Why do you lift? For me it's twice

Why do you lift? For me it's twice.

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Why the fuck does she look so weird?

Fuck off noseberg

Leave kpop, it has no place in your life.
Since I've stopped consuming korean media my life became so much better.

Went to see them the other day, fantastic show, and the girls are super cute, specially Momo.

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I lift for Momo

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>Lifting for gooks LOL


You wouldn't have to lift for her if you had a good looking face lol.

kpop is fucking cancer leave now OP you degenerate fuck

To get a girl like this you need a perfect face, a great body and tons of cash

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unbelievably based op

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>tons of cash
will generally do the trick desu

For me is iz*one.

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>not lifting for RV

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My gym playlist is just twice+itzy with the occasional blackpink.
Love Foolish is the best song off the new Twice album btw.

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enjoy having ugly ass hapa sons and bloated daughters that will need 50 surgeries to look human

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In contrast to the plastic mutt you posted?

based and dubupilled

she was still cute before all surgeries. Unlike 98% of koreans women

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How do you feel knowing she's a prostitute on the side and will continue to be when her main career ends due to her aging?

This. Some rich chaebol businessman is nailing all those kpop girls.

I was into kpop from 2007 to earlier this year and leaving all that fake shit behind was the best thing ever.