How do I fix this?

How do I fix this?

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A gas chamber?

Not being a sandnigger?

Damn, you can set a glass of water on that nerdneck.

You can't, the only guy who tried it was punished for the annals of history and now they want to destroy the white race, I think they will. You should read his book: My Struggle.

every time you are doing anything, ask yourself if your posture is good.

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It's not possible

Masturbation machines and Holocoasters are superior.

Not be a jew.

I prefer the ACME-Brand Jewicider.

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>It's unbelievable... but it happened.

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What is this from?

From the trial of Obersturmbahnf├╝hrer Jeroen 'Jerry' Maus at Nuremberg. He killed countless Jews this way, including the famous poet Thomas Katze. It's unbelievable, but it happened.

Found a rare pic of this Nazi invention

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it's literally a jew who watched tom and jerry in 1944

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By yelling at niggers in theaters.

It's unbelievable, but it happened.

underrated post

and that's a good thing

The first and the last paragraph are from this article: It's a standard kike sob story, but the part in the screencap takes the cake.

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How the fuck does this work?

hes italian tho

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