Anyone here ever have parasites? do you bloat constantly like pic related...

anyone here ever have parasites? do you bloat constantly like pic related? i think i got parasites mang but my doctors say they dont do tests for this shit if im otherwise normal because i have no fever or other symptoms of infection. but my stomach is pregnant like all the time and is impossible to suck in, sometimes it feels like theres a volleyball inside. i dont have extra farts so i dont think its gas

what do parasites feel like, anyone here ever get worms or shit?

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I'm also curious on this, I doubt it's parasites though. I've been like this for awhile now even when I'm fasted my gut is abnormally enlarged

you sure you don't have a lactose problem ?

Are there worms in your shit?

What makes you think it's parasites? HAve you tried experimenting with your diet?

You should look into which food causes you bloating. This bloating doesn't have to create farts. Your shit will stink a lot when you take a dump. For me spring onion (I can manage bulb onion well), leek, eggs and milk cause bloating of the stomach.

i dont know, i never get diarreah which is supposed to be the number one symptom. i do get acid reflux a lot though

no never seen worms and never really have abnormal shits

yeah ive tried eating only salads, or cutting out wheat, or meat, or cutting out sugar completely. it seems to always come and go no matter what my diet is. sometimes ill get lucky and wont have it for part of the day, most of the time i wake up and its all bloated

wait are you saying multiple things cause it, not just one food? so eggs and milk both give you bloat?

You're not bloated, you just have astonishingly weak abdominal muscles. Even a pot-bellied fatass can suck his gut in, but inexplicably you can't? Bullshit. You just have profoundly weak abdominal muscles and zero coordination.

i can suck in my gut a little bit but it hurts. it feels like a balloon is in there sometimes if that makes sense. like that feeling you get after you eat a shit ton of food, only my stomach is empty. i can skip eating all day and by the end of the day my stomach is bloated like i ate 2 whole pizzas

I'm not saying in general. I just say for myself. I have tested each food alone on my self. Just eat one food. Wait few hours see what happens. For example, I ate fried eggs, and some vegetables as a side dish (tomato, bell pepper, cucumber). Got bloating. Tried just the vegetables only - no bloating. Tried just eggs, farts all day. I still eat the food but in smaller quantities. I think Plato said that when you fart, you lose a piece of your soul. But another person said "If you fart, that means you are alive."

Milk causes diarrhea for me because I am probably lactose intolerant. But I can eat yogurt all day. So I just purchase high fat yogurt. Cheap chocolate (hazelnut flavor) causes pimples in my case, so I tend to avoid it.

Just experiment with the food you eat. It is different for everyone.

I dont know where you live, but in my country there are plenty of private labs that do every kind of blood/fecal exam and you dont need a doctor's prescription.

I have the same problem as you: i have visible abs but bloated belly. I did a full fecal screening (like 50$) and everything was ok, no blood, no parasites, no inflammation.

Stopped eating dairy, helped a bit but it didnt solve the problem. I came to the conclusion that my body deposits intrabdominal fat (brown fat) instead of normal subcutaneos fat. This, for me, can be due to abnormal cortisol levels (i built up years of stress) and in the long run it led me to IBS

Might be cancer. I'd go to the doc asap

>I dont know where you live, but in my country there are plenty of private labs that do every kind of blood/fecal exam and you dont need a doctor's prescription.
Judging from the OP there's a good chance he lives in the US, where even a simple test in a private clinic might cost him as much as half a year's salary.
It would be cheaper for him to take a week off and travel to the old continent, then go to a hospital there.

Even factoring in the flight, a week of food and lodging, and medical bills, it should still end up costing about a hundredth of what he'd spend getting cured in the US.

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The truth is a lot of guys have your problem and no one really knows what is causing it.

ive noticed this for reflux. there seems to be an epidemic of acid reflux and its not just fat people

Nigga, you pregnant. Nice tiddies, btw

You sound like a schizo


Unironically Yakult 2x a day

I would take a good food allergy test before jumping to parasites

you should see weight loss with parasites

Bruh, as someone who has used parasites to lose weight
No, you don't. Not unless you have a fuck huge amount of tape worms. The bloating from true to life parasites will pass as gas every so hour before bloating begins again

what you have is a beer belly and anterior pelvic tilt

do a prolonged fast (72+ hours) it will flush your intestinal flora

I get this too and all it does is turn me on cause i have this depraved feeder fetish

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I bloat like fuck, it's IBS.

Go buy probiotic tablets or yogurt and try those for a few weeks, you'll feel a lot better.

Nice tits bro, is it a boy or a girl?

jk, do vacuums every night when you go to bed. You'll shrink that bitch soon.

IBS means your intestines are swelling, it's not gas. Try pro-biotics, works for me.


Eat a whole raw carrot per day for 3 weeks

Only eat meat and water for one month. If it's bloat, it will go away.