Be a teenager

>be a teenager
>everyone's partying, getting drunk and having sex
>meh, don't care, I'm too good for this shit
>now in my late 20's
>see all these young people having fun
>get a heart ache knowing it's too late for me to experience those things

you were never cool by being an outcast, you were just a weirdo that everybody forgot

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I feel the exact same way as you, user. This is awful.

Unlike you I didn't avoid parties because I was trying to be cool, but because that's actually how I really felt. I never want to go back to high school because my life style is much easier to live when I have tons of disposable income for my hobbies.


original batman

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>be a teenager
>everyone's partying, getting drunk and having sex
>too socially autistic to join them
>due to multiple powertrips decide to start my own group and go do those things
>make a group of autismos and spergs, literal outcasts that were rejected by everyone else
>realise we never had a chance and embrace it
>we save money to buy dnd campaings
>sometimes get drunk
>sometimes do drugs
>now in my late 20's
>see all these young people having fun
>get frustrated
>realise I had those things too just in another, more autistical way
>look up various chads and stacies from highschool
>all of them are doing shit at life, borderline coalburners and burnouts
being an outcast was the best decision I ever made, sure everyone forgot me and my group of literally whos and we don't talk anymore but I don't look back to my high school years with frustration

>they were forming drug-assisted human relationships that you were too scared to ever have

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1. Alcohol is disgusting
2. Sex with strangers is over-rated, you're better off finding someone. Sex with someone you love is way better. If not, just use hookers.
3. You can still party and drink in your late 20's (most people do, in fact)
4. You can still go to teenie-bopper parties in your late 20s and nobody will notice

1.alcohol is actually tasty if you find something you like and don't drink just for the sake of getting shitfaced, for me it was gin
2. >love
3. sure you can party and drink in your late 20s but the hangovers last for days so you can only do it in weekends
4. thats creepy

>alcohol is actually tasty

Wrong. Try drinking ethanol straight and tell me you still think it's tasty. You're just a drug addict of the lowest order who has to convince himself that "I DO IT FOR THE TASTE"

it's fun if you drink in moderation
nothing wrong with casual sex, it's fun and good for experience points, it takes too long to find "someone you love', love is a myth
women are ugly as fuck at that age and boomers are boring
they probably will notice you and think you're a rapist/serial killer

You clearly arent mature enough to understand the consequences of those kind if life choices

Most of those people are miserable fat fucks that got drunk and knocked up some stupid slut thats incapable of emotion investments and searching for the next fad

bullshit, most normies that I know of who did those "dumb" things have normal lives now and I, who was always a shy introverted kid, ended up a neet with no future

if you can party you have social skills and social skills are very important to survival

>tfw you hit the male wall (23) and never got to go to parties or have sex
Well that's my one life wasted lol, guess I'll just not be depressed about it since normies will just say it's not that great or whatever.

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I drink it only and only for the taste and I don't drink any other kind of alcohol except gin, if I was 'addicted' I would probably be chugging every single type I could get my hands on but I simply don't like them

>Be a teenager
>See people partying
>Try it, go to nightclubs, bars and others normalfag-dwelling places.
>Hate it, too loud, too expensive, too vulgar
>Avoid it like hell
>Now in my mid 20's
>See all these decadents having mindless hedonistic fun
>Get sad knowing most people are like that and decent human beings are rare.

You aren't a robot OP, you're just a failed normie longing for what the others do.

Yeah there might have been a chance you became miserable like a small minority of normies with fulfilling social lives, but only a hundred percent chance of being miserable when you are an outcast incel freak who miissed out on all the fun things in life. Hey you might have accidentally knocked up a girl doesn't that sound awful!! What is birth control and abortions and being a virgin until your 30s.
Normie platitudes are just the worst. Well ackshually partying and having friends and sex isn't that great you might have been one of those 1% of people who was stuck with a kid at 20. BAWWW GETTING DRUNK AND KNOCKING UP GIRLS DOESN;T THAT SOUND HORRIBLE WOULDN;T YOU MUCH RATHER BE A SHUT IN NEET INKEL WITHOUT A SINGLE FRIEND AND HIT THE MALE WALL WITHOUT PARTYING OR HAVING GFS WAAAHHAAB AHAHAHAHA
Normies are sooo stupid. Nice of you to have your opening statement shame and judge people while being about how much more mature you are than us because you like so totally understand some of the people who party will like have something bad happen to them. Meanwhile r9k inkels are shooting themselves in the head. Fuck off bitch.

