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How you holding up, Jow Forums?

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I’m schizophrenic instead and this day was ok, being depressed sounds easier
cheer yourself up knowing you’re not me!

glad someone took that one user's suggestion on the thread name
shit was hilarious
Anyway I have a date with a girl that I've been on and off crushing on for six years on thursday. Would be stoked if it werent for the fact that I broke up with my girlfriend of almost three years a bit over a week ago. She's in shambles and I can't let her flounder like this and just move on.
But I just shot that first chick a message last saturday when I had a couple drinks in me,
>"Hey are you free thursday?"
>she essentially says "Yeah, why?"
>"Could I take you out for a quick date?"
>"Yes, that would be awesome"
>"Alright, I'll text you sometime this week"
And here we are. I can't wait, boys. I can't believe it's actually happening.
I've been doing bulgarian method on my The Press recently, and I'm getting close to 125 for 5 clean reps (no leg drive at the bottom). If I do it for a little longer I'll be able to hit 135 for a clean 5 reps. Once I'm confident in that I'll probably move onto deadlifts.
It's all coming together, boys.

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I Have a cold
Being sick increases my suicidal tendencies.

I had sex with a munter and feel ashamed

>boy scout
>had a camping trip with my scout club, some norwegian club joined us
>met a 14yo nordic qt there
>liked her a lot, i think she liked me too
>spent a lot of time with her and her twin sister during the trip
>the camp ended
>never seen her again
I recently dug up our old photo from my old stuff and now I can't stop thinking about her

I don't really feel it until I come home. Then the big sad hits, and then I just wanna fucking rope myself. Dreamt last night that I went on a date with a 8.5qtpatootie tomboy, and it was just like when I first went out with her irl for drinks about two years ago. Had to move away for uni, I miss her. Sometimes it still feels like I work out for her.

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Keep up the good fight fellas embrace the fall keep working hard this season don’t get stuck in the mud drive forward. It ain’t easy but you’ll hold up

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Been thinking about seeing the school therapist at college so they can hopefully set me up with my own psych..... keep saying I'm going to do it and book an appointment but I don't. Starting to fail some assignments already this semester Idk if I'm going to make it brehz

Met a girl at a club, danced, kissed, went on 2 more dates with her. I'll be leaving to uni next week so I basically only have one more chance to see her; didn't even get to fuck her yet.

Hold fast friend, if not for yourself than for the preservation of a good future. Get help, there is a strength to be found in admitting vulnerability and seeking council where you falter. You have a place in the phalanx, but not if you will let yourself fall behind. You're going to make it user, I believe in you.

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Better than nothing in ages believe that

Bummed out, I think Jow Forums made me antisemitic. I need to take a break

don't sweat it, there will be soooo many more

I met a cute girl online. She has nice personality, funny and smart(for a girl). We went on two dates and texted a lot. She told me she wants to find a bf asap because she's horny all the time. Then she asked if I would like to be her bf. I said I would love it. Then she said how old she is and asked if it's okay. I was surprised because she looks at least 20. I said I'm not okay because I don't want to be buttfucked by niggers in jail. We agreed to stay friends but she kept bringing up sex all the time so I had to block her.

It's been years since girl was interested in me. I'm so lonely I'm thinking about ending it all every single day. And when something nice finally happened in my life it turned out like this.

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think about killing myself or going on a rampage everyday

Girl who rejected me over the summer is now dating a 300lb mutt. I wanna put a bullet in my head.

What's the fucking point, bros? Why do we do this to ourselves? Is it all worth it? Is it really worth it?

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You were strong enough to do the right thing. I'm proud of you user. You're gonna make it.

>going on a rampage
Stop it, user. I've had similar thoughts. Then I stumbled upon Jordan Peterson on YouTube and he convinced me otherwise. I still want to kill myself but I don't wwnt to drag anyone else with me. Give it a try.

read confessions by st Augustine

I spent ages 13-21 being depressed. It got better. It just takes time

You gotta think what makes you better than a 300lbs mutt bro.
Stop chasing so much let you be the prize. Dont go sad over ugly bitches or dumb people

You faggots are just bored and sad.

You haven't experienced depression.

