Does anyone here play rugby to some semi-competent level?

Does anyone here play rugby to some semi-competent level?

Would proficiency in the big three lifts transfer over to rugby even if you've never played?

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Powercleans and deadlifts would be best for carry over. And then honestly a toss up of hamstrings and shoulders to keep feet moving / stiff arms

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Anything that increases strength will transfer over to rugby, but dont expect to be good at it of you've never played before

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Of the various teams that I've played for, the kids with the biggest bench were Medicore to subpar(might be more to do with skills). But the kids that would be able to deliver big hits and stay up were people that had relatively high numbers for dead and Powercleans

>people that had relatively high numbers for dead and Powercleans
I wasn't discounting this, I agree that these are the best indicators.
I mean bench on top of that, someone with a big diddly and PC with a good bench on top?

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depends what you mean by transfer over, I played on a team for years with a couple of guys who play competitively and one guy who has played in the england U20s and they all lifted, a lot of the training was based around weights and sprinting

but coming from experience none of that means shit unless you have an understanding of the rules and some experience actually playing the game, exactly the same as martial arts or just about any other sport

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Looking to train them while doing more specific training will require a specialised routine.
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If you are coming from just lifting to rugby yes the strength is handy but your cardio will be well behind what it needs to be. Especially if you are a bit built and not used to running around for 80 mins. Also if you don't play forwards you are not based

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