Tfw fingernails are freakishly short

>tfw fingernails are freakishly short
>eat dead skin
>eat hanging skin off of toes and fingers
>once bit a chunk of skin off my toe for the hell of it
>rip out ingrown toenails by hand and teeth

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Why does it feel so good to peel the skin off from the tip of your fingers with your teeth?
It's even better after showering, the skin turns white and it's a lot softer

Do you like being a sick freak. Should be an hero instead of wasting my damn air.

You need to seek help fren

I can smell this through my screen

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holy shit finally a good thread, bumping

It's OC, but not the OC we need.

user, I hope you're not having any ill health effects. Those red, smooth heels look like they could pop any moment. I think you should look for another hobby.

What's wrong with jerking to porn? How can eating your own skin be more rewarding than that?

I can feel the image

For some reason, I thought those were toenails. lol

Do all white people do this?

it's the OC we all need, in my opinion better than all of these pointless >tfw no gf threads

My mother has psoriasis on her feet and I can imagine your pain. Lately the pain has gotten so severe I had to get her meds that are "illegal" in our country and fuckton of weed. I honestly hope you will have better days ahead. Take care user!

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shut up faggot lmaoo

I have psoriasis too and mine thankfully doesn't cause me any pain. (I have it on my elbows and since a couple of months on my penis too which fucks up my confidence)
I hope your mom gets better

This is a feel that I wish more people had.

Those look like caramelized onions. I'd love to throw them in a cast ion pan with some olive oil, thyme, black pepper and salt. Maybe drizzle in a little apple cider vinegar too.

I like to cut the calloused skin underneath my foot with a knife when it has grown sufficiently thick enough and eat it piece by piece like jerky. Probably end up ingesting 1/2 of a cup of meat every session. Am I weird

i eat the skin on my hands and feet but its not as bad as you
im closer to pic related

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i wanna fucking eat that oh my god yes

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i peel hardened skin off my feet like in the op except to a lesser scale and it feels so good
i also scratch my head and peel bits of skin here and there and eat them.
when i was younger, i had a strong allergic illness which resulted in some skin around my body shedding and peeling off, including my penis' foreskin. i used to scratch and peel skin off there, eat it, then wait a couple of days and do it again

What allergic illness causes that?

not sure. it'd been so long ago i can scarcely remember. perhaps it was no illness at all and rather my ignorance of allergic reactions for too long instead

I eat my dead hand skin off of calluses.