Sugar: Not even once

>All calories are equal just drink sugar lmao it doesn't matter

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mommy wot is this

umm this is a sfw board wtf

fucking mongoloid, kys

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Fuck now I want corned beef

>have diabetes
>drink two or more cans of coke everyday
What could possibly go wrong

ah you beat me to it but what this guy said

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I didnt think the skin and fat of the back could be that thick

>drink two or more cans of coke a day
>get diabetes

the diabetes isn't a coincidental fact, faggot, stop eating sugat

Why are CICO deniers all crazy? Does the fat restrict oxygen to the brain?

looks like the prime rib at a nice buffet
>yeah, give me a big slice

I've been struggling to get completely off of soda and sips; I break down a couple of times a week usually. I was really struggling today but I forced myself to drive by my usual stop and I feel such a massive sense of relief right now. Thank you user, hopefully tomorrow will be easier because of this.

overeating causes diabetes, not sugar reatard


Imagine the smell.

Wow, I didn't know skin went that deep.

>CICO means that sugar has to be good for you
>Implies others are mentally deficient


Does she do porn? Pls

>What is insulin
>What is the cheapest, most available source of excess calories

>constant back pain from skin being tighter on one side
>never able to use the right arm again
>no work (I doubt Malay Gov gives a shit)
Looks like he needs the sweet release of death

Daily reminder that obesity is the leading cause for diabetes, not sugar consumption

not sure, i just downloaded that pic from this japanese fishing board

obesity doesn't cause diabetes

infact, obesity is the bodies defense against diabetes, this is why asian populations can be heavily insulin resistant while still relatively lean i.e. TOFI

The guy in the link is not even nearly as obese as the "people" in 600lbs life etc


He was over drinking Coke.
And you can't even spell "retard" correctly.

i bet you also think only fatties get heart attacks

>fizzy drink
God I hate the fucking brits

>2 cans a day minimum
>2 cans a day
is this supposed to be a lot?
I as a child drank like 2 liters of full sugar coke a day for years straight and I'm here now fine, in fact I look younger than my age and my skin and physical condition are well above average.

The guy just had shitty genetics and was obese and that's why he's rotting lmao.

>posting uncooked meat

>is this supposed to be a lot?
In countries other than Amerifat, yes.
>I as a child drank like 2 liters of full sugar coke a day for years straight.
Fuck dude.

It also said he almost exclusively lived off of the stuff, it wasnt just a can a day.

But who would drink full sugar soda when there are sweeteners anyway?

Gosh I wonder if excess sugar consumption and obesity are connected?

geez idk why excess of any macronutrient would lead to excess energy intake and thus obesity, it really boggles the mind

Just some twitter whore, sorry

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I only eat 1 spoon sugar a day in tea. Is that fine? I don't want to rot

Even if you're just counting calories there's literally no reason to drink sugar sodas. A 20 oz bottle of Coke has 230 calories and Dew has 290.
Diet soda has problems too but at least you're not chugging unnecessary calories/carbs/sugar down your fucking throat.

doesn't work like that buddy

Dude this guy isn't even obese. You are retarded if you think only obese people get diabetes. Half the ex-vegan testimonials admit they had pre-diabetes.

Name 1(ONE) problem with diet soda that isn't momscience like ''muh cancer'' ''muh calcium'' that has 0 empirical evidence

I'm not against diet at all. It's just that soda in general can fuck up your teeth if you drink it super often.


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This but unironically

Alright, i'll give you that, Phosphoric Acid will fuck your teeth up permanently

mirin' that vascularity

What in the almighty fuck is this shit. Fuck this gay world in which people like this live.

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Yes, it’s a lot. The correct amount of soda to have is 0 cans. Anything more than that is excessive.