>tfw just starting to lose hair on the corners

Why is life so unfair?

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Nigger I started balding at 16.

Dress like Nosferatu, chicks love that.

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Call your doctor and get a fin prescription bewfore it's too late

Doesn't that shit fuck with your hormones? Don't wanna be a beta

how worthless do your genes have to be for this to happen lmoa

I have a bald spot that was big when I was 20. There's nothing unfair about it, most people don't care. If your hair is a big part of your personality, get the drugs. But it will maybe make you less horny.

>girls think you're more badass
>free haircuts and cheap maintenance overall
>completely normal for like 20-30% of society

Not sure about your hormones, but it "could" fuck with you drive and being able to cum.
Thankfully my dick still works fine. I honestly didn't care, cause I used to take SSRIs for anxiety so I was used to not being able to fap and cum. Can't grow a beard, so have a full head of thick luscious hair is all I have going for me.

I am 20 and my hairline is fucked. Getting on finasteride soon

Nice man. Glad it worked out for you.

going bald made me miserable for a long time. then i realized even when i had hair women didn't give a shit about me because im just an ugly creepo, so it didn't matter and i just buzzed it off and haven't looked back. im glad i dont have to constantly worry about what my retarded fucking hair looks like, i just dont give a shit anymore.

I'm 29 and experiencing the same OP, my plan is to nearly shave the sides of my head to style the top of my hair, maybe into a faux hawk, that way the receding corners are less noticeable

losing hair in the corners
losing hair in the spotlight
losing my hairline

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The quicker you come to terms with it the easier the process will be. Start investing in acme hat inc.

That's the plan, man. I don't do faux hawk shit but it's like a undercut. They always cut it way to fucking short though. I seriously don't know what picture to use to get my point across to the barber. I have wavy hair.

i'm 25 now and i've been bald since I was 20
suck it up, it won't get better

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>balding for 7 years since 2012
>barely manageable with a comb-over (well actually not but ok)
>Have only a few years left before even the comb-over meme is over
Fuck it, I'm gonna take the risk and get on fin. I shouldve done that years ago but was too much of a pussy. I swear i think i want a head full of hair rather than being able to jizz.

Just shave, user. Don't fight it, those who do it make it worse. Embrace the baldness, go to the gym, get buffed. You'll see it with another point of view.

I'm 32 and mostly bald. Who gives a shit?
Stop worrying about your looks so much. It's bitch behavior.

same, i don't know how much time i have left being 19 yr old

don't worry it only matter whats inside

>Don't fight it, those who do it make it worse
its not even that it makes it worse. 95% of the guys who try to fight it are just too far gone for it to make any real difference. they're using all this fucking crap to hold onto hair that already looks like shit and their excuse is "i dont want it to look shitter." yea...you already look like shit, it doesn't matter.

I went completely bald at 19, I've been using the same bottle of shampoo for over a year now. Embrace your hairlessness, lots of women find it attractive.

I know but being a bitch makes me feel like I'm still a kid.

>please tell me I'm still young, I'm fragile.

Just go bald, set yourself free. Bald men are confident.

it's time to let go, user
your bald brothers are waiting for you

I'd love to you guys, but it's not even that bad yet..

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Perfect time to shave it off

>fin prescription
>grow mantits
>lose dick
>these can be permanent
yeah i'll take shaving over this any day

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>hair is already thin and obvious as fuck that i'm balding
>also ugly, manlet and fat
Some people aren't meant to be happy I guess

Took fin 3 years ago for a few months, nowadays I have a severe case of limp dick, sometimes even 100mg of viagra won't get it up

Being bald in your thirties is not that miserable.
I started balding at 18 and it became unfixable by a comb over at 20. I am now 21 and i shave it every week. I just accepted the compromised state of living i live and will gonna live