Do traps and femboys make Jow Forums doubt their heterosexuality?

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There's nothing to doubt really, my gf feminizes and dominates me, I'm not gay.

>feminizes me

user, that is...

But you are a normie, so get out.

Not really. I only like vagina-owning girls. I've been here for many years and it hasn't changed.

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I hooked up with one so no

nah i accept that's i'm a massive homo and fellow femboy trap

Yes i was completely straight when i started posting on this board and I've been slowly corrupted.

>Always jerk to straight porn
>See traps on Jow Forums but have no interest
>Start jerking to traps, but only the most feminine ones
>Standards slip, they don't have to be that feminine any more
>Start jerking to femboys and sissies, but only if they're cute and girly
>Jerk it to any kind of boy in girl clothes
>Start getting turned on looking at normal guys in the street and thinking about them dressed as a girl

What's next? I'll probably start getting attracted to normal non feminized guys.

Only anime ones. 99% of traps irl just look like males wearing wigs.

It gets better user, soon you will embrace being bisexual and not feel bad about it at all. Used to be digusted that I jerked to traps but now I don't really mind, as long as you are still attracted to girls it just makes you're fine

Nah, I always HD the mindset that if it's cute I'll fuck it.
It's just that now I can consider some guys cute enough to fuck them.
But trans are abominations

Nah, I still lack a desire to fuck anything.

I've been fapping only to shemale porn for 11 years nearly so no. Still never fucked one though feels bad

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>user, that is...

you fuckers made me bi and i can't thank you enough, my life has gotten better ever since i started talking with boys and exchanging nudes of my soft body with them. women would find my genetics undesirable but with boys it's a completly different story.

They didn't make me doubt my heterosexuality. They made me lose my heterosexuality.
Now I can't get enough of them and while I still like girls I also can't help but get lustful around cuteboys now too~

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No. Traps are obviously appealing because they adopt traits that heteros find attractive, I doubt my sexuality because I like to fap to big dicks.

Then stop appropriating astolfo. He is ours.

>99% of traps irl just look like males wearing wigs
You realize that means they are not traps then right? Do you even know what trap means?!

Liking traps doesn't make you gay or bisexual. It's normal for straight men to like dick.

If they look hyper feminine it's ok I guess, the dosen't bother me as long as they don't try to do anything with it to me.

>Then stop appropriating astolfo.
As far as I know he was never canonically shown to have a dick. But I don't care about canon anyway.

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Astolfo is too cute to be female

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I dont because Im not a subhuman faggot. Also a reminder that fags only deserve the rope

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no they just throw me into a bloodthirsty rage