Letter shit bread

Letter shit bread
Write something to someone whatever it is faggit
Ultimetly life is meaningless and nobody really gives a shit about you besides the utilitarian value that you provide to them, concepts like love and altruism are merely delusions and hide egoistical motives.

Dear hole,
i still remember you for some reason, it is possibly due to the fact that i rarely interact with other humans and that my libido is very high. Anyway i kinda wonder what other dramma happened to you, cause i sure did enjoy all the previous bs, it gave me so many keks. Though deep inside my brain i still wish to insert my peepee inside you and use you to produce my progeny, despite of how unrealistic it is.

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if i feel love, its love. if im altruistic, its altruism. life has meaning because i've given it meaning. why do you want to strip yourself of your agency? This reductionist logic, while coherent, doesn't translate into a practical application or capture the reflection of lived lives

agency is an illusion, and is quite often used to guilt trip and thus manipulte people into behaving according to the utility of somebody else
now in regards to practical applications, i suppose my world view is the most accurate, it's utility is that it helps me avoid potentially damaging delusions

blah blah blah anyway

Dear .
I fucked up my thought patterns and fell for addictions with no compatibility in today's world. Sadly I waited too long to fix these issues and it will be too late to fix them, very soon. There is genuinely not one thing I find likeable about my self. Thus the conclusion would be me not longing for this world, which I am ok with. Maybe this physical embodiment isn't the end and once we free our selves of it, then maybe we enter a new reality. Hopefully.

>Maybe this physical embodiment isn't the end and once we free our selves of it
Does this also apply to the bug that i just killed?

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I wish I could find a a girl that was more personally attractive and appealing to my personal physical tastes than you, and I feel like a vapid scumbag for being unable to forget about you because of it among other things. it just makes me wish I never had that e-relationship with you, so that I wouldn't feel bad about being less attracted to whoever I end up with (if anyone).

Well yes. Why wouldn't it? This is the physical dimension where things have mass. xyz and such.

Dear Old Friend,

It's been a long time since I've seen you, and I'll likely never see you again. I'll likely never speak to you again. I am no longer apart of your life. I wish I was. I wish you would just tell me what it was I did wrong. I wish I could fix everything. But I can't, and I have to accept that. There is no fixing it. I stressed you out. I made you sad. I wasn't trying to, and I'm sorry.
Just know that no matter what, I will never forget you, and I will never not love you. I hope that one day you will look back on the times we had together and the conversations we had and smile. Please never stop pursuing your passions. Never give up. I believe in you. I love you.

you're combining agency with coercion here - that people exploit anothers sense of what agency means to their own ends isn't intrinsic to the operation of agency as a concept. when you say accuracy & delusions - theyre really loaded terms. accuracy in and of what means or ends: what is it to be accurate? like using the word delusion, there is an implication of a truth that exists or can be found. within this you embed meaning whether you mean to or not, and it makes your perspective contrived. anyway in the first place i took your post as having a negative connotation but i can be wrong, and the irony would be fully appreciated. this is just to say think positive, stick on the ice & chin up. too many young men are down and out and im just hoping to pass on some of the value and power that can be had in how one constructs their perspective.

In the end all you can hope for is the love you felt to equal the pain you've gone through.

You words don't mean anything you worthless thot

People are fragile things. You should know by now. Be careful what you put them through.

I reject the concept of agency, cause i don't believe in free will. And i do think that i can be quite damaging, both in terms of being manipulated by others and ending up torturing yourself for your past mistakes which would just prevent you from enjoying the present.
>there is an implication of a truth that exists or can be found
Truth is an accurate description of reality. There are only degrees here, not absolutes. But i think my understanding of the world is more consistent with the observable reality of the world.
>this is just to say think positive
If by positive you mean having a mindset that brings you more useful results for what ever is your goal then i'm very positive.

they really aren't, it's more like they just self distructive due to their own stupidity
the kind of problems that they have are usually mostly mental masturbations

Even though someone is fragile that doesn't mean they're absolved from being evil

To my Alt Right army

Awake from slumber my terror cell

We are going to decapitate every kike. We're going to dangle niggers from trees. We're going to stomp on every small headed goblin into a pile of brain goo.

Emotionally frigid mgyow asshole. No body gives a shit about you and never will. Stay in your self-induced exile

gosh i can smell the used up roast from here
stay happy

so i should get an equivalent amount of orgasms with the use of a member of the opposite gender to the amount of pain that i have felt during my life time
i don't think my peepee would manage that

Dear uh fuck I forgot your name.
I spoke to you a few weeks ago and unfriended you after you ghosted me. No hard feelings.

Don't breathe in my direction you STD addled thot

Who are they though?

dear b
why the fuck did you livestream yourself shooting up a mosque you retarded mong are you fucking mentally ill or something
from a

>trying to falseflag that you are my former A-C alias writing this

You're as good as dead

Shitskins will all be physically removed from every white country which includes the United States. The media doesn't matter or the opinions of shitskins.