>What's the fucking point, bros? Why do we do this to ourselves? Is it all worth it? Is it really worth it?
I'm thinking about it all the time. I got noticeable results from lifting but I'm not so delusional as to believe getting ripped will change my life. I'm tempted to drop it and start drinking again. I want to get wasted and not to feel anything.

The point of lifting is to feel physically and mentally better.

Doing it for vanity is fine but your health and strength should be the main motivation.

>Stop chasing so much let you be the prize
But women are incapable of making moves.

I’ve finally started to get more attention from girls which is nice but at the same time I’m still crushed from when I got turned down by the girl I asked out a couple months ago. I don’t see myself getting a second chance anytime soon and I’m not sure how to deal with it.

How old was she, 16?

Damn hang in there bro, but knowing one person who suffers more than you isn't helping, that's like saying "stop being depressed because some kid in africa is starving" it doesn't matter since your life is a lot of different and knowing that won't change the situation what so ever

Slowly unfucking one part of my life after another. Almost not depressed at all anymore.

How do you do that?

Ive almost unfucked mine, but im still sad and empty inside

Couple nights ago went on the first date since my gf left me a month and a half ago. Probably going to go on another with a different girl tonight. I'm not ready, but I'm forcing myself to go on dates anyway. Gf showed up in my dream again last night. I'm hoping to meet one that will make me forget about her.

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Where do you meet girls

Tinder. I wouldn't recommend it.

ive been feeling and eating like shit this past week. uni makes me sad and im having a hard time time finding motivation. completely screwed my sleep schedule up too. i did do a bodyweight OHP a couple days ago which was a huge pr, but you cant press the depression away :(

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Yep you can always say someone else is worse, but with depression you have more available solutions, so that’s more what I was going for
it might only be temporary or if a more permanent thing the drugs aren’t as bad
maybe they are? I’m pretty sure most depressed people aren’t on antipsychotics at some point in their life
look on the bright side was my only real intent

One thing at a time. Started with losing weight, then got social, found more friends, learned social skills from them. Then met a nice girl and asked her out. Then started traveling to participate in my hobby activities internationally.
And now I'm slowly learning guitar and will go to my first waltz class on Wednesday.
Just take it one thing at a time, my friend.

Faggot world is a kill everyone dies

Have you tried doing things that make you feel differently? Like hobbies and stuff?

I guess alright because I think that most people in my situation would have killed themself already.

>lost both parents to cancer
>lost my best friend to a car accident
>havent done anything for uni in the last 2 years
>dont have any more money left so I have to sell my car becuase it has become too expensive for me to keep
>struggling to pay all my debt

I just hope it will get better.

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trying to get into more music similar to pic related
not like the band, more like the vibe of the album

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I had to cut back down to half a tablet of of Celexa since I my appetite was increasing which made it difficult for me to fast

Lifting kinda is my hobby, 5x a week an hour of seldom joy. Thats sadly the only thing that currently brings me happines and gives me a goal. Almost dieted down to the point im not disgusted at myself, now to only reach aesthetics.

Shame, I havent got the time for much else

A trick that worked for me with hospital bills or medical debt here in US was telling the collection agency I wasn’t going to pay for anything they could call me the rest of my life
They then offered to reduce the sum and I went with that
Kinda dirty on my part but they wanted a shitload
So, your back is never truly up against the wall, you can regain your credit score
They cannot take it by force, not yet!

Sorry about your folks that’s horrible to hear, no other way to cut it

I’m on 60 mg fluoxetine a day, which is very high. I’m only 19, but without it, I’d cry every night and was thinking about killing myself

>lost both parents to cancer

This always sucks. My old man died in my arms, never really got completely over that

Posted about this in another thread but...Went out with a really cool girl on Sunday and reckon I left a shit impression by being awkward and clumsy. Texted back and forth a few times afterwards but her latest response was fairly abrupt. Is it worth trying to salvage a 2nd date or should I just move on? She's worth the effort imo but idk if I'm good enough for her

Lifting is NOT a hobby. Never treat it as one. It's just a part of routine, same as eating, taking a shower and cleaning. If you draw pleasure from it- good. But it's not a hobby. Neither is consuming media, whatever it might be. Yes, even books. Hobbies are creative. Find something creative you like and try it. Might be music, might be macaroni art.


