How can a robot get drugs?

How can I find my local drug dealer in London if I have no friends? Can I find dealers online? Especially want to try psychedelics.

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don't you know the qu'ran forbids drugs achmed

When I moved I just asked random black people in my area until i found a dealer. Usually if they have good shoes and no tattoos they won't mug you and still know a good dealer

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same but for dublin ireland

Different things to try:
1) The deep dark interwebs.
2) Walk up to the first chav you see and ask.
3) Go to a bar and ask some of the people outside when they're taking a cigarette.
4) Ask a couple people inside your apartment building if they know anyone. Usually in London everybody is up to something and you may get lucky - tip: everybody knows somebody that knows somebody.

local to where

Grindr almost every twink or sissy on there does drugs they are easy to talk to literally just ask and the bonus is you can fuck their boicunts

This. You can easily recognize them.

I think you will need to go out its the easiest. I just got some speed and will do a line for you

Thanks for advice all. I give em a shot.

Currently in Hammersmith..

you got discord?

desu for psychedelics darknet's the way to go regardless

No but I'll make one desu.

London is absolutely filled with drugs, basically impossible not to find some kind of "hook up"
I'm a complete shut in who only goes outside either for work or a few times a year to meet some old friends from school and I still have several numbers in my phone
If you just walk through parks in the evening someone will try to sell you something, in fact that's why I don't /nightwalk/ anymore.
just buy LSD on the spookyweb now, but my first shrooms experience required me going to buy them in person and it was an incedibly awkward and concerning experience


I'll go on a night walk tonight and see if I can find anyone but have a few questions.
>What attire should I wear?
>Will my small dog put them off?
>Will they come to me or do I go to them?

Walk through park, dog is fine actually a good excuse to be walking around the park after dark
Find someone youngish, male and "ethnic" looking, and just give a head nod/ "what's up" and hope they ask if you want drugs.

It's unlikely to wokr most of the time, but if you're walking the dog anyway it's worth a try.

Oh yeah, probably not important what you wear. I dress like a nice smart boy and still get these degenerates propositioning me

Robots shouldn't do psychedelics. You are just going to traumatize yourself

I think robots are the people who need psychedelics the most (excluding the ones with clear signs of schizophrenia)

true, do mdma instead and cure your trauma

Its easy just ask people on hookup apps like tindr or grindr or something. Or buy from a online market.

Thanks will give a try.

My friend uses Grindr but then again he likes getting his dick sucked by dudes

Hookup apps just straight up ask I've heard of people using Grindr for this and Tinder but mostly Grindr

Damit I'm not gay. Girls are just too cute.

I didn't say go on there to fuck a dude just look for drugs


Seriously just fucking kill yourself dude

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Do what I do and get high on cough medicine, the ol' cybershaman way