Dark Souls 3 is on sale

Should I get it or just stick with Dark Souls 1? Also how bad is poise in Dark Souls 3?

>inb4 /v/

Rangebanned because gookmook demands kikepass and i ain't paying for it

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>Rangebanned because
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i dont know what the obsession is with this shitty series

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It comes with all the dlc and it's just 21.25$ so is it worth it or no? Also state of decay has that dlc that is out for 10$ as well but i doubt that's worth it

And here it is for free. Dont give those kikes money.

>Fuck off
>It comes with all the dlc and it's just 21.25$ so is it worth it or no? Also state of decay has that dlc that is out for 10$ as well but i doubt that's worth

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I say go for it and just play it. Don't expect to go full havel though because poise system works differently than dark souls one does so you be more focused on just using agile clothing with big swords so go full guts if you want. The poise works in a way that the higher it is the longer you can wail your attack on someone before you are either blocked or parried which pretty much means you have hyper armor during your attack animation.

Also going in the game blind is both enjoyable and frightening at the same time so don't look up guides and go in the game blind and explore and play through the game at your leisure.

So in short the higher the poise is the longer my attacks can go on before it gets interrupted? Is this correct Jow Forums?

One thing you should know going into Dark Souls 3 is that it is an action game, no question about it. Demon's Souls and the original Dark Souls qualify as action rpgs in my perspective, but while DS3 has role-playing flavors to it, various changes to the world and combat design limit the meaningful differences in player choice and viable approaches to the game's challenges. For example, the poise system and strength of blocking in the first Dark Souls made "tank" builds a reasonable, and arguable optimal, option for some scenarios. In Dark Souls 3, since poise and defense in general have been nerfed, and since bosses are almost all straight fights instead of some being unique encounters/puzzles like you could find in Demon's Souls, almost all fights are accomplished by mastering roll timings against various strings of attacks. In this way, combat is similar to Bloodborne, but in that game you had the heavily incentivized option of attacking aggressively and focusing on destroying boss limbs. Dark Souls 3 has you on the defense at almost all times. This affects game balance as well, since slow, heavy weapons which rely on staggering enemies will be much less effective against bosses who cannot be staggered.

That said, there is still plenty of variety among the weapons and magic you can use, and even if you find your playstyle isn't changing much between builds, you can still have fun finding the most damaging/cheesiest options. Like all FromSoft games, the quality of programming isn't great, so frame drops and control issues are bound to happen, but it certainly dares better than the first Dark Souls in that arena.

Overall, I'd say it's a significantly less unique and interesting game than earlier ones in the series, but still a good bit of fun with well-constructed individual levels and plenty of challenge, and overall lots to do. Flawed in many ways but still worth playing.

>not pirating
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Pretty much. The higher your poise is, the more times you can get hit during your attack animation without staggering. If you get hit while in a neutral state you will always flinch except from a small handful of specific attacks.
Note also that poise only affects large weapons like greatswords or halberd, and even then you must hold them two-handed to activate poise in all but the largest weapons. A small weapon like a straight sword will always be interrupted, whether 2-handed or not

Why did they changed the poise system to only hyper armor like says?

So making a two handed character build is viable now? Interesting, does blocking with two handed weapon actually block well or does it not block damage like how dark souls one had in terms of issues with trying to block enemy attack with two handed weapon block stance

So poise in this game isn't broken after all and miyazaki or whatever his name is actually knew what he was doing with this game?

Not op here

Can one upgrade rings?

you "upgrade" rings by finding the better version in ng+ like in dark souls 2.
for example, you'll can a simple life ring, but in ng+ you can find the life ring +2.

I need to know this as well...

Can i block with two hand weapon just as good as i can with a shield?

no but rolls are really cheap so you can spam them.

I bought ds3 for the ps4 from the bargain bin at 20eur.

Got a question, how different is this from dark souls 2?

Does your health go down each time you die? Do enemies stop responding when you kill them enough in one area? Does your hollowing increases each time you die? How difficult is it to get estus flasks and upgrade it compared to dark souls one and is it still stuck with using green leafs to heal yourself like in dark souls 2?

