Just got done first day of labor job

had to breathe in dust and smoke and fumes and god knows what else that shit has to be worse for me than cigarettes i ate a pizza when i got home because i was so depressed and unmotivated to cook up salmon and broccoli my feet hurt so bad i decided im not going to do leg day today i doubt when tomorrow comes ill want to lift than either..what do i do? before if this is it im going to commit suicide

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just man up lmao

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What job? Can you wear a mask or respirator?

Thank god I live in the EU so my workplace is at least somewhat safer.

Welcome, OP

Fun fact: your lung will slowly turn black just by living in a city

It's not worth it. It is NOT worth it to work a job that destroys your health in the long run. Breathing in shit day in and out will absolutely destroy your lungs. I'd rather be a jobless neet my entire life than kill myself working for a shit salary. Thank god I followed Jeff and became a physiotherapist, comfy indoor job of telling people to sit better

I am sorry. But you have to do what says.

No matter how tired or unmotivated you are, you have to stick with your fitness plan and food intake. This is essential. I am in the same position, but what I do is just exercise before sleep and take a cold shower afterwards. Then go to bed. If I didn't exercise, I would pussy out of the job the next day. Many before me did. But I need the money so I cannot give up.

The job will train your feet and endurance. So just focus on everything else. If you can go to the gym, focus on leg workout that doesn't require standing like leg curls for example. The pain in the feet will ease after few days. But you have to be consistent.

If you need motivation just think of the lyrics:
"We are sending you a challenge, it's very clear.
We came to win, that is why we are here.
Demanding to be tested, tested by the best.
Not to be forgotten like all the rest." - Manowar ~ Number 1.

im on the same thing but i was raised by working class parents my mum is the only income provider she works in a factory albeit doesnt have to breathe in shit but still hard work and she doesnt get home until midnighti feel like such a loser and a piece of shit if i quit after my first day i think im going to buckle down and do 4 months save up abit of money and say i gave it a try before i quit idk tho..

Only 50 more years my precious goyim.
Remember to say thank you for this blessed opportunity, and spend your sunday at church praising Our Go-, er, I mean your God for this life.

Save up, go get training, enter a better career field.

She may also have motivation to work because she has children to take care of
I remember my first few jobs were labour jobs & I hated them because I was only working because my parents forced me to as an 18 year old

But as I got older and had to start paying bills at the risk of being homeless, suddenly the hard work didn't feel so bad

Think about why you're doing what you're doing
But at the end of the day, I'm sorry to say, you may just have to man up.

Get out of manual labor as quick as you can. It's not worth it. Being an office cuck is shit as well, but it's not as bad as manual labor.

labour is godtier but you cant be a whinger or youll fuck yourself up. it is only feasible to stay healthy and actually employ the time at work to your benefit if you keep your normal strict regimen. thats still being active on your own time, still keeping training regimen, balance your shedule between cardio, yoga and weightlifting. active rest days with activities, i.e. swimming, climbing, whatever you like. and ofcoure prepare your food so that youre never tempted to chug energy drinks and gulp down pies. you get the idea.

Fuck you talking about? I love manual labour

such as? i have had a shit life i wont bore you with details but i just want to enjoy my life as i know.. lifting..going outside with my 1 friend ..vidya games sometimes and hooking up with sluts on tindr and trannies on grindr i sell drugsmaking 500 a week so its not like im going without

Get used to it and if it’s too fucked up call OSHA or something
>t. 24 year old wage cuck working labor since 16

You live in a dystopian nightmare

learn a skill within the trades dum dum

thats reality

Bro you are such a fucking pussy this is hard to read.

>had to breathe in dust and smoke and fumes and god knows what else
hahaha, I used to work construction. try imagine working with rebar (steel rods) in the middle of august, directly under the burning sun for a good 9 hours a day.

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Hey at least if you get diagnosed with mesothelioma you may be entitled to full compensation

1. Wear a filtration mask. They're cheap as shit.
2. Lift in the mornings before you go to work.
3. Cut down your lifting regime to 3 days/week. Full body.
4. Get more protein.

New jobs are always shit at first, but after a month the pain will subside to a dull throb.

I've worked in like 5 factories.. one was a Dupont factory and I was breathing in the dust from the fibers that was very similar to asbestos and the steam from chemicals used to treat the fiber
It's the price you pay for being a piece of shit with no marketable skills
Doing land care now building fire pits and retaining walls in the mountains, it's tough work shoveling gravel and carrying stones all day but I feel like I have my freedom back being outside

Your feet will get used to it, and you should meal prep or eat healthier take out food while you work and continue applying to better jobs
You got it user, you will be strong and have a good work ethic by the end of it

bet you juat sit on your phone at coffee time as well instead of talking with the boys

its kinda hard for me to give a shit i grow and sell 4 oz of weed a week making 1200 in australia so work isnt really important for me

lol i did

this lol. most of the people I meet on construction sites have fucked up knees and/or backs and/or other, and they dont even know yet what is going on in their lungs. My colleague is 35 and he works with a lifting belt under his jacket because he is in constant pain and he believes the belt keeps his back from buckling in.

whats the legality of weed in Auz?

>I love manual labour

t. lazy hvac tradie

take the honkpill, it's not too late :^ )
also do daily posts it makes my wagecucking more tolerable

>daily posts

Highly recommended. I always felt better venting in wagecuck threads while I was at Target.

It's like group therapy.

>he doesn't know how to make thousands with one simple trick

work your way to a white collar job, or become a NEET.
I seriously don't understand how blue collar labourers can go to the gym at the end of the day. I worked in the post office factory for a while (on my feet the whole day, but not as physically intensive as an actual labour job, max I carried was 16kg box of parcels rarely) and I was SPENT at the end of the day.

why do you type this? do you not immediately see thats a you-issue?