Femanons, how do you feel about the idea of becoming a housewife

Femanons, how do you feel about the idea of becoming a housewife

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women don't want that nowadays , they can't even cook.
I fucking bought an average house and no women wants to just sit at fucking home, atleast I go to hookers.
women are traaaaash

I would prefer to work and have a househusband. but I'm basically a retard so I'm looking at doing suicide.

It's my goal in life

how many kids would you get user

Maybe none, maximum 2

I already am. But I am a neet and not helpful at all.

i want this more than anything in the universe! i want 6 kids and a small house with a garden and my husband to work from home and the closest city be like a million miles away and i want to homeschool our kids and it be really cold outside

>tfw no qt femanon wife
Let me take care of you. All you have to do is cook, take care of the house, and let me fuck you every night.

Honestly I would love to be a househusband and just play vidya all day

>6 kids
you sound cosy, what about 10?
probably a dude baiting, but making enough money and finding a girl like that is my goal for the next 15 years

if not baiting youre peak wife material, pls become qt tradchristian wife

and wash my bras and pants suits

c-can i wash your panties????

I WOULD LIKE 10 KIDS!!! but im in love with my ex boyfriend! and im waiting for him to like me again!

only if you know how to do a proper delicate load of laundry

brb going to pantie washing school

My loads are anything but delicate, love

My wife likes the idea but I don't make enough to for us to live on a single paycheck. Maybe in a few years

I would do all of the house work as long as you are bringing in enough money to feed me and buy me things

I work too much but I'd be happy to take a house husband and support him.