Just got diagnosed with testicular cancer

I don't know what to say but I hope you're all having a better day

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Don't worry brother. It is one of the most curable cancers in existence. You will be just fine. Keep strong.

After they remove your testicles take estrogen and transition into a girl also gl senpai

Awe nuts!

That really sucks. Hopefully it was caught early on and won't metastasize.

Good luck, user.

I have small lump on my right testicle.It is cancer?

Get it checked out immediately.

go get checked user, seriously. tumours in your nutsack don't always hurt/feel of anything.

But I am too shy and my urologist winked on me last time.

My greatest fear is becoming infertile. I could lose a limb, or lose an eye. Doesn't matter, you can be happy. But infertility takes away your deepest ability, namely to procreate.

OP, if you have a kiddy wish, consider storing your spunk. It's expensive as fuck but may be worth it.

I have a mole on my left nut, once when I was younger one of the nurses said to be carefull when having sex because damaging it may lead to some form of cancer, little did she know that the chances of that would be 0

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user, just do it. The risk of teticular cancer is greater. Trust me, it'll be worth it.

Alright then...
As my grandma used to say, health first

Best of luck, user. Hope you'll be fine.

Freeze some of your cum at a spermbank before you get your cancer balls snipped off

This is straight out of a Dr. Shaym animation.

being a eunuch ain't so bad user

sorry dude...that really sucks....

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What stage? Is it metastasized? If they caught it early, you should probably be okay. And if it is treatable, at least look on the bright side. You'll be able to garner sympathy points for the rest of your life as a #cancersurvivor.

Stay strong friend, I don't have much to add that others haven't. Life throws some or a lot of shit at you sometimes but you'll make it.

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Ask for PNC-27 as a treatment, before you decide to become a eunuch.

Welcome to the cancer club brotherrrrrrrr here are some helpful tips
>pray that it hasn't spread because once you hit stage 4 you're technically incurable (they can scour the cancer from your body but can't guarantee it won't come back)
>we are living in the immunotherapy revolution, the biggest shakeup in cancer treatment for generations--but your insurance probably doesn't cover it
>seriously look at your insurance right the fuck now and it better be up to snuff because you are gonna milk that company for all they have
>being on Jow Forums you are probably a small child compared to other cancer patients. This means you already have a massive boost in life expectancy
>for more on that last point see people.umass.edu/biep540w/pdf/Stephen Jay Gould.pdf
Every type of cancer is extremely different so I can't offer more pointed advice.

Praying for you OP.
Im serious btw