SIG/ plastic surgery theard

Who here needs plastic surgery
I'll start

>Hair transplant (obviously)
>Chin implant
>Eyelid fillers
>Loss weight (1st and foremost)

Hbu anons?,
I'm going to start with a trainer tomorrow, on a journey to be the most attractive version of myself I can

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Is that really you?
If so you look like a cheap ricky from trailer park boys impersonator. Also I'd recommend shaving.

Yeah it's me, 5'10 93 kg, fat fuck

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Is there any way to fix a C-shaped face without surgery?

I don't even think it's possible with surgery

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I meant as in face symmetry. My face droops a bit to the right if you draw a line between my eyebrows and though the middle of my mouth.

Post pix

I'd recommend that if you really want to look good off the bat, go clean shaven. At least shave the sides. There's a certain realm of thinking among some guys that there patchy thin facial hair looks good, but it isn't. I used to be that way until I took the shavepill. You'll look more masculine with a shaved defined chin than face pubes.

On the plastic surgery side of things. You really shouldn't get too much into it. I'd only recommend it if you have a deviated septum/broken nose. Otherwise it's a bit too much.
Also, you don't need a hair transplant, I think you're just really self concious. Having a high hairline is just a sign of high T. You look perfectly fine.

My advice is to shave regularly, lose weight (naturally through diet/excercise), and to not be so self concious. Body dysmorphia is a real thing. On the diet end, I'd recommend keto if you haven't tried it.

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what's the point of spending all that money on surgeries if you're gonna walk around with some pubes glued to your face? shave that shit bruh you don't have enough facial hair.

I'll shave after the chin implant

About 3 CC's jaw filler on my right, 2 on my left, cheek bone filler and a nose job should make me a chad. Btw you're doomed

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Oh look, it's this retard again

Not with that tiny lower Third.

You look like a younger version of a Nigerian I know



Jannies clean it up

Clean up self improvement general thread? Alright mr 88.

You are completely normal looking. Any failure in life and women has nothing to do with your face.
You are going to learn it the hard way if you are stupid enough to get cosmetic surgeries

have to make room for the pedo and tranny threads

You're a disgrace to your digits and ancestors.

>starting a /sig/ thread with some faggy plastic surgery shit
Neck yourself

It would be self improvement

Bruh you are handsome unironically no homo
Shave, get on a low calorie, low carb diet and start exercising everyday, no plastic surgery necessary.
If you think plastic surgery will help you get girls, you're in for a shock, perhaps it might be that you're a social retard? Just something to consider.

>implying /sig/ isn't lookism+PUA+other incel shit combined and poorly disguised as Jow Forums

>Who here needs plastic surgery
I doubt any bullied teenage girls post here, OP

>T. This retard