Funny. Okay to insult with thot, tho, right? Sthu

You might wanna get tested, stud.

>Implying I have sex

I kept myself clean for my queen. Since she doesn't exist I don't have to get tested.

I really didn't want to write a letter to anyone, but A. Clean the shit out of your ears. He said he was a fucking tankie but the tankies don't take enough action so he was trying to appeal the sect of other people tankies claim do all this kind of thing. Maybe it's just tankies behind all this since they're atheists. Maybe that makes too much sense and now stalin did nothing wrong.

Fuck off with your disinfo you retard

To be honest with you; A, hole. I totally will fuck off with it. Just be yourself. Favors and payoffs seem to be your thing, and nobody paying you off or doing you a favor is exactly what you want to say you're doing. Really didn't want to write to anyone that it'd hit a little too close to home. Have you considered favors to go to another place? You can't run out of those.

First off I didn't write that letter it was a shill trying to larp as me. Second you are a shill trying to frame me as one thing or another. I'm Christ. When I went as A-C I was never the Antichrist. The name was written as a mathematical equation.
And lastly I never asked anyone for favors or handouts.

Idk. It was some girl with brown hair. We had some good convos so it kinda sucked. I have done this a lot, unfriending people when they never reply to me for two weeks.

Just because you want to larp as johnny neptune figure with a cross to bear doesn't mean we shouldn't build a second border wall with Canada too.

Hey World,

I hate you for everything you put me through. I know you assholes watched me suffer. To this day you gossip about me like I am not even there. I hear you labeling me. Acting like I am the monster. Fine I accept your title. I can only hope each one you fuckers burns for what you allowed happen to me.


I'm not larping as anyone

As this fag is trying to larp as me

Yeah and a border with a wall of murderous intent isn't keeping communist china from invading south korea either, huh guy?

I could just say fuck everything and detonate Yellowstone

I never said I was against a wall along Canada

I never said I'd bang your mom and adopt you either. It doesn't mean someone isn't going to bang your mom friend.

I erased your mother from my afterlife

You are such an annoying faggit, stop poluting my thread and please unironically kys cause you are a waste of air

It's not like you had one much to begin with. You know there are tons of other MILF's I could write to in graphic porno detail. I just think maybe we should save some of that for when she buys me some cocktails so I start acting like as big of an ass as you, or I figure out some other excuse to lure her back to my sex den.

You dont exist anymore and I have forgotten everything about you. Never speak again

K. Higher content level

Ok M, fucking bitch.

plz be muh gf

You unfortunately came up on a few of my searches. I inadvertently made my way to seeing whether your brother was still around or not, so make sure he has nothing to say about you. I haven't looked, nor do I intend to, but make sure you buckle up. I know you went back to Tacoma, but I have no interest in pursuing you. Make your internet profile is more curated, you obnoxious whore. I will still hate you and your infidelity to my last breath, so don't think you're safe. I'll exact my revenge eventually, but not while I can be tracked by this nonsense government. Once everything collapses, once you're at your most vulnerable, expect me, you obnoxious whore. I'll exact me revenge out of your flesh.

Yours in Truth,

greetings female Jow Forums user,

the midget i've hired has taken it upon himself to drill a hole in your bathroom to observe you while you shower. i advised him against such actions as it would leave evidence of him being there. he is a lonely man you see, and i hope you don't mind him rubbing one out to your naked form. i've told him to not get cum everywhere since he does produce a surprising amount of it for such a little man (trust me i've seen him in action). he's taken to cumming into tissues and putting those tissues in a ziplock bag to mask the smell. coincidentally, this is the same method i used to hide the gallons of semen i produced during my teen years. again, if you catch this midget, you should ask him for his wild mushroom risotto recipe. it is quite delicious.

your admirer from across the ocean,

Dear Gary, Indiana

I know you've had some rough times over the years. You were named after lawyer Elbert Henry Gary, who was the founding chairman of the United States Steel Corporation. Your large steelmills melted the steel that would form the very back bone of the midwest, now decayed and rusting. The jackson 5 sprung forth from your rusted and steaming womb and ventured out into the world. Your population was 80,294 at the 2010 census, the very picture of smalltown america. So what happened? Nobody can say for certain, but on the matter of your slow, creaking death I can confidently assert that nobody gives a rats ass about you anymore, nor have they for decades.

Go fuck yourself, Gary

Dear Text,

I was in love with you for a while. You'd make fun of me for being ugly and fat. When I told you how I felt you fucked with me, that felt pretty bad. I was a kid and so were you. I haven't talked to you in years but I keep tabs on you. I've been in the Marines for 3 years now and I'm great, looks like your mental state has deteriorated a bit. You're still in the same town, getting older with no job and the same friends. You are addicted to pills and have been in and out of institutions since before I left. Shit dude, your life is a fucking mess. I wish you would have known better than to fuck your life up like you did

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