Why do you lift?

Why do you lift?

>pic related

It's so I can hold a duck like this for a long time

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It's a good duck user.

Me too, user

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how about this duck?

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>would you?

How much do ducks weigh?

I want more ducks! They are so cute that I would eat them up for breakfast lunch and dinner.


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Get a better duck.

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depends on the duck

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>he thinks being flamboyant makes you unmoggable

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that's not a duck

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I lift for the scuba tree

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thats a very nice duck. are duck threads back boys?

should I start with rubber ducks or get a duckling and build up strength as it grows

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which ever dont forget to work on your mobility and wrist curls

All natty is the way to go, bro. Those synthetic ducks are just filled with air.

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best duck satan

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Fucking kek

Which one is bad again? External or internal rotation?

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Just don't start with an adult duck. They get irritated quite quickly. Pic related.

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thats a very nice duck user. what about a little juice for the duck.. maybe just run an oral with his feed?

all my duck holding routines have seated wrist curls. place your elbow on your knees and concentrate on the inside of your wrist.. activate your mind mucle connection repeat " i will hold a big duck.. i will hold a big duck"