How fucked am I

How fucked am I

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I look very similar with a bit smaller arms. Ive been lifting for around a year on and off. How about you?

Yeah around the same for me. Do you think I look bad? I’m really trying to be consistent

You are posting a pic of yourself on Jow Forums so you clearly have aspergers

you dont look bad at all id have sex with you

Actually I’m pretty sure I have autism
I hope you’re a girl

Looks like you've got wide hips, but also decent shoulders so it's not a death sentence. I would take it easy on the heavy leg workouts, and tighten up your core. You'll look much better with a visible adonis belt.

Swim at least twice a week dude
I looked pretty similar to you before swimming and the fat in my core fucking disappeared after like 3 weeks of 3 hours a week


Hope you like getting picked on by girls and enjoy being able to reach the top shelf at the grocery store

I actually have a pool so I guess I’ll start doing that. What kind of swimming workouts do you recommend
Cool thanks
I’m not that short dude

pls be my bf

Do as much as you can but you should work up to 10 100's (4 laps) with 15 seconds of rest and 3 200's (8 laps) with 30 seconds of rest.
You can start with replacing the 100's with 25's (1 lap) and the 200's with 50's (2 laps) and so forth.
However, the way you burn hella calories in the pool is by continuously swimming, so try to not take breaks in between laps and such. You can lengthen the rest time or even shorten the distances but don't stop in the middle.

Sorry if its a bit much, kind of a swim fag

Absolutely not. You are doing great. Stick to it bro.

You look great user, no bullshit, people are just insecure on this sight, girls would definitely find your arms and big chest attractive, plus you just look plain strong, keep eating clean and lifting, you’ll make it
Also you could unironically pull of bearmode if you were hairier

How tall are you?

You're coming along good, man. Great work. Only thing I'll say is maybe fit in some ab routines in. You'd look better with a bit more core definition imo but then again I'm just a guy on the internet critiquing shirtless pictures of men so what do I know.

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You look great user would fuck.

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Based movie.

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Thanks everyone that encourages me a lot
I’m 5’9

Consider starting to work out. We'll go from there.

Post body

there u go lad

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Now you can start working out.

I’ll start when you start

Not fucked at all. What are your goals?

You look worse than op, you fat fuck.

Dude. Cut. You've obviously got some muscle but fat.

That's what powerlifting looks like, DYELs.

Swimming tips??? I can't figure out how people can just keep swimming the entire 40 meter lenth pool, I can swim maybe 20 meters max, i just can't seem to figure out how to turn my head to breath in air, it always ends up with water in my mouth then I get pissed and I go back to regular cardio

>power fatty tries to mog a DYEL
lol this board

post body

Fuark that's a powerful looking physique. Lifts?

squat: 250kg
diddly: 280kg beltless
bench: 185kg
ohp: 122,5kg

No way

You're getting thick bro. Nice work. I'm a bit worried about body dismorphia since I stopped cutting last week and don't want to be fat again. 165lbs right now and I feel better eating and lifts have gone up. I'm just gonna keep getting thick through winter.