What is more depressive in your opinion: being a miserable wagie or being a miserable NEET?

What is more depressive in your opinion: being a miserable wagie or being a miserable NEET?

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t. wagie

Wagies get bullied on top of their depression.


A wagie living at home has dat disposable income that makes it bearable.

I mean, if they're both miserable, then yea wagie at least has money.

wagie lol, as a NEET you have actual choices, just because you sit on your swamp ass all day and furiously fap to 2hu imagedumps in /jp/ doesn't mean you can't do other things
T. NEET who has been into /out/ recently

What do you tell people when they inevitably ask /whatdoyoudo/

Being a NEET is amazing. Being a miserable wagie working for barely enough to survive is the worst hell imaginable.

miserable poorfag neet is worse, is right

t. ex-broke neet converted to wagie

I prefer being a wagie but I have a comfy job.

people? what people? the greocery store lady? the squirrels in the forest? I dont talk to people, and if by chance anyone asks me what I do I tell them im a real estate agent because my only source of income is a flat that im renting for an exorbitant ammount of money while im living in a smaller flat

>disposable income
Does not exist unless you meet the following requirements:
1. cost of living is less than half of your monthly income (rent + utilities + food etc)
2. No outstanding debts
3. No financial dependents (kids, alimony, supporting an elderly relative, etc)
4. Savings in excess of $5000 so you can absorb sudden disasters with some amount of safety

If these all apply to you then you actually do have spare income to throw at whatever you want.

>sudden disasters
what, is my roof gonna fall on me? I have 50 bucks as my 'emergency savings', I used to have 80 but I had to spend 30 when one of my door knobs broke and that was 3 years ago

Like having your appendix burst and needing to go to the hospital. Or getting in a car accident. Or your mother dies and you have to pay for the funeral. Shit like that. Shit can be expensive, having a good safety net is essential if you don't want to be ruined.

>Like having your appendix burst and needing to go to the hospital
dude if your appendix burts you just die straight up, also healthcare
>Or getting in a car accident
I don't drive, I walk, 100% of the time, haven't been in a car since 2008
>Or your mother dies and you have to pay for the funeral
she got that shit sorted up, gravestone coffin and all, all I need is to sign some papers at the funerary agency
my point is, I got everything on every front covered, there hasn't been a thing yet that life threw at me that I couldn't solve without spending a dime, I have a strong belief that the more you think about bad shit happening to you, the more its actually gonna happen so I simply don't think too much, that doesn't mean if I see a pipe about to bust I don't get that shit fixed up

Sounds cool. How did you get the flat?

inherited it from my old man, its the only thing he left me and my mother, also a lot of family drama since he called her a bitch on his deathbed but hey I got the flat and she remained in the house where I lived with her before

Why the fuck would I be miserable if I'm NEET?

because you sit on your chair 12 hours plus a day and do nothing productive? its basically watching life slipping through your fingers

That's a stupid question wagie of course

>miserable and poor

user being a wagie living paycheck to paycheck isn't exactly being rich, also most NEETs get solid neetbux

by being a neet, you can be miserable by yourself.
as a wagie, you have to be miserable around others.
fuck my life

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go to sleep goyim mr shekelberg has big plans for you tomorrown

>dude if your appendix burts you just die straight up
And yet I'm still alive, funny that.
>also healthcare
If your insurance covers it (mine did), it doesn't cover time spent not working or additional expenses you will incur for not being able-bodied. This is also what makes having a very bad injury expensive. If you have good insurance you won't be out too much from the treatment, but if you can't get to work then you are losing out on income.
>I don't drive, I walk,
Which just means car accidents are more likely to be fatal to you. Protip: the real danger of cars is you can't control or predict everybody else on the road. Your only safe bet is to avoid going near roads at all.
>she got that shit sorted up, gravestone coffin and all
Lucky you, I wasn't so lucky. Funerals are expensive.

And those were just three examples I pulled because they actually happened to me. Owning a home also increases expenses. Being injured creates many expenses.

exatcly i'm saying being a wagie is worse

I forgot the actual OP and thought it was 'whats better' not 'whats worse', I feel like a retard now

Depends on personality/personal preferences I guess. They both have shitty parts but it's about what bothers you less imo.

OP here whats worse/miserable is what I meant