see her gut.

This is the thing with these thicc girls... they only look good because of the clothes they put ON and the insta pics they take. I want them to take their clothes off. I fucked enough fatties to know that it's a horrible experience, big tibbys and floppy FUP and all.

Everyone used to complain that skinny models were an aberration in fashion, that they were unrealistic body standards, etc. The models were thin because women are more attractive.

The internet truly was a mistake

I was going to say this too. Literally subscribed to jeff nippar so I could get a closer look at her in videos... she's definitely a millenial, with all the trappings that brings. Steer clear jeff!!

Isnt she a kinesiology major too though?

Shes not that bad, but if I was jeff this would strike at something way deeper. Wasnt her smarts in her field one of the things he liked about her?

Because there is no logically reasoning behind what she did. Make a "science behind my instathot's dirty bulk" video jeff. It turns out she's dumb. And he has been flying out to see her right? That's expensive and a long distance relationship.

But he cant just dump her because a girl who is capable of this AND has the voice of the youtubes will just leave a smear that will stick with him. I'm not even ugly and jeff broke up with me. This is why they're still together mark my words.

And she's right. Woman did not evolve to "workout" and be on a constant cut. These type of woman are not fertile. They evolved to live a semi sedentary life at home while packing a healthy amount of bodyfat ( 20% - 30%). She looks better now btw.

Kys chubbychasing smoothbrain

She looks like... a woman that will never be happy. I feel sorry for zoomers like you who wont figure this out until it's too late.

> t. Likes woman that look like men
Dont care about faggot opinion like yours.

If you think skinny women look like men, then you’re retarded.

She looks like the average woman any man interacts with in the daily. When will coomers like you realize that anavar and tren wont make a female happy?

>following some chink thot on social media
Seriously ngmi

unironically looks better than ever, but i will be upset if this experiment doesn't end in a complete emotional breakdown after she "accidentally" becomes obese

Gonna need before/after nudes

If you think she's fat, your retarded and should stop watching porn

If she’s above 25% bf, she is.

Theres a happy medium you know. Good posture. some muscle mass and the right amount of body fat and theres the perfect female body. skinny bitches are fucking gross

> Average woman in my country is a sack of fat
Sucks to be you

>t. Thinks 30% bf is “the right amount of fat”

Absolutely. He cant leave her now or he will look like a shallow cunt

Im not talking about how she looks now. There was a point before she got mega lean where she looked just right

Shes bad af, this is just more autists bitching about a hot chick making money through fitness aka the one thing they finally have to feel good about

you came to the wrong board muthafucka

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It's just those pics, she took a good pic and you coomed to it. None of these girls look like this in real life.

*excuse to gorge on shit food

typical ED behaviour
>it's MY choice so that makes it okay
>you don't understand, I NEED to eat this platter of cream cakes, it's GOOD FOR ME
>yes the weight gain is INTENTIONAL, here's a 40 minute video explaining how I've justified this to myself :)

>average woman in my country is malnourished
Sucks to be from the third world I guess

Why wont people call this what it is? A dirty bulk. Even she wont say it.

It actually is. Anything below 20 is disgusting.

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She got all the bulk on her bod EXCEPT in her azz and tiddies, I repeat, EXCEPT in her azz and tiddies

There's literally nothing else now. Shes got a pretty face I guess? A girl like that is sexually attractive because she's petite, not in spite of it.

Hypnotized by internet culture, that's the only explanation. She took Jow Forums's thicc memepill.


30 is godlike

If the girl still gets her period, she's too fucking fat.

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Here's what he's got now.

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Yet when boys do it it's a dirty bulk.

Stop cultivating and start harvesting

>coomer poster is also a fat apologist
No surprise there.

Its really starting to settle in her face now. She looks old.

Hmm, she used to be really underfed. I like women with with muscles, but I acknowledge that they should have a higher %bf than a man.

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I wish she would post her weight and bf% charts in real time.

she could store my sausage any time

she is old, women have 4~ years of prime age and then it goes to shit. She's almost 30 or might even be past 30 now

He's right though. Woman are healthier with higher body fat %, guys aren't. And no, I'm not saying they should be fat but forcing diet to show abs at 10% bf is bad for women.

Jeff Nipp