Guys I need proven, effective bodybuilding exerciese routines

Guys I need proven, effective bodybuilding exerciese routines.
Sticky is useless

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What I do:

Snatch 8-10x2
Clean and jerk 3-5x(1+1)
Squat 8x3

Power snatch 8-10x2
Power clean and jerk 3-5x(1+1)
Snatch pulls, clean pulls, both heavy 3x3

Max on oly lifts or variations
Rep max on back or front squat

based dyel

Hey guys what do you think about this:
As in exercise variaton, and general idea of power muscle and burn split
I'm new to this

>I'm new to this
read the fucking sticky then

German volume training. Thank me later

Since the sticky is a dead link, I read a cached version of it. It was mostly about weight loss and the benifets of lifting. Very informative, but doesn't answer my question.

push pull legs
push pull push pull push pull legs on pull

This doesn't help at all

Does anybody has that graph comparing 2 times high sets, 3 times and 6 times low sets a week training comparison?


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somebody please post the workout comparison pic with all the routines

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Just do SS faggot


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There are 7 fucking lifting programs in the link that was provided. Do you want to know how I know you won’t make it?

if you're not willing to take an hour to inform yourself, how will you have the self discipline to improve yourself for years to come?

Imagine being this incapable of educating yourself on something as simple as lifting. Just lift retard

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bro splits are literally better than SS.

Start with beginner strength programs and stay on them until your linear progression stops. Then try and hypertrophy to good bodyweight. Then you have to do more complicated programming to increase your lifts after which you can go back to hypertrophy programming.
It's important to lift for both strength and hypertrophy. You're not gonna grow as much as you will lifting heavier weights.
As for what the program is specifically, it doesn't matter. Pick one and do it. Anything works for beginner gains. You'll learn programming via experience and be able to spot a good one and even make your own later when you need to.

Choose based on your training experience.
Alternatively you could try this

Seriously, thanks man.

Thanks a lot, user.

>beginner program
>% of 1RM
fucking hell these are shit

Monday (chest day)
3×20 barbell flat benchpress
3x20 barbell decline benchpress
3x20 barbell incline benchpress
3x20 pec deck
3x20 dumbbell benchpress
3x20 pec flies
AMRAP diamond pushups

Tuesday (arm day)
3x20 concentration curls
3x20 spider curl
3x20 straight barbell curl (strict form)
3x20 cheat curl in squat rack
3x20 preacher curl
3x20 pinwheel curl
3x20 hammer curl
3x20 French press
3x20 tricep kickbacks
3x20 face pulls
3x20 close grip benchpress
3x20 rope pulldowns
3x20 skullcrushers
AMRAP weighted dips

Wednesday (back)
3x20 lat pulldown (wide grip)
3x20 lat pulldown (close grip bar)
3x20 lat pulldown (rope)
3x20 t-bar row
3x20 pendlay row
3x20 good morning
3x20 cable row
AMRAP chinups
AMRAP pullups
AMRAP superman

Thursday (abs)
AMRAP air bike
AMRAP dragon flags
AMRAP crunches
AMRAP plank
AMRAP jackknife situp
AMRAP tornado ball slams
AMRAP Russian twists
AMRAP v-ups
AMRAP ab rollouts
AMRAP medicine ball throwing situps

Friday (legs)
20 minutes on the treadmill at a leisurely pace

Saturday (arm again!)
Repeat arms from Tuesday. Maybe do it for 8 hours, just make sure you take 5 scoops.

Does this train abs?

>"Lastly, despite the name, this training program isn’t for those who are new to lifting (or new lifting properly). Rank beginners will probably find their time best spent learning the big compound lifts first, which is the purpose of this Big 3 Routine. When you’re competent with the bench press, squat and deadlift, come back to this."

That program is linked there if he has no training at all prior to this.

Just do wii fit and zumba.