Do whites really make this face?

Do whites really make this face?

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No, these images are all photoshopped.

Yes, we actually have classes to learn other faces in preschool, but we are born with this one

It's what we do when we see uppity minorities but don't feel the need to defend ourselves yet

Seen an asian person make this face a few days back


The "I don't like negroes but I'll play along for long enough to avoid going to for hate facts" face? Yes

Westernized asians are white.

Yes. I'm hapa but my white side probably makes my face bend like this whenever I see something that I do not really approve of.

Why? Can't blacks make this face?
Not surprising desu seeing as you can't blush as well.

Why are you all making this face in response to blacks, i make this face when other whites make eye contact with me

I'm black and this SJW white girl I work with gives me this look all the time

Goddamn uppity asians.

With their non plussed expressions. I'm so MAD

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It's the "you are fucking wrong but I don't want to come to blows with you" face. You're mansplaining to her and she can't check your priviledge because that'd be racist.

If you show your teeth to the negro, he may take it as a threat display and attack.

Yes it's the face of disappointment at a day ruined when you see non-whites. Not sure why they interpret it is an awkward smile. Maybe because of

>Do whites really make this face?
Not just whites.

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Everyone makes that face. It's the universal face of "whelp, guess I'm fucked".

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that's why they all vote democrat

Why don't humans have black skin?

Why are whites so sensitive and turn to racism whenever someone makes a joke about them?

Natalie is so damn cute