How different is 2 and 3 are?

i haven't played dark souls, but i tried sekiro, which is apparently similar. i just don't get the appeal, these games are basically just a 3D side scroller, its just fucking turtles in time. you fight a bunch of crap and then get into a sub-boss or boss fight, and you die a lot.... i got bored of it quickly and haven't bothered playing it since.

>Does your health go down each time you die?
no, but there's a buff that you can lose that increases your health and stamina
>Do enemies stop responding when you kill them enough in one area?
>Does your hollowing increases each time you die?
yes but (iirc) hollowing only affects the damage of certain weapon upgrades, the way you look, and a few questlines. the vast majority of the time it can be completely ignored.
>How difficult is it to get estus flasks and upgrade it compared to dark souls one
its a different system from das1. in das3 you get estus shards which permanently increase the amount of estus you hold, however you have to split it between mana estus flasks (since there are no longer set charges on spells) and regular estus flasks.
>is it still stuck with using green leafs to heal yourself like in dark souls 2?
what? are you talking about lifegems? "green leafs" were used for stamina. regardless, you still had estus flasks in dark souls 2.

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It's games made for insane people who play and do it again and again and again expecting something different and scary thing is that they achieve on getting that different part after dying to the same thing fourty times and continue on.

It is a game made for insane people.

How does it effect questline? And what does amber do for you since i seen a lack of humanity in dark souls 3?

>buying AAA games
retard alert

So does it have life gems like dark souls 2 has and is it actually worth dumping these "shards" into mana estus flask compared to normal estus flask and lastly can i use firekeeper souls to make it more effective and upgrade my soul score or am i restricted at firrlink shrine only?

>he thinks FromSoft is the same as EA, Bethesda, Ubishit, Dice and so on

Continue being a dumbass

Which souls is better Jow Forums?

DS1 or DS3

DS2 don't count because that game fucking SUCKS!!!

IMO ds3 is simply a better ds1, easily my fav in the series (but that's mostly due to how stiff the controls are in ds1)

Story is better though, since ds1 is 90% leaving the player in the blind and letting him assume random shit

But if you liked ds1, there's very little chance you won't like ds3

because poise made pvp an horrible mess that's basically impossible to balance

hyper armor makes it all about control, you're the one controlling your poise, instead of some random stat on your armor that you just equip and forget about

ds3 9/10
ds2 8/10
ds1 8/10

Why does everyone shit on ds2 so much?

>how does it effect questline
some npcs require you to reach a certain level of hollowing to get "dark sigils" which are needed to continue down their questline. if you care about the questlines, i'd advise you look up a walkthrough since they can be a bit convoluted.
>what does amber do for you
they give you that buff i was talking about that increases your health and stamina.
>So does it have life gems like dark souls 2 has
>is it actually worth dumping these "shards" into mana estus flask compared to normal estus flask
you don't dedicate certain shards to be for mana or health. you give your shard to the blacksmith and THEN you manually choose how many estus flasks and mana flasks you want to carry. its kind of hard to explain, but just know that you can change how many estus flasks and mana flasks you want to carry without penalty
>can i use firekeeper souls to make it more effective and upgrade my soul score or am i restricted at firrlink shrine only?
admittedly its been a while since i played das3, but iirc there's no way to boost the healing power of estus flasks. you just get a large collection of flasks as you progress through the game.

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well what do you like about it, user?

IMO mostly because of how punishing the health system was
most fags browsing Jow Forums are casuals

It forced fromsoft to not fuck up on the third installment

not him, but
>lore and story
>best and most balanced pvp from any souls game
>much more diverse environments, some were breathtaking such as the lost bastille and the demon of song's zone
>bonfire ascetics
>SotFS edition was much more challenging than most other games
really the most annoying flaw of ds2 was the durability bug that completely ruined most dex weapons, but that got fixed in sotfs so w/e

But they fucked up more on the dark souls 3 though. Dark souls 2 is better than 3

the problem is they played it too safe. dark souls 3 is super linear with abysmal build variety. they also didn't add anything new to make dark souls 3 feel particularly unique from the other games. it essentially took a bunch of elements from the older souls games and streamlined them to make a boring cashgrab sequel.

