Is latsbrah natty?

Is latsbrah natty?

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Looks natty to me. Very achievable natty anyway.


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Absolutely not lol
The horse faced fuck does cycle off occasionally, but generally he cruises hard

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you realise he gymcels to the extreme, right? he runs his own companies and can basically get as many supplements as his body can handle, not to mention being free every day where he's physically able, to work out.

if he had extremely defined 12-pack abs, then I'd say he wasn't natty, but he clearly has some fat stored (especially now compared to previously).

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these threads and laid threads really open your eyes as to how many people want to fool themselves

>angle, lighting, pump
lol cope

>he's natty because he's not shredded to the bone

Do you have any clue how steroids work? Have you ever taken them? Why would you ever post uninformed opinions lol

He does have prime genetics (just look at this brother) but I'm pretty sure he's been cycling for years. Given his recent political "conversion" though, I'd say he's stopped taking drugs altogether except coffee. And I actually believe him. He fought in an official fight in Germany, wouldn't they screen for steroids there? In any case, he roided years ago. It's silly to deny it.

>being this new
He used to discuss his cycle around 2013.

>durr its just lighting jeff seid said so XDD
dumbass kid lol

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I mean if he was at the size he's at but also shredded he'd be confirmed non-natty, but he clearly has some meat on his bones. would you call bloatloard non-natty just because his biceps has the same circumference as rich (RIP) had with his synthol arms?

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lee priest looked like that at 19, before he touched roids

post body

>here is some money to dance in your underwear surrounded by hot girls in their underwear
>implying you wouldn't

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Yeah you're right, absolutely comparable to bloatlord...


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post body

Here's Lee Priest at 17. He started roiding at 19.

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>he said he wasnt roiding
>he said so it must be true!!!!!!

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I already posted my body in the CBT thread


>he started roiding at 19 because he said so
yeah ok lmao

latsbrah more like lmaobrah lol

And this is me:

now fuck off


You think if IFBB pros never did steroids that they'd look like your average natty? Some people have good genetics, some don't.

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>looking up bodybuilders from before synthesized steroids were a thing
>realize these represented the top tier genetics for building muscle
>make judgments based on these guys
That's about all there is to it guys. jeez.

>And this is me:
So? Just cause you're skinny and can't gain mass doesn't mean anyone bigger than you is roiding.

>fuck off

He would never poison his body with roids


I'm 6'3 at 214 lbs

Hence you're skinny and look dyel in a shirt. I understand why you rage at any man who has some mass on their body. It's all cope.

So lee started roiding at 19?
This is lee at 20, guess he gained about 30kg of pure muscle in a year

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Another of lee 20yo

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this is the image he sells, yes

Doesn't matter , he's a nazi

>can't do math
Post Lee at 19 and what he weighed.

I would imagine Swedish authorities are just frothing at the mouth for whatever excuse they can come up with to put him away at this point

lee is natty, he never roided

Lee at 19 pic.

Lee at 16 vid.

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Is there any actual proof that he started roiding at 19? He's definitely bullshitting

Lee at 17.

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Yea, this is after roiding for 3 years

Bodybuilders who are open about their steroid use look freaky as naturals. That's just how it is. There is no "proof" for you because you have mental barriers and assumptions about what naturals can achieve based on your skeleton physique.

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kek imagine believing this


I’d say so, he isn’t over the top and doesn’t have insane traps. Roiding + lifting as much as he does and he would be much bigger.

> owner of Jötunheim Nutrition
> hobby political and traditional values youtuber
> attending interviews/debates concerning politics/fitness
> loving husband/father
> sick physique
> redpilling the youths

this board is filled with more and more retards i swear

sorry I meant gymrat probably, as in basically just that he works out literally all the time, nonstop. I'm aware of how succesful he is.

You know Ronnie was natural up to 1994?
Go look at his pics from 1991-1993.

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He also literally has a wife and child. As far as practicing what you preach, he's doing better than 99.99% of Jow Forums

youve got to realize that steroids was as normal as candy at that time, even the average soccer moms doing yoga probably did steroids

with the amount of years hes been training, i dont doubt for a second that he could be natty

i was seeing him on several different forums when i was younger too and know for a fact that hes been around for a long time

im a 30 year old boomer

Yeah, because he said so must be true. Holy fuck you are stupid

This nigga is literally like 5'3. That Swedish fuck is around 6' pretty sure

He was on juice here retard

I think he's 6'3, a whole foot taller than the dwarf.