On 24 days of NoFap

>on 24 days of NoFap
>wake up feeling great for no partiicular reason
>look forward to lifts instead of feeling they're a massive obstacle I have to get through
>more optimistic

Jesus, it couldn't have been this easy all those years could it? I don't think NoFap gives you superpowers, but it certainly takes away your kryptonite.

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How do i maintain strong erections? Had sex on saturday, came twice. No problems at all. Same girl on monday, had a hard time staying hard. What’s going on here?

Did you suffer from porn-induced ED before and if so, how many days of Nofap are you on? It can take me up to 60 days to get a reliable hard chub

nofap is a meme and everyone who falls for it will suffer from erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer

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That happens to me after 3 days nocoom plus fasting

I don’t think so. I lost my virignity a few weeks ago, before that i used to fap a lot. But i had no problems staying hard for 30 minutes or longer, even went round two. Couldn’t cum that easily though, which makes sense because of all the porn. Then the second time was 4 days later, no porn during that time, but i came within 5 minutes while wearing a condom. I think i might be tired but its so humilating not being able to get hard.

How's the weather in Israel rabbi

Meant to respond to you


Just keep it slow hard thrusts for 10 min, then turn on the jackhammer.

Don't fuck like a nigger

Have problems staying hard right now though...

I'd rather die sooner having lived my life than die later still wondering what it is.

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>Day 0 of nofap
>have sex
>work out
>dont base my personality and lfie around if i touch my penis
>dont even think about it until posting itt to BTFO some incel
>live well

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>Daily reminder
NoFap and Coom are both memes pushed by plebbit... The only true way is NoPorn

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NoFap is now a feminist movement.

>“I think the biggest issue is porn,” she says. “Porn is where people go to learn how to have sex, and most of the time the approach to sex in porn is built around the man’s pleasure. Even as a heterosexual woman, porn made me sexualize and objectify women … I also began to think of myself as a sex object, and that my value came from my sex appeal.”

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Damn you can't let go of tugging your dick can you

is nofap okay if you have sex?

>day 4 of nofap
>had a dream about eating an iPad like a poptart
>not sure if related

Yeah but here's the thing. Women need that anyway. They need to be treated like sex objects, in fact they fucking love it. At least, presence of a strong man. So for lifters like us, that makes no difference in the least.

It's pretty much only okay if you have sex

Having sex is perfectly fine. Jerking your dick is fine in moderation, ideally once a a week for those T benefits. Being addicted to porn is not. People choose NoFap simply because it's an easier means of rewiring their brain.

Is pic related any good?
btw die coomer scum

stop reading guardian. they're stupid. pic related.

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my life also improves massively when i dont fap but when i dont i fucking cum in my sleep all the time and soak the sheets. goddamnit

As long as you aren't suffering from PIED sex is very good, if you are your best off waiting til you're okay again

Condom too tight = quicker cum

amazingly good
>because have sex
lmao Jow Forums go home.

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>So for lifters like us,

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>fapped 3 times over an hour and a half period last night
>feel amazing on 3 hours of sleep

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