Lord Lucan edition

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Poley is a bloke, simple as

Waterhead is quite a crude term used for people born with water inside their brain.

You walk into a casino in Macau and see this man at the Baccarat table

Wat do?

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Nigh night ziggeh

I reaIly, realIy, REALLY like this image.

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Standing in wetherapoons at the bar sipping a smooth pint of shipyard.
Just seen the supervisor argue with a customer that they have to have a soft drink to get the price advertised for fish friday.
>If you don't get a soft drink you have to pay 1 pound more.
Customer ends up changing his entire order and the supervisor messes that up aand short changes his 5 quid. Some bizzare situation unfolded where he got loads of change our the til and was like ok you gave me this and i give you that. Customer handed him a 20 pound note and he gave him lile 3.40 change on 11 quid order.
Literally cracking up. It's the little things lads.

You heard it here first, plain and simple. Also does Zeus post here anymore?

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My mum reckons she met Lord Lucan in Goa in the 80s. My Dad says the same confirming the story.

Think he's a kaffir sex slave of the autostic mountain caliph yasim

Look at this SP, the absolute state of her

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reminder that cola told me that she seduced her first man at the age of 8!!!!!!!

Got the look of box office poison about her.

Just imagine getting married to that

Right fuckers.


Well isn't this a disappointment.

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He is Yasin's sweet Gulab Jamun.

>getting mad about a young woman wearing a wig at a hen do

Go outside

Man I'd eat the corn out of her shit.

Would be happier with it just lessened or reduced to when things actually happen, i.e. the police turning up which was worthwhile or that recent video when he walked into town to get a new phone and was talking in great detail about his life - a daily synopsis is too much.
But, I respect the binary and strict nature of the /britfeel/ Strawpoll, and say it stays.

>Maisie Williams, left

Do these cancerous kike journos do their research? Clearly not

It was the daily star

yeah, the daily star of david

No joke my grandad is actually Lord Lucan.
He died 14 years ago. Such a legend he was.

tfw homeless frens


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You can come stay with me SCEA. I have a spare bedroom.

>yeah, the daily star of david

Lads got a fucking stella plan me. So basically, start selling 'paraphernalia' on Dark Net Markets. The act of selling a grinder or bong isn't illegal, people want to use their coin whilst it's on the site and there is minimal risk involved. Could even create starter kits for stoners and so on. Keep it strictly legal though. I'm looking at some now and there are a few, but if I made it a properly established thing with good quality items and decent prices, I could make a good hundred or so a month.

Only three days of work left for me lads.
Then I am off to Leeds this Summer.

Will I get beaten up for a suvvan poncey pooftah?

One of these days, lads. One of these days....

The time is coming. I wish things were different but it's how things are.

Your IP address has been noted by GCHQ m8.

If you were born with no water in your brain you'd be dead though. All things in moderation, lad.

Have to admit, being homeless, jobless (sacked), friendless, family-less, gf-less etc etc etc is actually quite an achievement.

I am proud of this.


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But you can buy those things even on Amazon, right? I'm not asking this to be a dick either but why would they buy it off you if you're keeping it 'strictly legal'?

Litte Mix are vile. Ethnically ambiguous sluts.

Why does he prance around his apartment in his boxers looking like a sweaty mess? Turn the heating off and open some windows. I'd never take a photo of myself looking like such a slob.

I've never heard that term until that lad started saying it last week. I prefer "windowlicker".

why would you go to leeds

They could buy all of it much easier on amazon but i reckon you could sell a bit. Maybe. Don't invest in too mich product.

Gonna have some chinky winky tonight

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You want to come stay with me or not you tosser. 5 bedroom house, your own bathroom, plenty of food, no rent.

im about to have myself a nice corned beef sandwich

>tfw exotic looking gf

>why would you go to leeds
Got a place on a masters course lad.

No but thanks. Sounds too good to be true.

People at my work, in a technical support role, specifically the person who is meant to be the coach don't know the difference between a local device ip and public ip.

>tfw to poor for chinky winky

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>raid my house
>check my hard drive
>realise my buisness is legit and law abiding
>find my child porn
>raid me for that instead
haha I don't actually have child porn however.

People have their coin - vendors especially - that they need to spend in certain ways and can't just withdraw it. They're business is none of my concern, as long as I get paid that's all that matters to me. This is why they don't mind spending a little more than from amazon. Also some people are paranoid and don't want to be traced buying a bong or whatever, not that it matters.

Should mention there is another well established like minded vendor on there but I'll just undercut him waheyy.

>People have their coin - vendors especially - that they need to spend in certain ways and can't just withdraw it.
That's a fair point. Not a bad idea from that perspective.

Shippy's a good lad, so is Tim.