Game's fucking awesome. Get it. But be prepared for the rapefest of a lifetime any time you're embered (restored humanity in previous games), because 99% of the people are twinks.

Have you ever tried them? People tout DS as insanely difficult but that's not it at all. They're good because they have insane quality. Great atmosphere, incredible gameplay, an almost limitless variation of different skills, spells, abilities and builds, co-op and PvP, small scale grouped PvP all in one. The fact that they don't hold your hand is just a bonus.

Unlike with modern RNG horse shit games, in each Dark Souls title every single time you die, it's because you fucked up. If you don't fuck up, if you play perfectly, you won't die. This makes the experience fucking awesome.

I can give you that, I think paired weapons were
>lore and story
god no, if anything the only way to make souls lore coherent is to completely forget about das2
>best and most balanced pvp from any souls game
no, only das1 PtD latecomers who got backstabbed into oblivion liked it
>much more diverse environments, some were breathtaking such as the lost bastille and the demon of song's zone
and that's about it for the nice looking base game areas, the rest range from mediocre to absolutely terrible like earthen peak
>bonfire ascetics
I can give you that
>SotFS edition was much more challenging than most other games
you mean more bullshit like how they crammed the iron keep full of alonne knights to make it extra tanimu-hard?
and how people expected the original lighting engine and got nothing instead?

Wait why what does amber do that gets you into rapefest?

Also found out that each time you die you become more hollow and apparently restoring humanity is not a mechanic anymore so how does one remove hollowing and as well stay in human form?

>he doesn't love shanalotte's background and the duke's search for immortality and severance from their dependence on the fire
shit taste desu

>no, only das1 PtD latecomers who got backstabbed into oblivion
so, everyone?
ds1's pvp was literally the worst of any game, even demon souls' was arguably better
poise is a meme

>he doesn't like heide's tower of flame
>he doesn't like sinner's rise
>he doesn't like the doors of pharros
>he doesn't like the dragon aerie
ds2 was pure kino, all the other souls games are also filled with shitty zones like farron's keep and the ruins of new londo

>and how people expected the original lighting engine and got nothing instead?
I don't really play console games port for their graphics, and ds1 is just as horrible on the eyes

Someone answer me please i just read up that apparently starting new game removes sigils but does not remove your hollow level so do you automatically start hollowing and gain sigil each time you die or what?

do it and beat the giant king without the stormbreaker

Million things to explain...

Embered adds 20% to HP but makes it so you can be invaded. And by twinks, I mean that everyone doing the invading will be doing so with the best gear, full potions, spells and endgame twink items in the game. Effectively they can take 20 times more dmg, they can heal that dmg 5 times more than you can, and they hit 3 times harder. They've infested the lvl 10-60 range for quite some time now. But become less of a problem after, because after 50-60 range the twink gear loses its meaning, and these fucking cowards don't have the balls to fight you on anything even close to even grounds. Most of them suck as players, but the fact that you need to kill them 5 times more than they do you, makes it annoying.

As for hollowing, it plays into one of the ways you can play through the game and has an impact on NPC interactions.

But simply put, I'm sorry, but there are so many hidden and missable flags and quest chains that it's impossible to write it up here. Your fist, second, possibly even third time through the game, you WILL miss out on some things and later find out the only way you can get them is in NG+. But most of that stuff isn't anything actually important. Small things, like joining a specific covenant, getting a specific useless weapon, seeing some nice NPC interactions. Stuff like that.

The game has insane replay value though so, it doesn't matter. I've put almost 2000 hours into it.

but user, matchmaking takes weapon upgrades into account
and even if they invade with full estus, they still only get half of them due to them being the invaders

Use the DS3 wiki. Sigils are "permanent". You get 5 of them from Yoel of Londor, one for every few points of hollowing, 5:th after you reach 15 hollowing. If you do the quest right after, you'll later get another 3 for a total of 8 sigils.

And every time you die, you get hollowed by 1 point per sigil. 15 is also the point where you start looking like a rotten corpse, unless you buy the ring of untrue dark from Yuria.

