Hi, genius here

Hi, genius here
I know literallly everything

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explain moral relativity, also explain the end of the universe

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>moral relativity
morality aint real fren, it is all social conventions created by certain groups of humans to exert control over others
a manipulation tecnique if you will
it is relative due to the fact that in different times and regions there were different moral codes, all of them were tools of control though

>da end of the universe
we don't even know if what we call the universe is really the universe (i.e. literally everything that exists)

nah, mate. we don't really have questions for you, right?

that is disgusting to say the least user

wrong, i know you have them and i also know what they are
i just enjoy getting you to post them to ME

you are somewhat right on the moral relativity part, however the end of the universe is absolute entropy aka heat death
>we don't even know if what we call the universe is really the universe (i.e. literally everything that exists)
the alternate universe theory has been disproven time and time again and everyone in academia laughs at retards who believe it

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I trusted you.

i'm not talking about alternate universe nibba
i'm talking about the actual size of the universe, it is called the observable universe for a reason

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am i gay or bi? i can't imagine myself in a relationship with a woman but i still find women cute and i look for those traits in boys.

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very low, because you are a faggot

the universe is constantly expanding ever since the big bang, how does size matter in the event of total entropy

what makes a good design for a futa character? is the bulge particularly important?

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Can you give me the number of questions I did right/wrong

first off you are talking about the observable universe, which is indeed expanding, but we are not aware of what else there is beyond our bubble of time and space
also, the definition of universe is kinda retarded, how can everything that exists, that ever existed and ever will exist, expand? Expend in to what?

>thinking intelligence is just knowing facts
That's how we know you're not a genius. I swear to god, to stupid people intelligence is just magic or a super power

why can't you imagine yourself in a relationship with a woman?
The problem with women is that to make a woman good you have to train her like a dog, which is kinda tiresome.

no because knowing it will alter your results

it is the combo of cute face and big dick

intelligence is the ability of your brain to process information, knowledge is just memorized information, but i have both dear faggit

>The problem with women is that to make a woman good you have to train her like a dog, which is kinda tiresome.
that's the reason. i've had little to no issues with boyos compared to women. why bother fucking around with them when i'm attracted to boys aswell and they require no training at all?

it all depends on whether you want kids or not

What's my eyecolor?

How to get most lonely robots gfs?

It's not expanding into anything, because the universe doesn't take up space inside of some other container, space itself is expanding. The distances between galaxies seem to be increasing everywhere at an accelerating rate, and the only thing counteracting the expansion is gravity, which is mostly intragalactic, not intergalactic.

>It's not expanding into anything
but what is that?
how should we conceptualize the lack of space and time that is outside our supposed universe anony

How do I integrate e^(-x^2) with respect to x in elementary functions?

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they don't exist, most supposedly lonely females are full of options unfortunately (whether they aknowledge it or not), and the once who are really out of options are have a combination of mental and physical disabilities that would make them quite undesirable (but even in those cases there are many desperate men especially online).

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math no fair user

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my voice sound robotic, how do i fix?
right now i'm just practicing, singing songs.

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