>Try drinking ethanol straight and tell me you still think it's tasty.
You're a retard m8.
>I like spicy food, it's tasty
>Wrong, Try eating pur capsaicin straight and tell me you still think it's tasty.
You're a simple retard.

>Try it, go to nightclubs, bars and others normalfag-dwelling places.
>going to parties alone
that was your mistake idiot, people go there with their friends to fuck around and have a good time

>never partied in high school
>20yo now and recently befriended giga-chad who takes me to parties
>study his behavior and hope I'll evolve

normies be like partying is self destructive baw, while neet incels drink themselves to sleep and slit their wrists and have depression 24/7. Having friends to drink and game with instead of doing that alone in your room and having sex with cute girls instead of masturbating and talking to people who aren't Jow Forums. Wow that all sounds so horrible, what if a meteor lands on you think about the bad things lol.
Normie platitudes are such horseshit, t. hitting the male wall and never got to party or fuck and now chronic depression and low confidence and self esteem, honestly people under 20 reading this post go outside and literally LITERALLY HAVE SEX.

>meh, don't care, im too good for this shit
no you're just a fucking low-energy loser with an absence of personality so the whole "actually living an enjoyable life" thing doesn't work out for you.
>too late to experience things
yep, you're fucked

why are you on Jow Forums if it's not mindless hedonistic fun though? decent human beings aren't sitting at home much.

why are you attacking? i've already acknowledged that, lmao

>that was your mistake idiot, people go there with their friends to fuck around and have a good time
Hmm, forgot to say i have friends and was even quite pretty popular.
Even now, if i want to go out this evening, i could find at least 10 people wanting me to join them.
Sometimes you can have interesting conversations.
And i don't post often, when i see a good thread, i post and update it while doing something else.
And some boards are genuinely good.

>interesting conversations
sounds hedonistic, and this is what people do at parties and at bars. you're wicked dumb bru.

I never understood the logic of people who thought they were compensating for a shit social life with some high IQ hobby (muh philosophy XD). usually they just didn't do anything, and some sub-group with an active social life were the ones who actually had that hobby. like even MTG nerd fags are always going to events and meetups together. Besides networking and basic human expression, going out is down time. I remember the weird loners made it sound like going out was a full time commitment or affected your normal life.

>male wall
What is this roastie meme

Went to a ton of parties, never drank or did drugs until i was 23 though.

True master race is getting into weed in your 20s when your life is already set up

>sounds hedonistic, and this is what people do at parties and at bars. you're wicked dumb bru.
So learning new informations, debating some ideological opinions and such is hedonist?
Please go look at the definition of the word please.
And at parties, people mostly talk about others people or do some banter and joke around (and only sometimes have good discussions at the end of the night when only a few remains).

yes, it is. people mostly do the banter and the joke here too. it's fine however you want to do it, it's your life.

And you can also banter and joke with people IRL without necessarily going to a club or whatever.
I mostly chill with my friends in nature, like in woods or around some lakes and nothing is better than having a good evening with a few people in the middle of nowhere with homemade booze.

I'm 19 and I've been to a few nightclubs with my friends. Nobody does anything. Some sit and smoke weed/cigars, some dance, and others (like me) get drunk. We all just shuffle from side to side to the beat of the music and then leave with empty wallets. Some of my friends tell me they hook up with girls at parties I missed but it has never happened while I was there.

You're all feeling understandably bitter and left out. That's ok, it's not for everybody.

yeah just get invited to parties by all those non-existent friends you have.

Knew a major autist like that. Guy was so fucking pompous, one of those kids desperate to show how mature he was even as a kid. I remember how his dad took him to an ale festival because he wanted to seem refined and not like a typical drunk teenager. Didn't like a thing he drank (no wonder, ale is piss), wasted his dad's money.
Meanwhile I was going to the house of a lesbian friend, drinking vodka and then going to bars with her underaged.

Literally no one thought he was cool for being up his own ass. He also had a bad habit of muttering shit under his breath if anyone insulted him or made a joke at his expense but would never repeat it if you told him you didn't hear