Hollowing itself has no harmful impact other than making you look ugly, and it synergises with luck builds, which suck though so it doesn't matter I suppose.

A few tips:

Buy the white soapstone from the shrine asap, set that thing down on every bonfire you find. This means others can summon you to their world as a phantom. You don't need to be embered to do that. It's a perfect opportunity to play with others and watch and learn from them how to deal with enemies, which builds you might like, how PvP works etc. And there's no risk to you since even if you die, you lose nothing. You get souls (XP) all the while too.

Accept that you will lose your souls. Don't worry, you'll get more than enough. There's hardly any grind to DS since the rewards for killing enemies rises in such a way that even if you die all the time, you'll still level up quickly enough. Do NOT sell your weapons, items etc for souls just to get that last bit of level until you know what you're doing. A lot of the items in the game are unique and you don't want to find out later that you need to restart your whole game to get something you sold and only realized your mistake later.

Game has an incredible variation to difficulty depending on what you want to do. If you want easy mode for first game, pick ultra great sword (or great hammer) builds, or sorcery. Both are basically a walk in the park against most enemies, but also damned boring and simple in the end. If you want something more challenging, try hybrids, daggers, or simple straight sword builds.

Everyone knows the upgrade restriction
doesn't do shit. With your basic prisoner's chain + dragonslayer axe + 7 estus with maxed bones the end result is just as I described. And even though the twinks are rarely good compared to DS3 veterans, compared to a new player they're fucking godlike. It's no contest no matter how you measure it.

Damn dark souls three sounds more fun

I had fun with all the Dark Souls games. There's thing I like more in some than others, but they're all fun so go for it.

Whrre do you find shards for your estus and after visiting the blacksmith how much can you make your actual estus carry til max?

How much does a large two handed block weapon does in terms of blocking compared to normal shield blocking?

Like say i have the iron sword or the giant's halberd and i two hand it and block with it how much damage will i deflect with it compared with just using a shield?

/vg/ has a dark souls general. Also google.

it different for each weapon. you would have to check the wiki.

that being said, most (if not all) two handed swords cant block as well as even a bad shield.

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I want to marry her, can you marry her in the game?

This. Armored Core is better.

No but you can marry the hollow zombie chick though.

no but you make her do a cute little dance

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You can marry a hollow?

Is this a yes or no Jow Forums

yup. this really isn't the best board to answer questions.

>Dark Souls 3
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DS3 is great. Hyperarmor makes more sense than poise, just remember to attack first with your big silly weapon before you get smacked in the face. Makes sense really. I want every noob in the world to play it so I can invade and kill them and their 3 overlevelled phantoms. Do it

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As long you dress up as gwyndolin

>DS3 is great. Hyperarmor makes more sense than poise

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DaS 2>Bloodborne>DaS>DeS>Das 3

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Can i get softbanned for playing offline?


What is a good starting name for my character in this game?

>inb4 GRUG

I be amazed to run into someone that is named grug in this damn game

This low quality reaction image is the best I can give you

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>low quality
just like ds3

So which burial starting gift should i go with and is commoner look okay to go with since face don't matter?

Should i go bald or go full hair and beard?

Enjoy being salty forever

Appearance literally doesn't matter, do what you want.
I take the fire gem personally so I can get an early fire weapon and fuck up Pus of Man's and other fire-weak enemies. Plus a fire dagger is the best riposte weapon you'll get early on.

>Hyperarmor makes more sense than poise

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Would making my guy look like conan be good enough or look like that one wolf dude from game of thrones?

also what is a generic name could I throw on my guy?

The game is better without permapoise. Cry more about it you havel twinking bitch.

Literally doesn't matter dude. Just b urself. How about "unoriginal user"

I just name myself *GRUG* and just make myself look like Conan

Also upper burly body or full burly body?

Aces user. Grab the great club and loincloth and you're set.

I go burly upper to give me a slight intimidation factor but again, don't matter. I made my troll character skinny as shit and naked so people think I'm an idiot, then I hit them with a 1500dmg riposte

So big top body and skinny lower body correct?