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New table top arrived today lads, going to put it together tomorrow, will keep you all posted

well done lad. proud of you

Leave this place and never return

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People buying stuff off dark net markets prioritise stealth in their packaging so that might be an issue, a baggie can be an innocuous envelope posted through a door but if you add a grinder or a bong into the mix it is a much larger package that they'd likely have to sign for

>People at my work, in a technical support role, specifically the person who is meant to be the coach don't know the difference between a local device ip and public ip.
Kek. That's because they are not nerd virgins and they get laid on the regular!

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Go for m8 we're rooting for you

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It that's your chinky winky order you need to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself some serious questions lad.

I said in the last thread don't become another statisic lad, they couldn't care less. You need to find the strength to fight them if you can. This lad has got the right idea, Ask at your doctors and if they haven't got one ask at the council, there are people to help you.

>spring rolls
>lemon chicken

This is good lad. Well Done. Any clue on the course or you avoiding the doxx lads?

Richie Edwards is preparing to cut his own hair, as he cannot risk Venturing outside to the barber's. A close confidant advised him against this, suggesting the result could be a disaster.

In response he started singing 'things can only get better'

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Why the fuck would you make an offer like that to that sofa stabbing bullshitter? You'd kill him or he'd kill you.

It's only half of it, the other half I'm saving for later I'm actually quite hungry and might just eat the second plate now

i wish i was spooining with chika right now

Lad, you need legs for it not just the top.

This is something to consider lad, cheers. Might need to research methods and so on. I highly doubt they will want to collect it, not that it matters. Might pose as a buyer for the established vendor and ask about it. Originality is my last resort haha. I just want a quick buck.

Cheers boys, early planning phase but I'll make sure to make a special for my /britfeel/ sweethearts waheyyy.

Already got the legs for it lad, but thanks for your concern

Ballsed the quote up, I meant this lad

If ever you need a return address, pop down Poley's address. Worth the financial hit to shift any law enforcement onto him.

Hey. I had sex twice last night and I'm not afraid to brag about it.

Love the idea of Poley getting arrested for something he didn't even do

In the bio of the well established vendor:

"We've been serving our customers since the early days of the original Silk Road, during that time we've been robbed, cheated, raided, and arrested, and we're still here :) We still live and work according to the ideals we loved on Silk Road :)"

I don't want to be robbed, nor raided.

Nah. I like my accent. Just annoying have to deal with these retards

looking to commit a crime lads, which one should I do?

Why get chips lad?
Although saying that in Ireland the chinky winkys do things called spice bags.
Chips chicken balls onion beansprouts cripsy chicken breast all shaken up in herbs and spices. Very good.

Something heinous enough to get you put in a Cat A prison.

i put on a working class accent when i want a working class person to like me there i said it

Because chips are brilliant in normal times, salt and pepper chips and delicious

hmmm try a rape

>tfw working class thinks i am posh
>tfw middle class thinks i am scum
>tfw upper class think i am adorable
i just want to feel like i belong somewhere

>steal a duck from your local pond
>go to tesco
>see how many aisles you clear by kicking it like a rugby ball

Impersonate a police officer

Lucozade bottle - One shot drain cleaner- Your school bully/Someone who wronged you in the past - Aim for the eyes - BOOM

>i put on a working class accent when i want a working class person to like me there i said it
There isn't a single 'working class accent' in England. There are common themes like dropping the 't's and pronouncing the 'a' with a more shot sound, but generally 'working class' accents are just the local regional accent.

My uncle used to do this a lot. They can tell.

Run around naked and tell every one your going to kill yourself that way you get free drugs

Lower middle class 4 lyf brah.
We are the life and soul of this fuckiing country.

Actually no it's the upper class

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>>tfw upper class

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cawww cheeaz faw va info guvnah!
oi downt know wot yaw tawkin abaawt!

The middle classes think everyone is scum apart from other middle and upper class people and there's nothing more rabid than a person who has become middle class after being raised working class.
There is far more to it than your accent, user.

Smoking is the vice of the plebs
Drinking is the vice of the middle class
And gambling? That's the vice of refined gentleman such as myself

i'm not normally into asians but the singer from tricot is VERY pretty

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>he has a vice
For me, it's virtue

what about smoking expensive cigars?

Please don't call it that, it's 2019

>and there's nothing more rabid than a person who has become middle class after being raised working class.
describes my grandparents to a t tbf, and my mum growing up but she grew out of it. was constantly getting told of for dropping ts, sounding like the other kids i went to school with, and acting like a "horrible" child aka working class. it feels dumb complaining about this but class is such a massive part of identity in this country.

>smoking a cig outside William Hill with my 3L of White Storm stashed next to the bin

I am the corporeal form of social mobility, look on my works ye mighty and despair

Shut up baitfuck

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Soon it will be year zero in England.

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