If you like her give it a few days, say nothing, then come back asking her out on a 2nd date.

I guess, Ive always wanted to learn to play the guitar, but with uni, work, etc, never had the time. I guess I should just find some time and get to it

Well, I can't speak about that, since I just started last week and haven't gotten any progress so far. But start slow. 10 minutes a day is enough.

I don't even know if I'm depressed, just awkward and miserable as a result. I've applied to join the army so at least I've got something to look forward to and will have a purpose, just need to cut some fat and get better at running, and I quite enjoy the treadmill.

How? It only gets worse for me.

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This nigga is gonna private Pyle himself

Haha. I've watched a few of the phase 1 documentaries and by the looks of it everyone is Pyle.

I'm trying to study marine biology but I think there's something wrong with me. My brain is foggy and my attention constantly drifts. I want to be productive but it seems like the rest of me just wants to lay in bed all day. I'm surprised I can even manage to get up for exercise.

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Also in the older demographics, a large portion of the formerly depressed would have killed themselves, meaning only the happier people are still around

You realize that Pyle didn't die, right? Leonard died and Pyle became Animal Mother. They're the same person.

I doubt animal mother ever cried

I'm gonna say the same i did in the other thread, you are overthinking this. Don't be an insecure bitch, don't be clingy and see where it goes

Lol wait. I thought you said I was gonna be private Pyle himself, not private Pyle myself (kill myself) lmao

He did. There was that moment during the sniper scene, where he kneels down, trying to make himself as small a target as possible and you can glimpse Pyle again. But then he puts on the War Face and charges.

I'm saying that you're gonna kill your current, weak self and become a stone cold badass like Animal Mother. Jesus, man, pay attention to the subtext.

i feel the best when i don't feel anything.
i'd anhero already but i don't want my dog to end up at a shelter.

Yeah I get it now but I misread your first post. Thanks

Cheers brother, ever since I've decided to turn my life around and finally got out of cocoon mode I am happier than ever, more friends than ever, finally talk to women and am generally more confident. We're all gonna make it brah.

> Stopped drinking booze
> Depression went away
Feeling pretty chipper lads

>How you holding up, Jow Forums?

Not well man, going through a rough time lately, it's starting to really sink in that I will be alone forever and it's hitting me real hard

I always knew that I'd be forever alone but I'm now in my mid 20s and settled in to adult life and it's become very real

I've lived in Korea for 2 years now, not a single friend and I don't work here. I have my dog and my wife yet I'm not depressed. I have previously struggled immensely. I have close to 0 social interactions per year but I am still going strong, I wonder why. I work about 4 months per year in another country and when I'm there no social interaction other than work as well. I think that just getting out of the hell-hole that was Sweden and now living in a country were I can't understand politics was enough to lift me up to face any challenge, oh, and also no niggers here.

Made great progress to some goals. Still considering eating that bullet.

The gains we make will never be enough to shoulder the burden of humanity

Really bad desu. My dad has cancer and my whore ex gf cheated on me (and continued into an affair) 3 days after seeing him in hospital. We'd been dating 2.5 years. This was 3 months ago and I'm relapsing back into a negative state. Lifting doesn't even help, feel emasculated by the event and lost tons of strength and size gains thanks to depression so even more low t and emasculated. Would probably Kms if I didn't have a daughter who depends on me. Also am Ill and tired so don't have the mental fortitude to stay positive.

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Oh, and her 'reason' was I wasn't paying her attention anymore (because I was depressed about the fact my dad will probably die this year). And my sister had an affair on her husband of 7 years, and told us the same weekend we saw my dad in hospital. On the plus side, at least I can now join in with the people who hate women on this site.

Feel like giving up. Not because im depressed but because a bunch of health problems that have all happened in the past 2 years.scoliosis, fucked up sleep pattern that i cant seem to fix, keratoconous, celiac... what the fuck am I supposed to do??

YES. We have

>americans unironically go to jail for having sex with underage teens

How the fuck do I find a reason to live if I'm unemployed at age 22 as well as being a complete physical wreck with a lifelong ban on lifting and chronic back pain?

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Prescription opiate painkillers