What are you overcoming bros, share your stories, tips and help

What are you overcoming bros, share your stories, tips and help.

>Less Gaming

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Heres a tip, fuck off dweeb

My gf that I lived with told me she didn't really love me and left last weekend and now it's a struggle to not kill myself lol why even live.

I’ve already eliminated fapping, weed, alcohol and caffeine. Today I’m going to stop smoking. I’m going backcountry camping for a week and simply wont be bringing cigarettes, so I will be forced to quit.

My biggest struggle as always is just my shyness. I’m in an environment where I’m surrounded by people my age and I feel like I’m back to being the awkward, anxious loser I was in high school. I’m trying to overcome it by just forcing myself to talk to people.

epic and awesome, keep up the good work

I realized during lab that my teacher will mostly hang with one click. I'm struggling trying to apply what I learn. I'm now in week 4 and still don't know things from week 1. There is another teacher I can go to so I think I'll be making that switch this morning.

I overcame a big part pf my depression with lifting. Three years ago I was unable to leave my room, to eat, even to do basic body hygiene. I had to go to hospital for a few months and got most of my shit sorted out, fell back a year later and went to hospital again and started lifting after that. I was a barely above 70 kg hungry skelly at 190cm. Lifting taught me that miniscule improvements added constantly over time make for a whole lot of improvement. Lifting makes me eat and drink and shower regularly. And just as I added weight to the bar, I added behaviors and tasks to my live that I were unable to do before. And if I failed I didnt beat myself up and pulled myself deeper into the mud, I “deloaded“ and went again next week. I am at 94 kg shredded bodyweight now and my life is, while not good or fulfilling, at least in order.
Gonna do 3pl8 for 5x5 squat today, wish me success bros

How to over come ocd bros, I somewhat managed to stop doing it in the bedroom and stopped doing my night time routine because it was annoying my gf but I still struggle with it and give in everywhere else

It's shit desu guys, i just can't be happy. i get no women and it feels like everything i ever do is to get them.

i'm not getting bigger and fell like a pussy because of them even after 2 years of lifting i still feel inadequate to thick girls and small in front of naturally bulky guys.

my height is pretty average, about 5'8. these few days i am feeling like everyone around me is fake and i am losing the few friends i had.

everyday i go outside i see sexy ass girls and it makes me sad for some reason, i have tried approaching and approached about 15 women in the last year still nothing. i read shit and take all sorts of red pilled advice, it's still not working.

cancer, but im on life long medication regardless.

>cut my caffeine intake
>stop smoking cigs (not weed dude 420 lmao)
>no porn
>less vidya

>more clean eating
>more water buddeh
>more lifting
>more sleep
>more work

I relapsed on NoFap yesterday after 20 days (not to porn tho). Sucked but I'm gonna give it another go.
I'm already free of alcohol/drugs/smoking and I've been trying to eat better, even if I'm not fat or a twig

I don’t know how to spent my free time and I’m constantly bored. I used to like video games somewhat but tv/series and what not bore the shit out of me.
>Law student
>Work 2 days a week
>Lift, swim, cycle, run & box almost daily
>Casually play chess
>Play bass in a shitty band

Stop making women your endgoal and start doing things for yourself.

I have $2k to my name bout to buy a $500 plane ticket and try to restart my life in a new country before running out of money. If I do then it’s seasonal work in a mall until the end of the year. I’m sure some day I’ll look back on these days fondly but now I’m stressed af

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Haha I really hope someone with halfway acceptable photoshop skills doesn’t turn that image into a coomer meme haha imagine I’d like he had the coomer face and the snake was slightly more phalic and maybe had a dumb frogs face haha oh no I hope that doesn’t happen haha

You're going to make it, keep it up.

bring an asprin/tylenol.
when i quit cigs the nic withdrawal blew my brains out. horrible headaches for days man.
enjoy your camping trip.

I struggle with small penis humiliation (sph) fetish. There are blogs with captioned images of hot girls ridiculing the size of your manhood and even some niche porn videos and JOI mocking your size, but I mostly stick to captioned images (pic related).
Help me anons, my fantasies are all hot girls making fun of my penis and making me masturbate to them. I literally can’t get off to anything now, even after 30 day NoFap streak.

>6.2”x4.5” dick

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Have you discovered the wonderful world of erotic hypnosis?

What country are you going from and going to?

Christ mate. Go full reboot at 120 days of nofap. Delete that satanic shit off of your computer right fucking now

Heroween addiction
It's going okay
Had a nice shot today though

Get hobby like programming, constant grinding and you can get a job through knowledge in that field

As someone else lifting their way out of depression thats great to hear. Crush it nigger you got this