How do you inject synthol?

Bought a couple hundred dollars worth of synthol, but I'm kind of scared of the injection process. I really want to get huge muscles without killing myself by injecting in the wrong spot.

Please don't judge, btw. I have the right to do what I want with my own body. Also, it would be lulzy to be bigger than a lot of these douchebags at the gym.

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Dumb cunt

Trips just to insult me? What a waste. I want to do synthol, and I would get banned on the bb forums for asking them.

If you seriously consider it, you should inject it to your head, because there's nothing there anyway.

Ha ha, funny. I just think it would be cool as fuck to have huge arms and maybe big pecs too. I'd make all the meatheads at the gym feel insecure unless they are experts and spotting synthol use.

Inject the whole lot into your brain and post the results user

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why are roiders so stupid? i hope you die

Roiders are stupid. I don't want to do roids. They're illegal. Synthol is different.

Seriously, how do you inject synthol? I want good results, and I want to make the gym douches' arms at the gym look like pencils.

>roiders are stupid

Mate, I inject test and at least my muscles are real, not just dangerous shit which will not make you stronger.

>also buying stuff before researching

This has to be bait
You're a fuckwit. Have you considered lifting to get big muscles?

Why would you want to damage your body while also looking like an asshole with synthol?
even a normie can stop that something is not right
absolute b8 right here

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yes, but I'm getting no gains. I can only bench 160, and chest press 230. Most I can curl is maybe 45. Lifting hasn't given me much strength at all. It's a waste of time imo. May as well just inject just to piss meatheads off.

I wish it was b8, but at this point, I am willing to do anything for some gains. Sick of these tiny 15 inch arms. Rather just say fuck it and inject synthol.

Idk what normies think at this point. I just want to go to the gym and fuck with bodybuilders, making them feel insecure about their body.

Lmao just fucking pin test you beta cuck. Its safer and far less likely to fucking destroy your body. If you say so otherwise then you are objectively baiting

Op will you at least live stream it upload a video of when you do it please. I'd be really interested

Enjoy losing your muscle tissue from core

Could you explain to me your thinking process when you decided to buy synthol and not a proper cycle of roids?

It's fucking illegal, I get drug tested at my job, and idk where to get it. Synthol is easy to obtain, cheap, and not illegal.

Wouldn't be a big loss.

I decided to buy it because roids is illegal and hard to obtain.

>It's fucking illegal, I get drug tested at my job,
So this is the 'freedom' Americans love?
feels good to be European

your job isnt testing for roids


Yup. You're baiting.

This is honestly one of the most pathetic posts I've ever seen on Jow Forums. It's like the dude doesn't even want to use steroids -- that's too hard. He wants to inject synthetic shit into his muscles so they just look bigger to spite "meatheads" because "it's funny."

What the fuck bro I'm going to laugh when some dyel kicks your ass at a bar.

They told me that they do.
I would love to use roids, but the obstacles are too great.

I'm guessing at least someone here has synthol experience. I just want help on how to use it. I'm not asking for much.

I assume it's the same as I inject steroids in my muscles.
Read the reddit steroid faq on injecting.

It's really poor bait but this board is full of retards like those that take everything seriously.

I will answer the question anyway because someone might be interested.

This is the most important part when using SEO's. How do you know if you are pinning the right spot if you can't see the muscle?
2: It's not one time operation. Injecting site enhancement oils requires running a protocol and you are basically pinning every spot every single day for a long period.
3: The result is instant but it will go away as soon as your body will break down the oil. To achieve permanent results you need an actual scar tissue buildup and that takes time and effort.
4: Instant results might be appealing to some people but keep in mind that it might end up just looking swollen due to inflammation. It's like with bulking on wet compounds, you will look fat and bloated but the end results are worth it.

>I have the right to do what I want with my own body.
Having a right means someone obligation you dumb cunt
Whose obligation it is to make you take synthol? Why the fuck you think is my obligation to pay for your medical expenses for doing this shit?

Serious question, why do you want to look like a tumour-ridden abomination? You will have both no aesthetics and no strength, and you will probably get cancer or something. Synthol is ultimate retardation. Just use steroids if you are that desperate

enjoy the necrosis you fucking retard.

retards keep bumping obvious b8 thread


thanks man. very interesting

Appreciate it. Hopefully it works out for me.

I know you're just trolling but in case some retard would like to do this:

>Hopefully it works out for me
Not only it won't work but it will only go wrong. Unless you have actual clear and dry muscle you are going to pin blindly a random spot and accuracy while using seo's is number one priority. You pin the wrong spot and you have deformed arm instead of nice tricep sweep.

If your goal is to have Ruki Bazuki you wasted money on synthol (or whatever you bought) becasue those guys and lots of other brazilian subhumans are using just regular oil, not even sterile that cannot be absorbed by your body and this is why their arms are not shrinking. Also, that soft look they get is because the oil is leaking out of muscle and going under the skin. This is what you get when you don't have any muscle mass to hold the oil.

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That shitty form lmao

You don't