How do i get my girlfriend to start working out Jow Forums?

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its already too late


You have to get one first

This is my gf but she said she isnt happy with the way she looks

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While she's sleeping put a bar on top of her so she to bench it to get out of bed.

Don't make fun of this poor girl, OP.

Come on guys im really trying to help her. She was crying tonight because someone made fun of her size when she was at the grocery store

Im not


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quite literally just offer to take her to the gym or do home body weight workouts with her, you fucking schmuck

Maybe once she decides to chase Chad, she'll do something about herself. I can assure you she probably thinks she's too good for you even as she is now (a fatty) and will NEVER change for YOU. I know this kind of fat thots too well.

Come on man, we've seen this girl posted dozens of times.

Skipping over the question of why your life is so empty that you troll, Jow Forums;
>Why do you do such a low quality, poor effort job of it?

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jesus christ op. can we see what you look like as well?

Put her on a diet, keep her away progressive media, try going to the gym with her, show her the fat threads here, and don’t be fat too.
Or just get a new girlfriend

>the sheer size of them

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okay real shit take her to a gym, work out together the first few times and look up workouts she can do, and get her in touch with a diet coach that way she can get in the habit of eating right.

tl;dr: make her lift heavy and get her to eat right

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unironically this

I've known plenty of girls with that exact look on their face and they were all fat, low IQ coalburners.

She will not change just dump her bro.

Hi her with the "we don't hang out a lot anynore" and then take her to the gym as a way to 'bond'

>Yes I'm British, how did you know

She was married to a black guy but they divorced.

Exercise your personality and your wallet. That is, only if you already have a good face

It’s fixable you tell her, because it is
But it will take work, and it will be hard
Tell her to ignore the shitty people and get into shape for herself and her health
and of course tell her you think she looks good etc all that shit don’t feed the inferiority complex
simple as

Literally everything we do applies to women as well. Just have her do noob shit.

Damn it, OP. 've had just about enough of your rampant, asinine, pathetically derivative and uninspired puerile faggotry.

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Ohohoho who would want to keep this shovel-faced downie?

lol you sure this thing is human

Fuck you kid. One day you'll find someone you love.

>coal burning munter
Why am i not surprised, if OP is legit that he is a hog hunting faggot

Hopefully that kid has higher standards then you.

Mommy milkies

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No amount of diet or exercise can fix her face user.

But if a girl sees you leaving to work out regularly and doesn't think "yeah, I'm gonna ask him if I can come along" then she's probably never going to lose weight.

Stopping attacking her verbally. I literally just came here for help you fucking faggot.

Thats a pretty fucked up thing to say

>asking for help on Estonian tiger-hunting forum

what part about asking how to get your girlfriend to exercise necessitated posting her goblin face?

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>asking for help Finnish anime forum
You and your cow aren't gonna get much help here

I always wanted to pound that goblin ass soon as I saw the bikini pics
She’s hot and needs my load sprayed across her face, badly

Post 'em

If you aren’t trolling the only way to get a girl to do anything (once she loves you) is A) deflection of the negativity and B) reinforce a positive.
First, when she mentions her weight or looks, look at her, listen, and then tell her that you don’t even think about those things. Tell her that what you do think about is her in a sexy gym outfit just coming back from a workout, and how you’d love to penetrate her. Then, every step of the way, praise her and envelop her in your masculine. When she browses gym clothes online, hug her and kiss her, tell her how proud you are. When she buys her first gym membership, listen to her concerns (anxiety, etc) and then tell her that you are excited to come with her on her first day. When you do see her in her gym wear, make sure to penetrate her hard, to reinforce what you said earlier. She will equate your love, masculinity, and penetration to the gym and will stick with it. Always listen to her emotions and don’t offer solutions: just deflect and demonstrate that your love will be forthcoming when she does her duty as your woman.

Source: I turn bitches into servants

your pathetic sperm belongs in a kleenex flushed down the toilet bowl

put a donut at the other end of the treadmill

Bill Burr covered this really well on his podcast. It came up recently on a throwback Thursday episode.

Which number?

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This is pretty good advice.

Was gonna say how she looks like a goblin but it seems i was beaten to it

Let me guess, he didn't want to stay with her when she started gaining weight?
>my literal nigga

Bro why are you nonstop posting this woman in what way has she wronged you

1) ask her to get fit
2) tell her fitness is important and if not you'll leave her
3) leave her
4) find an already fit chick

I remember this thread

Tell her about the other girls that you meet there that you meet up with to teach how to workout.

Imply that these gym girls are not so subtly hitting on you but pretend you are oblivious (but in her mind..its only a matter of time).

Jealousy and insecurity are women's biggest motivators.

I told you it wasn't going to work in the first thread.
Good luck now mate.

Just throw the whole bitch away.
Theres not salvaging on those mutt genetics

Post your body op, only fair desu.